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Intergalactic Mindfuck
by tweak
Citation:   tweak. "Intergalactic Mindfuck: An Experience with AMT (exp88535)". Jan 29, 2011.

30 mg oral AMT (capsule)


To start out my intergalactic mindfuck It started with a bit of amt or alpha-methyltryptamine in a baggie this stuff is as stinky as every one says it is. It just smelt of straight up chemical.

As I trust my doctor I trusted anything he gave me was sure to make my evening interesting, today he offered amt and proceeded to describe it as a wicked hallucinogenic and proceeded to put 30mgs in a clear capsule. Went down without a taste or any other discomfort. He tells me I have about 3 hours to kill before I start feeling anything. This was at 8pm Friday night.

8:00 pm
Shortly after dosage I had a bit of weed in my pocket for the nights smoke, so I rolled one up to kill some time.

I received a text from a friend wondering what was on the doctors menu of the night and proceeded to describe amt what it is and the other details some one should know before trying anything new. He seemed really interested about it over the phone and wanted to get on it tonight so I grabbed my ipod and packed my backpack with a drink and a few other things I may need just in case I may need to ditch my coat later.

Walking down the road I noticed my music to kinda thump louder the beat kinda sounded stronger and grew a little more and more with the steps I took down the road. It was wet but fresh after a long rain where every thing is a little shiny and seems to flicker off the streets. I knew this was the early jitters I get from most drugs before my head pops off.

Shortly after delivering the doctors new treat I was dropped off just out side of the downtown area and I felt like I was sliding in the back of my head. Everything started going fuzzy the corners of the buildings didnít look right as if you were to take a picture and you moved a little bit, still in focus but has a hazy feel to it. I felt as if I wasnít really able to walk straight but I wasnít like a drunk stumble more of a lean.

Walking through the down town area for a bit I decided to get move from the mess of lights and mash of fuzzy buildings, I was wondering towards the other side of town to chill with another friend referred to as ďNĒ he snorted about 30mgs around my time of dosage and was inviting me to chill and watch a movie.

I found my self sitting on bleachers of a baseball field to catch my breath I wasnít use to walking have not been out for a journey one since I had 2ci. I noticed I didnít like the song that was on my ipod I just wasnít into the beat or something so I changed it to something a little more mellow sat back closed my eyes and as if I where to stick my head in another world the music was wavy and my vision seemed to go with it the colors where unbelievable and barely explainable only way to describe it was walking into a fireworks factory that had rainbows for laughs, so many colors flashed, crawled and seemed to bend and twist under my closed eyes

Sitting there with my eyes closed for a half hour seemed like forever, I opened my eyes and I looked up to notice the stars where out but it was pitch black all around me and looking up to this rain of glitter seemed to stand still over the ball field. A few clouds in the sky I didnít notice until they where right up in the middle of my view of the stars, this cloud was a multicoloured kaleidoscope from pinks, purples, reds, and oranges.

I had to stop at the store on my way to grab another drink, I was sweating a lot. As I opened the shop door the store seemed to do the stretch and go really narrow but all was still in perfect focus, felt like it took me a while to get to the back of the store for a drink, all the different things to pick from I grabbed a green drink of sorts, paid for it and left turning on a new song walking out the door.

I wonder In to Nís place to see him laying on the bed with a smile cheek to cheek holding headphones in his hand, as if to offer me a listen. So I ditched my coat and my extra shirt sat down and put on the headphones, Iím not sure who it was so I handed them back.

After a short brain storm on what movie to watch we picked inception thought why not it looks trippy. The posters and paintings on the walls of the room where so unreal as if I where sitting a cartoon world every thing was sharp yet soft at the same time.

Totally lost in the visual mindfuck I found my self in the middle of, the cartoon feel changed and everything thing in the room was mashed together or wavy or shifting. Anything that moved had real intense trails following the moment some people call them ghosts but they followed everything except the movie going on.

Nearing the end of the movie vision was still a complete mess of colors and movements, noticing the time on the clock. The number sat there glowing and seemed to be the only thing I could see other then the TV. The thought of this is was only half way done put a smile on my face from ear to ear, normally the hallucinogens only last 4-8 hours and I was hoping to get something that would feel more like a adventure this defiantly did the trick.

We threw on some more music and started playing some Xbox. N was online playing halo and I felt to be completely over come by some sort of childlike wonder as I watched him play for a bit as the paintings in the room caught my attention again, the colors this time much like a lava lamp bumping into each other sliding side by side but never mixing.

I appear to have been laying upside down on the futon for a while lost in my mind looking at every thing around me just so many of the silly patterns raced across many different things in the room this kept my attention for quite some time.

Turned on a simple game of bejewelled to kill some time.

Woke up with the controller in hand, placed the controller down. The feeling of being wasted was still pretty noticeable. The visuals have been going nuts bending and shifting for a solid 11 hours

Nearing the landing pad form this intergalactic mindfuck I started to notice every thing slowing down and sleep felt needed after that,

After waking up from a short but needed 2 hour nap, I stood up, missing a sock, had the ever so wonderful' moment and made my way home

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88535
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 29, 2011Views: 6,407
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AMT (7) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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