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Exp #4: Trying To Make Them All More Exciting
2C-I, Methylone & Nitrous Oxide
by Jesus Raves
Citation:   Jesus Raves. "Exp #4: Trying To Make Them All More Exciting: An Experience with 2C-I, Methylone & Nitrous Oxide (exp87306)". Dec 8, 2012.

T+ 0:00
    Pharms - Ziprasidone (daily)
  T+ 0:00 4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 1:30 2 tablets oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:35 20 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
  T+ 3:46   oral Methylone (liquid)
  T+ 4:41   oral Methylone (liquid)
  T+ 5:23 4 carts.   Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 10:19   oral Methylone  
  T+ 11:18     Nitrous Oxide (gas)


I have tried Methylone 3 times now: 1st: 125mg (good) 2nd: 250mg (okay) and 3rd: 125mg redosed several times with 120mg morphine and 8 mg dilaudid (1st or 2nd best trip in 5 years). The third time trying M1 was the only time I felt all the euphoria I had expected from the reports, but I donít think this was entirely due to the narcotics as Iíve taken that dose of narcotics several times a year. I know that Iím not quite that euphoric on them. It could be some kind of combination effect, I dunno. I wouldnít recommend it.

Saturday Afternoon

Today my best friend and her boyfriend, also a dear friend, are at a wedding in south Florida, and, as they would be the people Iíd usually hang around with on a Saturday night, I am on my own. Oh, there are plenty of people to hang out with, but I think I am going to try mixing 2ci with Methylone instead while no one will come looking for me, thinking Iím occupied as usual. I have decided to add Nitrous to the mix as I was reading some interesting trip reports on it this week due to the cable internet being down and having to use dial-up (reading only). I find trip reports funny and interesting because I relate to a lot of what I read. Makes me feel less alone in my experiences. So I was reading about nitrous and realized Iíve never done more than huff two whipped cream cans, so maybe thatís why I never had a ďbreakthroughĒ like those described. So today I bought 4 whip cream cans.

I really donít have anyone to trip with these days, so by myself I consider the two RCís I have in my possession. Maybe mixing them will be a more exciting way to use the chemicals I have left. What I really want to get out of this trip is a visual experience. I didnít experience much of anything from 2ci other than a somehow ďalteredĒ feeling, neither negative or positive. No visuals, no euphoria. Very boring. Methylone is okay too, and just like MDMA if I take small ~125mg doses every 45 minutes ó and ONLY if I dose like this - but not overwhelmingly exciting, except for the last time I did it. Nitrous and Cannabis are always great, and go great with everything. Weíll see if together they are all more exciting.

Like Iíve said, this is my 4th time with m1, my 2nd time trying 2ci and my nth number on Nitrous and Cannabis. As for other drugs Iíve done: most all the ones youíve heard of on this website except heroin and pcp. This includes the more popular research chemicals and things that grow in nature.

6:30 I had about 3-4 shots of vodka at 4pm or so, and went to school to work in the studio on an assignment for painting II. I took 2 benadryl at 5:30 while I was there, and now itís 6:30 and Iím home and have scrubbed all the paint off my hands. I have 40mg of 2ci. Judging from how my friend threw up last time we took 2ci, Iím glad I dosed w/Benadryl 1 hour prior to prevent any and all nausea (worked perfectly last time). I took approx. half of the 40 mg bag for a dose of 20 mg and put it in some kool aid. Now time to drink it.

6:35 In the huge glass, I didnít taste the 20mg of 2ci at all, but alone it has a nasty taste. I plan on dosing the m1 1.5 hours later so that the peaks coincide and hopefully give me visuals. Got off dial-up long enough to pay my bills by phone. Yay! Today I ate: potato salad, a salad, and some baby food w/peas, applesauce, and pears (donít ask). The weather is nice, today is the first really cooler day of the year where it is actually pleasant outside. Itís supposed to drop into the 60s tonight. Every year when fall falls, it makes me so euphoric. Good memories. My set & setting is really good today. Iíve been planning this trip all week, so it wasnít spur-of-the-moment.

6:56 pm Feeling a little dissolved around the edges. Itís a nice feeling. Feels better than the last time I did 2ci, which was only neutral: this is positive. Iím hungry, but I doubt I should eat. Iíll go smoke a cig instead.

7:19 Got to conserve my weed as I only bought a nick last night. Put my weed money into a sale on JWH where you buy one gram and get another for a penny. But it wonít get here Ďtill next week. Yay! Anway, Iím about to smoke some weed now. I alternate between neutral and feeling very positive, unlike the last 2ci trip, which was all neutral. And nothing bad about it so far!

7:35 pm. 3 bat hits is the doctorís dose: Iím stoned. Eyes dialated about 1mm more than usual ó only I would notice. Dark hues and blacks take on an even deeper quality, a dark and sparkling quality, that I recognize from the beginning of most psychedelic altered states. A little euphoric, even. Very pleased with the 2ci this time. It feels vividly good. But it is VERY subtle. Like, I could still talk to my mom right now and thatís saying a lot. I freak out if Iím even mildly stoned around her. It seems 2ci puts me at ease. No visuals except for the sparkly strangeness of shifting, flashing values of color (very, very subtle). Itís not baseline, but itís not far off. Still worth the money. Itís cool.

7:46 Overtaken by waves of bliss. Yes, this is totally unlike my first and only other 2ci experience, which was a bore. But this time Iím by myself, and can do whatever for however long I want.

8:01 Just consumed a methylone beverage containing a pinch of the shit-ton of methylone I have. I estimate approx. 125mg was what I was shooting for. I mixed it into a 7oz glass of sugar free koolaid. Could taste it, yech, but Iím used to it with m1 after 3 other times. The taste makes me feel good Ďcos I know what it will bring. I feel the music, it sounds better than usual and feels better too. (hard trance)

8:41 Feels good, could socialize easily, no visuals as of yet other than the subtle psychedelic tinge. Eyes medium-size dilated, nothing dramatic. Think Iíll dose a little more methylone as I donít think I took more than 80 mg. Whoops! I will dose another 50 mg or so. Good thing 2ci has a long peak and duration.

8:55 My body feels good. I will smoke 3 bat hits and then hit the 4 cans of nitrous. This is probably the peak! All ever so subtle. I could go to class on this shit and be fine, thatís how subtle it is. (I would never do that, but it would be fun).

9:01pm Brimming with energy but donít want to move because I feel so good. Euphoric definitely. Not even a hint of nausea. I donít recommend 2ci w/o 2 benadryl. Iíd spend my concentration trying not to puke instead of thinking beautiful things.

9:15 done smokin my three hits of herb, so now itís time to do the nitrous. The buzz is not so subtle anymore! I am definitely fucked up.

I notice that societyís delineation of what is okay and what is not, (aka drugs) completely affects my set and setting. I feel subhuman for doing drugs. What is up with that? Itís just an uneducated opinion of some fearing humans who donít even know what a great and beautiful experience theyíre talking about, except that it feels bad to me. It makes me doubt myself as a person, even though I think I am doing nothing wrong in exercising the mindís capacity for ecstasy and thought. What is wrong with feeling that way? Nothing. But I feel bad because they say I should. Fuck them, for fucking with my perfectly good life and nearly all of my perfectly good drug experiences! If not for them, I would never doubt myself because I am a good person otherwise, even go the speed limit and am kind to others. I would be perfectly happy if I could just talk openly about my life with anyone, but obviously I canít, because they wouldnít approve. That is the one main hangup I have in life right now! That and I wish I had someone to trip with.

9:23pm Hit 3 whippets and merged with existence and collapsed on the bed, forgetting entirely to do the 4th whippet. I didnít lose consciousness, just got lost...somewhere. I canít attempt to describe what that was like in words. My head is still spinning. I never did (and suspect never will) see visuals. I am left with a mild feeling. The experience was great (again I canít describe it) but not as dramatic as some who trip on nitrous report. I feel great now, much better than Iíve felt all day and I was already in a good mood. Someone called me as I came to myself and finally hit the 4th whippet. Iíll go see who it is.

2:19 a.m. I went out with my friends who called me and we had a great time. We smoked several, several joints of Cannabis, and I felt wonderful. They were fun to be around, entertaining and positive, and didnít mind me tripping around them like some of my friends do (which gives me that subhuman feeling). I drank a bunch of vodka and kool aid with them too. I havenít taken any more methylone, but the 2ci is still doing its thing so Iíll redose the m1 now that Iím home. Took about 200-250 mg this time since it takes more to re-dose to feel it, from what Iíve read. M1 lasts about 7 hours for me. I have a slow metabolism. Havenít noticed any temperature exaggeration tonight, which is unusual. Usually, if the temperatures are exaggerated, Iíve taken too much. Re-dosing is the key to getting to the MDMA side of this drug. Small doses about 30-45 min apart, to your pleasureódoses of 90-130 mg at regular intervals until you are rolling. Less is more. You can always take more.

Eyes are still dilated to medium-size. My friends werenít tripping but they were really cool to trip with: My ex boyfriend and my friend D. Gonna go outside and smoke a cig while the new dose of m1 comes on. Glad D was able to pick me up and drive me home ó fuck driving in that state!

2:36 already feel it. There is like not much tolerance with this stuff, good! Drinking some more vodka and smoking some herb.

3:13 itís all I can do to write this. Apparently, I am peaking now on the strongest peak Iíve had all night! All I can do is lay there...and enjoy the bliss...bye!

3:18: managed to get another solid dose of nitrous out of the 4 whip cream cans. MMMMMMMM, feels so good. I would hope everyone would get to feel this good once in their lifetime, but a few never will. It takes an open mind to, have this happen.

4:14 in am. Nothing to say, itís indescribable, when you get lost in that feeling. Ití useless to try to explain the way I feel, because I canít do it justice. I canít speak or move anyway when I feel that way so fuck the keyboard.

4:20 Time to smoke some pot!! I am smacking my lips, gritting my jaw, and licking my lips like crazy. Just like MDMA in that way. Donít think I will eat again for a long, long time, like after this really strong long trip goes away. My lips always look so smooth and plump after m1 from all the licking.

4:37am...I need a pacifier or some sort of thing to chew on instead of my tongue. Almost thru w/3 bat hits. This is intense!

Oh great, now itís 4:47am. Did I go back in time, heh? Probably. Iíve seen this all before, except the words Iím typing now. I donít want this to end, but even if I keep redosing, tolerance will end it for me.

Wish I knew someone up at this hour so I could call them and chat. Wait, Iíll try chatting with C. Heís usually awake all night working on his Rockabilly Collection. I feel very social. Going to go call him now...

5:27am. Feel so wonderful! Am calling C. now and hopefully I can encourage him in his mostly solitary life. Every time I call him (he doesnít call ppl, which is why he is alone) If he just wants to be alone, let him.

5:31 But wait! I swear this is the peak! I took my medicine (Geodon, Iím a psychotic) today and it didnít affect anything, by the way. Before I always skipped it, but I thought it was fucking with my set and setting because it makes me abnormal, so today I took it anyway, and it didnít affect the trip! Which surprised me because Geodon has a mild ssri effect, and from another report I heard that this would kill the trip. I beg to differ! I have also taken trazadone to abort an m1 trip so I could sleep, and I kept on trippin, and trazadone is an ssri.

Rolling my nuts off on the bed. Like I said, it is indistinguishable from MDMA when taken in a succession of small doses and re-doses. I disagree that m1 is not pushy. It is very pushy. I canít tell the difference at this point between it and MDMA. Iím floored.

6:12 Nice, but I just sort of lose myself without remembering what I was lost in. All there was was darkness, and the energy. ďDarkness within darkness,Ē as says Lao Tsu ó a man with brevity, simplicity, and depth. Great book, the Tao te Ching. Gonna go smoke a cig and then lay down.

6:21 Before I get comfy on the bed, I must say that Iíve had some freaky oevís. I saw something exactly like this the day after dxm a long time ago: a jellylike, sparkling, transparent green-tinted, multi-legged-insect-or-alien type creature crawling out of the center of my field of vision. It was like a computer graphic, it was so realistic I could see Every detail. It was amazing, but this was the only visual I had all day. I could conjure it by focusing on the center of my field of vision and it would come crawling out of the ether toward me. Ugly little fucker, but so cool to watch. Iíve seen it before after dxm, as I said, and I wonder if this is because the Nitrous is a dissasociative too, and it was a result of the effects of those type chemicals (dissasociatives) being in my system. All I have to do is focus my eyes and it goes spinning before me, crawling out. Weird. Some kind of creature that exists, yet doesnít really existóso it lives in my mind? Amazing.

7:09 My hearing just went numb and everything sounds like itís coming thru cottonó soft. Even though it is some hardstyle music, it is soft.

9:50am Still trippin. I miss my friends who went to the wedding. I still havenít called C. yet, Iíll do that now.

11:00 a.m. talked to C. for an hour, never told him I was tripping, he wouldnít care anyway as he has no interest in altering his consciousness and is not even curious ó which I donít understand ó how could one not be curious? Anyway, enough of unanswerable questions: I took some more methylone but things didnít get more intense, they were prolonged however and I stayed in the same state instead of coming down. I realize I have taken a whole LOT of methylone in the last 24 hours, so I wonít take any more as I think re-dosing would be a waste. And probably kill me. Apparently I have gone through 75% of a gram. Jeez! Talk about impaired judgement! Thatís the most Iíve ever taken.


Well I had fun yesterday, came down all day long but never lost the Euphoria. I still feel euphoric today, as well as a tendency to lick my lips and smack them, weird. But I was in that state for so long, it is probably hanging around. Spent a trippy Sunday with D and my ex-boyfriend again. Now my ex wants to try methylone after he saw me getting off and enjoying it and being OK. I donít know. Heís very inexperienced with drugs and doesnít know what heís asking for. I think heíd have a bad time. I just wonít mention it again unless he brings it up. Heíll probably forget. I am only hesitant because I didnít really like M1 until the 3rd time I did it, so I donít know if it will be good for him. Maybe the first time isnít the best with this drug, just like with pot. And I think starting with a small dose and re-dosing to extend the trip, instead of taking a big, long - lasting dose, feels MUCH better. Otherwise, itís a ďweird and boring mood dullerĒ as one reporter described it in this forum. He just took too much at first.

Itís like I have to ease into the chemical, or I donít get that euphoric/mdma effect.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87306
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Dec 8, 2012Views: 3,812
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