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Vaccumed Out of Reality
by Silas
Citation:   Silas. "Vaccumed Out of Reality: An Experience with Cannabis (exp87742)". Jan 19, 2014.

0.25 g smoked Cannabis


Setting: Relaxed and feeling at ease with myself at home at evening time.

Dosage: Around 0,25gram, smoked through a bong.

I was at the time 20 years old and had only previously experimented with Hashish and Marijuana.

What I'm about to describe, happened to me earlier this year while smoking very potent Marijuana. Up until that time, I had used Cannabis a handful of times, including eating hash-brownie, which by the way was the first time I ever tried Cannabis. The brownie experience is a story in itself because it was very powerful way to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. But the experience I had this time, was beyond my wildest imagination and the brownie-session is like comparing an apple with the earth.

First, I was in my room experiencing the come-up effects of the weed. The feeling of high came instantaneously after I inhaled the smoke. The deepening of my consciousness began to increase steadily, as well as feeling the increasing shakiness in my body. Perhaps 5 minutes into it, my sister and her boyfriend came into my room. They kept asking me if I wanted some water and how I was feeling? My response was 'Is this really Marijuana?! You must have put something else in it seriously!' Which they of course didn't because I knew it was still weed, even it it was coming on so differently. I felt as if my consciousness was being pulled inwards more and more, away from reality more so than ever before. And I remember one time when they called my name, I heard it multiple times as if it was coming closer each time they said it like from long distance away. But as minutes ticked by I was being pulled in faster and I could also experience time actually slowing down in front of my eyes. I moved my arm from right to left, leaving a trail of my arm in a wavy motion. This amazed me so much because I didn't realize how powerful marijuana could be to my perception of time.

By now I would say that time had passed about 15 minutes from the initial inhaling. It was at this time that things were beginning to become weird.

After lying down on my bed, I must have fallen asleep or something because I don't remember falling into it but suddenly my consciousness was being taken beyond the dreaming state into another dimension. I realized so clearly why all human beings enter into dreaming and deep dream-less sleep every night. The realization was that our consciousness merges with the Source and draws vital energy from it to sustain our wakeful state of consciousness. But we don't do this consciously and this is why it is such a mystery to what happens with us during non-dreaming sleep. But as I went passed this insight and into the other dimension, I was so confused at first because I did not have any contact with my body anymore. It felt like I was flowing and becoming one with the energies behind the Universe. In this state, I was fully aware that there was no separation between anything, all is really one. The weird thing though, is that it felt more real than anything I have ever felt in my life. It was beyond life. I remember that my conscious-self realized that I must have died and that I might never return to my body again. A peculiar sense of non-completeness struck me as a sign that I hadn't finished what I came to do in my life.

Everything had happened so fluidly and time had completely ceased to exist as if I had escaped out of the time-space dimension completely.

I still could not connect with my body, but I remember that I had the realization that everything I thought was real to me in my life was really just a wakeful dream. This was something I had thought about a lot before, that we are just going through life believing everything to be real just because our perception and thinking tells us so. However, it is a complete different thing experiencing it with your own consciousness, seeing the illusion that this material reality is.

Slowly I began to accept that this was the end for me and that I might move forward in my journey. However it was perhaps sometime after this, that I started to feel that my body was taking my consciousness back into my body again and when I opened my eyes, I could not look at things the same way ever again. It must have passed around 3-4 hours after I talked to my sister and her boyfriend until I came back.

It was such a powerful experience that it took me months to even grasp what had happened to me and an attempt to explain it in words seems so weak in comparison to what had actually happened. I hope you enjoyed though!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87742
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 19, 2014Views: 9,681
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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