Wow They Speak Our Language Now
DMT, MDMA & Amphetamine
by Tiger faerie
Citation:   Tiger faerie. "Wow They Speak Our Language Now: An Experience with DMT, MDMA & Amphetamine (exp88034)". May 10, 2021.

  insufflated MDMA
    insufflated Amphetamines
  1 hit vaporized DMT


It's been a few days since these latest two voyages

And what I can initially say is, that the reason I became inspired to write this report is because of the weekend I've just had that ended with me taking mushrooms and hanging out with my co-pilot... I could hear their voices again. It's like the mushrooms brought back the memory of the experience. So fantastic.

So... A snort a nice line of mandy and speed.. Then a minute later.. Lying naked I sit up and breath in the vapours. He says something like ' you done?' I mumble something about not being able to fit anymore in, and drift back onto the bed.

As I drop my head back and close my eyes I hear them. And my god they are speaking in our language now, verbally! 'right back back back right let's let's go let's go back ... ' and a clicking a rhythmic sound zaps around to the back of my head. It's like a whisper, of lots of voices. I feel so comfortable, my back feels so warm this time. It's almost like the heat that I feel when I am bleeding badly --- I hope I'm not disturbing anyone here, but that's honestly what it felt like! And in the most beautiful way, I was in no way freaked out. I'm in a cosmic hospital. I can hear various instruments bleeping and pumping. It's however not unsettling. They seems to be scanning me with light. I can hear a voice it's a female voice, I can't remember anymore what she was saying. But her voice was so beautiful I fell into some kind of trance. And then this entity unfolded in incredible light, glory and grace, striding through paradise. Of rainbow waterfalls and pure love and beauty. I was in total awe. And ecstatic! Her face was like nothing I'd ever seen before, similar to this world as something like a praying mantis but more linear and four dimensional. I think I laughed. And suddenly became aware that I was tripping, and told them that I knew I was tripping! The White light was coming, I could tell. Everything burst into a series of never ending rainbow fractal entities, who replied to me this time telepathically, telling me it didnt matter, that it just goes on, that it keeps going on.

At this point I opened my eyes and sat up, perhaps quite suddenly. I looked over at a beautiful beautiful friend, his bare skin covered in the most gorgeous patterns, like they were always there.... A few things may well have happened in between at this point ... And at some point I'm sure I went into a huge analysis of my entire self, verbally, which felt really good, and actually in hindsight was a really great thing to do because then I said goodbye to all that crap!!

And the next voyage...
Same procedure as before
A line
A pipe
Close my eyes

But this time I kind of decided, or did I not decide and fall?! Who knows. Anyway I ended up lying on my front with my face kind of buried I the blanket. I could feel them on my back like lots of little insect piston hands going in and out, strange but very nice feeling. I was starting to breathe really really fast and I could hear how heavy my breath was. I became a bit scared. And then her voice came back. The same voice from the voyage before. I felt love. She was telling me I had to concentrate on my breathing. I could still feel all the little hands the little beings buzzing around my back. I started to focus on my breathing. I slowed it down. As I was doing this she started saying something else..

'we are showing you again. We are showing you again'

As this was being said I saw something grow before my eyes that's pretty hard to describe. I let out a huge sigh and watched circles growings into circles into circles like eyes like leaves in multicolour dance blooming and blooming into infinity. I was not aware of breathing anymore, I was transfixed. The voices continued into the White light..

I opened my eyes
I felt amazed and stunned
I asked if I had been breathing really quickly, yes, he seemed surprised that I wasn't sure if I had been or not

It's stuck with me more that any previous DMT trips. The next couple of days my memory was completly scattered nonexistent short term memory to the point of hilarious laughter particularly on the work place! A few days later I plucked up the courage to ask him if he was talking to me he said no. I told him ' wow they speak our language now!'

In my previous experiences I had never heard them speak, not verbally, the external noises would influence the visions more. And in the past few weeks a combination of things and experiences had left me in a pretty weird void type place. So I'm so happy to have had this experience, I feel like for now my reprogramming is at some kind of milestone! I sent my friend a message the next day 'you know that last two voyages really spun me. But good. Thanks needed that! Had been left in limbo prior two weeks. I actually died this time! Kaapoww!'
' you looked beautiful when you were dead xxx'

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88034
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: May 10, 2021Views: 402
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DMT (18), Amphetamines (6), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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