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Intense and Quick
by SuperSteve
Citation:   SuperSteve. "Intense and Quick: An Experience with DPT (exp87657)". Sep 21, 2011.

35 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


I would like to start out by saying my previous trip (2years ago) was the MOST informative and horrific experience of MY LIFE!! So with that in the back of my mind I went forward.

I have wanted to ponder a few things in my life and I have found hallucinogenic do the trick. I use them and their experiences, not party with them, and I rarely trip with others-I do keep a babysitter on staff.

A friend of mine comes up with DPT, sounds interesting although I have never tried it before Iím in. He has dealt with it before and is an experienced cosmonaut, his girl not some much, theyíre both very cool and I feel comfortable around them and in doing this together. They had done a small dose a week prior, maybe 20mgs.

I do my RESEARCH!!! On the subject and we set a date. I also TRY to explain my last trip to him, just in case I go there again and WE ARE OFF TO THE RACES.

Itís a Saturday night 8pm, I watched the sunset (most excellent 1 at that) I had been meditating for a few weeks clear my mind of my work stress and any negativity. The mood is set- lots of cool art work, good music, over all a calm setting. I snorted +/- 35mgs. Taste like battery acid and I gag...

5 mins-raspy feeling in throat, slight drip

10min- peripheral light reflection- much more noticeable when I lend my head back and looked at the light across the room- COOL

20min- I feel my head being pulled towards the floor lamp to m left. My heart is racing and check my pulse. Itís fast but not that bad; overall I feel like I just did a bunch of coke and remember why I donít like it.

Complete loss of time and ability to speak- my brain goes into a vortex into the light next to me and I have the MOST INCREDIBLE CLARITY in my visions (eyes are closed, little effect with them open) I cannot accurately describe this in a million years, but I shall try-I see a small country house with some activity on the porch, I think they are dancing and playing a banjo, then I see several bobble heads (just the heads, like pep boys heads) floating around blocking my vision. I think they were the 3 of use and maybe a few of my other friends. Not really sure it was too intense and I open my eyes for a second. The girl seems to freaking the fuck out and suffering major ego loss, she keeps clinging to him and expressing fear (I think??) Heís in control all is well and I shut my eyes again, the music is playing, I think its Santana. I bobble heads are back, cool, I feel really calm but my heart is racing. I wish I could help her, I get up, their gone to bed room, I pace the tile floor. The floor distorts while I walk ( or at least I think Iím walking) I hear demon voices I open my eyes, Iím alone and the music is down very low, itís disturbing to me so I turn it off. Repeat all of this like 6 times.

Someone asked what time it is, I pacing the floor, Its 8:25- LMAO- she wants to take a shower and he is getting really talkative. I think a shower would be nice, BOBBLE HEADS, go back to the couch and close my eyes, Heís voice rips me away from my vision and (I think I wave my hands and go shhhhhh) Sheís out of the shower I look at the time Ė one minute has gone by-sheís looking pasty and scared and Iím starting to get scared for her. I go into the shower ask for a towel- the whiteness of bathroom is too much to process, I close my eyes; I have a towel (?) I am surprised at how well I can function while adjusting the water. I start thinking about the crying Buddha, my last trip and what I need to do in life. Stand put my face in the warm water AND BAM the most intense flash of color, like a rainbow of pin wheels wash over me. Go back to couch. Sheís still having a hard time; I go back to the shower. This time itís like an out of body experience and I start reliving the worst trip of my life. Gotta go for a walk. I am able to speak now and tell him I need to walk, assure him Iím cool and Iím off. Hearts pounding heada ches and lots of muscle cramping in my back. I walk for the next 30 mins. Reflecting upon life and the bobble heads, who where they and what the hell were those people doing on the porch!!!! I notice everything is angular and see how they can fit together. I also notice that I keep turning left (right handed) and think how odd that is. They call to check on me, Iím not ready to talk yet, but wish they were here with me. Keep on trucking.

9:20- WTF just happened LMAO- Back at the house we are all excited and are a bunch of chatter boxes. Pulse is still racing and feeling a little anxiety. I stay there for 2 or 3 hours talking about our trip, drive home and go to bed.

The next few days are perplexing and I still feel muscle cramps. I had work hard that day and chalk it up to sitting behind a desk for last year. I really want to go back and look at those damn bobble heads again. Think I will wait until I can make some sense of this first though. WOW intense and quick.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87657
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41 
Published: Sep 21, 2011Views: 7,978
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DPT (21) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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