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Change Your Dream Change Your Life
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue, M. tenuiflora & A. colubrina)
Citation:   samadhibliss. "Change Your Dream Change Your Life: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue, M. tenuiflora & A. colubrina) (exp88670)". Jan 25, 2018.

T+ 0:00
5 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 1:00 20 g oral Huasca Combo (tea)
  T+ 1:40 8 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (rootbark)
The time had finally come to consume the ayahuasca analog. It had been about 2 months and I found P, a native shaman trainee who agreed to his first experience with la purga. I started a week earlier brewing 60g of MHRB with 10g of Syrian rue and 1g of leftover A. colubrina that had never been used.

The night of the journey I brewed an additional 10g of Syrian rue which P and I split and drank 1 hour before the aya. I split the aya into two 30g doses then measured out 10g to P and 20g for me. I told P to sip it slowly and I did the same until mine was gone and he consumed about 7g of his and called it quits.

20 minutes later P started puking and 20 minutes after that I did my puking. I grabbed another 8g of dry MHRB and gulped it down with some Gatorade, offering some to P who declined. We sat on couches talking to each other as P continued to puke about every 15 minutes and after about 45 minutes my wife gave P reiki to see if it would help calm him down. After she finished, he did stop puking and laid down on the couch to enter his own world but never really went on a journey.

Time seemed to no longer exist as I was on the couch so accurate time intervals are not really included in this report. Possibly an hour passed and I began to feel a distinct presence in the room when a voice in my head said, “we are here, its time to die”. Having had a wicked death experience on my first aya journey where I actually felt my heart stop and my lungs stop working, I felt that this was no problem at all. My body started jerking and twitching almost uncontrollably and I asked what was happening. The voice told me my life force was leaving my body and I was dying. Ok, I can accept this, it always seems best to let the plant have its way with me and let go.

Everything began to change and appear like energy patterns as I let go with another round of puking, helping to fill the bucket. Crawling back on the couch, everything went crazy, the couch, the room, everything gone, the room exploded into points of brilliant color... My mind felt like it was being torn to shreds, I felt like I was going insane and the voice started asking me, “is this what you want?” I replied I want to learn. The speed and intensity of the insanity in my head began to increase exponentially and the voice became harsh and angry asking continually, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? I felt totally insane and was wondering if I was crazy or if this is what insane people had to endure. The voice screamed, is this what you want? I screamed back, I WANT TO LEARN! As soon as I screamed this in my mind, everything came into perfect focus and clarity. What seemed like a eternity of hell disappeared instantly and I found myself on the couch, my wife trying to warm what she called, my frozen body.

A deep sleep came over me and I said to myself that I wanted to go to sleep. As I began to get comfortable to go to sleep, the voice said that I couldn’t go to sleep. Confused, I asked why. The answer came with pure understanding …you are already dreaming…as soon as that answer sounded in my head a vision opened in my mind, I was caught between the physical world and the spirit world. Life and death, sleep and waking, only to realize nothing is real, nothing really exists. I asked my wife, who am I?, what am I? She tried to explain but nothing made sense, calling me by my name, touching me, nothing she said or did jived with anything I was experiencing in my mind, not in a lifetime could she have explained it to me, nothing she said was real.

My journeys with aya are always cerebral... visual hallucinations are nonexistent so far in all my experiences and everything occurs in my mind
My journeys with aya are always cerebral... visual hallucinations are nonexistent so far in all my experiences and everything occurs in my mind
, all voices and visuals are totally in my brain which makes the next step of the journey difficult to explain. As I was trying to grasp the concept of understanding who I was, the world around me began to melt into everything else, everything became one, everything melted into a single entity, people, the house, the floor, the universe, all became one until nothing existed outside of anything else, we are all one is what I was being told, learned on a level of pure understanding.

Things started returning to a singular and separate state again and I found myself staring at my hand and arm when it broke into a million particles of light and disappeared like wind blowing sand away. This was the first time I had experienced a visual like this and I admit, I was a little taken back. I looked at where my hand and arm used to be and the thought came to me that I have the power to bring it back. Using my will I rebuilt my hand and arm and the thought came to me to take apart my body the same way... I willed my body to do the same as my hand and I actually felt my body being torn into particles of energy and I (my body anyway) ceased to exist. A thought flooded my mind telling me that this is the way the great masters and rishis are able to move in and out of our existence on this planet. After my body had disappeared I had become a pinpoint of consciousness in a universe of nothing...where am I?... No answer... Who am I?...the answer was incredibly are nothing. Just like the universe is nothing, nothing but thought consciousness, waiting to be expressed

With this revelation, I began to smile and as I did, I found myself again back on the couch, knowledge pouring into my head. Nothing in the universe exists except what we create, everything you create is a dream and nothing is real, including your body and everything around you...

Suddenly, everything I had seen and experienced came into perfect understanding with six words permanently implanted in my brain... CHANGE YOUR DREAM, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I began to smile again as these words which are so relevant in my life right now, sank deep into my memory. These words still come in my mind and I still completely understand them and how they relate to me, I only wish others could.

Those six words began my descent back to this reality. As I slowly began to recognize things around me, the voice came into my head and said 'you have been reborn and must relearn all things'. I didn't realize the extent of those words till I tried to go to bed. As I tried to stand up, I realized I really did not know how to walk. My wife thought I was crazy but my legs didn't know how to move to get me around, I actually spent about a half hour learning to walk again. I felt like a newborn baby, unable to practically do anything. I suppose it was a little easier this time than when I was a baby but, what a strange experience.

I really never expected to be taught like this but, I did want to learn and I got more than what I asked for and I am excited to visit the mother again. Since the journey, I have had nothing but good feelings mixed with moments of satori that boggle my mind. Peace and good journeys to all......

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88670
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45
Published: Jan 25, 2018Views: 2,656
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Mimosa tenuiflora (74), Syrian Rue (45), Anadenanthera colubrina (139), Huasca Combo (269) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Mystical Experiences (9), Entities / Beings (37), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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