Foxy Thoughts
Citation:   Radler. "Foxy Thoughts: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp8812)". May 21, 2004.

  oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
I have had a number of experiences with this substance. I'll preface the following thoughts by making it clear that I consider myself, at this point, a moderately experienced user of the so-called psychedelics. This means: Cannabis, Salvia, Datura, Nutmeg, Morning Glory seeds, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, MDMA, LSD, DXM, 2C-T-7, 5-MeO-DMT... each of these several times.

First, I don't believe that a fancy scale is necessary to measure out doses of 5-MeO-DiPT, if you are familiar with psychedelics and are able to understand how the drug is working on you (psychically/intuitively, not analytically or scientifically). I would suggest, to anyone without access to a scale, starting with the smallest conceivable amount of the substance, then slowly increasing the dose (on separate occasions) until you have reached your own comfort level. It is not difficult to look at a small amount of powder and know psychically what it is likely to do to you, especially if you have dosed yourself in the past. If you are not being self-destructive, the amount that feels/looks right probably will be fine (this is not a suggestion to try anything other than the smallest possible amount first). If you are being self-destructive, you probably shouldn't be on the stuff in the first place, as you're likely to hurt yourself and damage the reputations of the drug and of those people who can use it responsibly. A lack of precise measurement may mean to many people that the trip would lack something akin to 'scientific validity', but that's not something I am as concerned with, so far as tripping goes, because I am more concerned with relating spiritually to the substance and figuring out what it can do for me than conducting 'research' on it in any scientific sense. I acknowledge that research should be performed in a scientific setting, but with the laws of today this is difficult to do, and I'm not a scientist anyway so it's not my fate.

I don't recommend this drug to people who aren't that into tripping (likewise for any synthetic tryptamine). It is not much of a euphoric drug by itself and, I think, has more shamanic/mind expanding/healing potential than it does for pure recreational use. It is also a substance that less experienced trippers are not likely to understand well right off the bat, as it holds a unique position among the psychedelics I have tried. Thus, one's first couple of trips here may not be comfortable or well understood. It does seem to hold some similarities to mushrooms or acid, but it is a much less forgiving substance -- I really have to be in control of my mind to enjoy the trip and have seen people have pretty bad mental reactions (fear, paranoia, denial) to the disorientation they seem to experience during their first few trips with the Fox.

I have taken extremely low doses of Foxy (5mg or less) and extremely high doses (35mg or more), and every time I have taken it I have had difficulty immersing myself in the experience for the first few hours of the trip. Initially I feel paranoid and have difficulty adapting to the state. This effect seems to be heightened with lower doses and less prevalent with higher doses. I generally prefer to be at a pretty decent +3 when I'm tripping, so perhaps I feel uncomfortable until I'm solidly there. However, after the paranoia subsides I feel much better and trip very comfortably for a few hours before returning to baseline. During this stage I have had some wonderful experiences on the drug.

5-MeO-DiPT does have a high body load, and unless I have really fasted for a day or two before dosing, at higher doses I begin to feel really bloated in my abdomen and sore around my entire body. I have also felt like I needed to defecate, but was unable to do so when I tried. Other times this has not been a problem, but I have had mild diarrhea, which is actually pleasant for its cleansing qualities. It is almost as though I lose control of my digestive/excretory system, to an extent (though I haven't shit my pants or anything). It is very difficult to be physically active in this state or to feel comfortable while stationary. I also tend to feel nauseated when stuff like this happens, but not in a way that makes it necessary to vomit. As it winds down, my body feels taxed, sore, and tired. I haven't had any trouble sleeping after a trip, though I haven't tried to sleep while still tripping.

So, what does the drug do for me? I find it very spiritually reassuring, first of all. After the paranoia, everything is nice, controlled, and liquid. I feel like I'm actually part of the world, which is rare for me. The visuals I have had at higher doses have been extremely intense, bright, 'swirly' extensions of the subtler visuals I get at lower doses. Sometimes on the substance my body feels like a flame or a wave, even if I am just sitting down. My thoughts are clear and lucid, not anxiety ridden. I have a heightened perception of energy of all types and feel psychically connected to each thing I perceive. I am able to focus on this and interact psychically with the world around me. I haven't enjoyed the aural distortions so much, as things usually sound simple and basic (rather than complex as I prefer, as on 2C-T-7 or LSD).

I have also combined this substance with a few others, with some thoughts:

Foxy plus 2C-T-7: A small dose of foxy with a moderate dose of 2C-T-7 gave me a lengthy +4 experience one time. The foxy increased the tactile sensations enough to fully immerse me into the 2C-T-7 visuals/mental state. A very nice combo, especially for the magicians, but be sure to take the 2C-T-7 an hour or so (at least) before the foxy, so that the peaks can merge. With 2C-T-7, though, I feel pretty unwired for a few days after use. I've also added 5-MeO-DMT to the mix, with favorable results and an enhanced spiritual element that is not as prevalent with 5-MeO-DMT alone.

Foxy plus Cannabis: I find the cannabis takes away the mental clarity but helps with the body load and softens the visuals. It can also be more disorienting, in my opinion. But I can get paranoid when I smoke too much pot.

Foxy plus alcohol: I drink sometimes when I trip because I like to feel tipsy/drunk sometimes while tripping. I don't find that alcohol cancels out the foxy too much. I'd suggest hard liquor so that you have less on your stomach. Might be hard on the liver, though.

Foxy plus opium: This is a really nice combo, I think. With a +2 foxy experience on my hands, I added opium on top of a bit of vodka and pot and flirted with a +4 for a few hours. The opium enhances the dream-like quality of the foxy and adds the quasi-euphoric element that can otherwise be difficult to find on the drug. Also, it helps with body load and whatnot because of its pain-killing attributes. It doesn't take away from the lucidity like cannabis.

In conclusion, once you find your comfort level with Foxy, I'd recommend not pushing it too much above that. My extremely high doses have not been very comfortable, though the state subsides relatively quickly. I've also had friends who have had doses that were too high for them and were not very enthralled. On the other hand, I've had friends who have taken rather large doses with few apparent effects.

I'm also curious if it does something to the digestive system or liver, because my insides don't feel quite right for a day or two after use. I do think 5-MeO-DiPT can be a powerful tool, but I advice extreme caution with your dosing strategy (and fasting beforehand is ESSENTIAL otherwise the body load can get absurd).

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8812
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Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 21, 2004Views: 19,730
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