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Something Compelled Me to Pick It
Amanita muscaria
by Dreamzzz
Citation:   Dreamzzz. "Something Compelled Me to Pick It: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp88580)". Sep 6, 2016.

  oral Amanitas (dried)


Amanita Experiment

Like the majority of people I believed the demonized myths about Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric): that they are highly toxic and dangerous to even touch but have since learned this is not so.

I was out walking in October and taking photographs when I met a female photographer who showed me some photos of some Fly Agaric. This stimulated some interest and I went into the woods and came across one small perfectly formed specimen that had not fully opened. Which I found very beautiful to look at and saw it as an awesome product of nature. It was about 4.5cm I photographed it and then something inside me compelled me to pick it. Which I did and wrapped it in tissue.

Returning home I dried it on a radiator and its dried weight was about 0.5 grams. About 3 weeks later I decided to eat this dried mushroom. Time was about 6:30pm and I was listening to the radio. I had eaten a meal about 1 ½ hours earlier.

After about 1 hour I just got spontaneous urges to move my body to the music and felt a very mild euphoria – what I would describe as a joy. This started off when I was sitting and I would just move my arms to the music and then start laughing to myself. The music also sounded clearer. There were no visuals or no specific body rushes. Just this joyful urge to move my body to the music.

I got up to make a cup of tea and my body was just compelled to move to the music, accompanied with this feeling of joy. Dancing around my room is something I rarely do and this mushroom brought on this effect. It was very enjoyable to move my body and laugh.

After about 1 hour I went to have a bath and put on some music again I was stimulated to keep moving my body to the music with great relish in the bath. All in all this effect of being taken by the music and motivated to dance lasted about 2 hours. It was a bit like amphetamine without the nasal and body effects felt on amphetamine.

2nd Trip: (10 grams raw and heated for ¾ hours) This first experience lead me to go out picking some more, which I did at various locations. I dried most of these and then took some more dried ones. Amount was about 5 grams dried, eaten straight, unfortunately I got no effect. This took place in my flat in mid- afternoon. I tried again about 5 days later and no effect. I understand from reading that Amanita’s are stronger earlier on in the season. These were picked at the end of November which I assume is the end of the season and could explain the lack of potency.

However out of frustration on last occasion I got about 4 mushrooms that were still very much raw and brought them to boil in a pan then simmered for about 45mins. I then drank about ½ a average size tea cup of the liquid (approx. 200ml). Within 20mins I felt nausea and felt I couldn’t stand up – so I went and lay down. As the mushrooms were raw my mind raced at the apprehensions of what may happen? Perhaps I’d taken too much?

I lay down in a sort of trance for about 1 hour with many thought racing through my mind, much of it conjecture about what was going to happen. The nausea subsided after about 30mins. I had very mild patterns moving in my inner mind’s eye, but nothing really psychedelic, but dull shapes, then I saw vividly a face appear in my mind’s eye and then disappear, it was the face of male with long hair. I also recall shape of what looked like a reptilian being walk through my mind’s eye, this made me feel briefly afraid, but the fear was coming from me not this vision. I noticed a lot of fear but it was pre-concieved fear not fear produced by the actual mushrooms. I was hoping that nothing bad would happen. Eventually I fell asleep. I don’t recall any dreams. I woke about 2 hours later and felt very “Clear”, there were no side effects at all and I felt refreshed.

Over the years previously I have taken a lot of Psilocybe Semilanceata, some LSD and Amphetemines. I think that with Amanita there is a fear barrier of social conditioning about these mushrooms that rears it ugly head when one takes them. The conditioning is very deep and I think has to be dealt with to get the most out of these mushrooms. From my limited experience I had two very different experiences and from what I have read strength of these mushrooms and experiences varies greatly in accordance with area picked and time of the season, much more so than Psilocybe.

Finally as an experiment I indulged in drinking a bit of urine after taking this liquid from the raw mushrooms: it was strangely sweet in taste compared to some urine I drank after consuming some prescription drugs, which was distinctly bitter. Which suggests that the process that occurs in the bladder purifies the Amanita Mushroom. Therefore I wonder if to get the best out of Amanita Muscaria a period of purification would result in a more productive experience and also if they were taken shamanistic environment as opposed within 4 walls.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 88580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 49 
Published: Sep 6, 2016Views: 6,864
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