Such a State From the State Wildflower
Passiflora incarnata
Citation:   Alucinor. "Such a State From the State Wildflower: An Experience with Passiflora incarnata (exp87630)". Apr 15, 2018.

  smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
    oral Passion Flower (tea)
    oral Passion Flower (plant material)
I was searching for herbal remedies for anxiety and insomnia, and came across this beautiful flower. I soon learned that it was the state wildflower of Tennessee (Where I currently reside), and so I went searching.

I was only about 200 yards off my back porch when a very unique purple bloom caught my eye. It was extremely easy to identify. And I soon realized that the area around it also yielded the plant (although I saw no more blooms). I got some leaves, and the 1 bloom and 2 fruits (for the seeds) and was on my way.

After letting the foliage dry, I smoked the bloom from a homemade water bong (tasted quite good), and I got this stoned feeling almost immediately (not unlike a small amount of low-grade Cannabis indica) I started packing some leaves after the bloom was gone; and suddenly realized that the leaves were much harsher, and seemed to get harsher with each consecutive inhalation.

I let the alterations hit me, and smoked a cigarette; The taste was a bit different, and I was salivating quite a bit more than usual. The peak came quickly, and I zoned out, staring at a street light quite intently, letting the remainder of my tobacco burn in the wind. My mind was not unclear, but more 'emptied' than normal. My thinking felt a bit slower, and somehow 'wiser'.

The comedown was quite abrupt, and faded without my even noticing. That night, my dreams were odd, repetitive and quite realistic. The following morning, I felt slightly groggy, but well rested.

The following morning I rolled up the remainder of the leaves into 2 'joints'. And smoked them in quick succession. I just stared at the sunrise and the fading stars in wonderment, my body felt numb, and distant. And I was off to gather more.

Later that day, I made tea out of what I had harvested; It was much more mild and physically sedating than when smoked. The taste was quite unique, and the second cup was complemented quite nicely with peach tea.

The next few days, when I smoked it, I got only slight results, and I ceased use for about a week.

I then decided to ingest it directly. I pulled a few vines and went walking through the woods; ingesting a few leaves as I went. They tasted quite good (I have always consumed random foliage, even as a child. Which didn't always turn out so well). I became very tired suddenly, and quite inebriated.So I found a shady spot to relax. I am fairly sure I almost immediately fell asleep. I awoke from some of the most unique and profound dreams I have ever experienced. I began walking back home, thankful I had not strayed far from the path, because I was still in quite a surreal state of mind. Later I had intense diarrhea (which I was expecting) and that night, I had much trouble staying asleep. (The altered dreaming was still in full swing).

I was quite fascinated with the plant, but only use it on occasion nowadays, as tolerance seems to build quite rapidly for some of the effects. It is great for relieving anxiety, enhancing dreams, and for a very calm and relaxing albeit subtle 'high'. One downside is that it is quite a brief experience when consumed in moderate quantities. And it is too pretty to consume too much.

I would also add that it seems to enhance other mind altering substances, and I intent to investigate this property further.

There is a valley and a river, not far from here, named after the Cherokee term for this plant (Ocoee) that I intend to pay a visit to very soon.
Good hunting.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87630
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 15, 2018Views: 10,404
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