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The Lower the Tolerance the Longer I Sleep
by Dreamzzz
Citation:   Dreamzzz. "The Lower the Tolerance the Longer I Sleep: An Experience with Zopiclone (exp88482)". Nov 21, 2017.

7.5 mg oral Pharms - Zopiclone (pill / tablet)


I Have been prescribed Zopiclone by a G.P. (Great Britain) for just over 4 years. I still have similar effects now as I did when I started but with less intensity. I have not used the drug continuously but am able to stop for periods of time and do this to lower tolerance.

For example when I first started when the drug began to kick in I would find it very hard to type and also struggled to walk in a straight line without staggering on the way to bedroom, also noticed extreme tinnitus. All these effects have decreased which is obviously due to tolerance. However the key hypnotic effect is still evident.

Another effect I experience that never changes is the enhancement of taste particularly with sweet products: cake, ice cream etc. If I start eating ice cream or cake I will be compelled to eat the whole tub due to the intensification of the taste. Generally I will take a pill before eating a meal as when consumed on full stomach takes longer to come on. I will start to feel effects after about 30 mins after taking a pill and will feel mild euphoria, combined with urge to eat sweet stuffs about 1 hour or so after ingestion. Full tiredness comes on after up to 2 hours
Full tiredness comes on after up to 2 hours
and I will then go to bed and as soon as my head goes down I am out to sleep in moments. In period before sleep enjoyment of TV or music is often increased.

The lower the tolerance the longer I will sleep, even if I wake I will still fall back to sleep. But as tolerance builds up, I will still be knocked out quickly but will find the period waking occurs quicker and the more prolonged waking will be. The more days I use Zopiclone the quicker I will wake after initially being incapacitated by the drug. Therefore it then becomes a problem to stay sleeping. A period of abstaining from it must then take place to regain the full potency.

The addictive elements of the effect are the enhancement of taste buds, mild euphoria and the way once the head hits the pillow sleep is almost instantaneous. But the more I take them the less time I stay asleep. However the way I fall asleep remains the same; this is where the psychological addiction takes hold.

Other side effects are headaches, blurred vision, feeling irritated, propensity to negative moods and sensitivity to noise when length of sleep shortens. Taking while under influence of alcohol intensifies all effects and side effects. Generally Zopiclone is a very effective sleeping pill for short term use. But can be used to as a mild stimulant in period before full hypnotic effect occurs, and sleep.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88482
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Nov 21, 2017Views: 2,898
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