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Beta Blockers Are an Essential Tool!
Ephedrine, Caffeine & Atenolol
Citation:   Raoul Duke. "Beta Blockers Are an Essential Tool!: An Experience with Ephedrine, Caffeine & Atenolol (exp8769)". May 13, 2004.

100 mg oral Pharms - Atenolol
    oral Caffeine
  200 mg oral Ephedrine
[Erowid Note: There may be more risk of cardio-vascular problems from combining ephedrine and beta-blockers than the author of this report suggests. Caution is strongly advised when combining drugs that affect the cardiovascular system. See Beta-Blockers Interactions for a little more detail.]

This trip report is to all those who decide to abuse sympathomimetic drugs, most notably ephedrine. As many of you well know, the basic mechanism of action of ephedrine is NE release in the brain. This indirectly stimulates both alpha and beta andrenergic receptors in the periphery--beyond the central nervous system.

The sought-after, recreational effects of ephedrine come from increased levels of NE in the brain. The untoward, dangerous, possibly fatal effects come from overstimulation of b-andrenergic receptors in the periphery, resulting in increased heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

There are drugs which BLOCK this effect in the periphery: beta-blockers (Atenolol, et. al.). I choose atenolol because of the relatively few drug-drug interactions; it does not cross the blood-brain barrier. Overall, it's quite a benign drug.

My practice: consume 50-100mg atenolol 1 hour before consumption of any stimulant drug. Then, I take my stimulant. I took some caffeine and 200mg of ephedrine. My heart rate is 72bpm, lower than it NORMALLY is. I feel complet bodily relaxation, and a beautiful ephedrine buzz about my body.

Atenolol's acute beta-blocking effects last for about 8 hours, but remain in some fashion for up to 24. The only thing to avoid is HEAVY exertion, because your heart won't be able to provide you with enough blood and you may feel faint from exhaustion.

Where to get a beta blocker? Well, if anyone knows anyone prescribed a medication for high blood pressure, it is very likely atenolol. If you wish you get your own, order from an overseas pharmacy (Sorry, I cannot list sources), or visit your own doctor and explain that you suffer from stage fright: right before a speech/performance, you get clammy hands, your heart races, you sweat, etc. Let him/her know that you've heard beta-blockers help tremendously in this respect. They will probably give you Inderal, but that's fine. The only other drug used for such panic attacks is Xanax and the like, and a doctor has NO reason to prescribe xanax over a beta-blocker, as beta-blockers have no psychological effects (except for some like propranolol,with which I have no experience; it shuts down a presynaptic autoreceptor--talk with your doctor).

Atenolol is not psychoactive, nonaddictive, and has quite a benign side effect profile. You should be able to get a script with no problem.

Welp, I'm off to go enjoy my time with the ephedrine. I realize this report was not as concise as it could have been, but I have other things on my mind. :)

I'm just tired of people having untoward effects on their cardiovascular system from stimulants such as ephedrine, amphetamines, substituted amphetamines (MDMA), etc. Beta blockers work WONDERS for these.


--Raoul Duke

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8769
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 13, 2004Views: 79,580
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Pharms - Atenolol (229), Ephedrine (23) : Unknown Context (20), Health Benefits (32), Combinations (3)

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