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A Different Trip Than Usual
Citation:   LeNutmeg. "A Different Trip Than Usual: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp87300)". Erowid.org. Dec 10, 2019. erowid.org/exp/87300

30-40 g oral Nutmeg (powder / crystals)
  3 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Lately, I've been doing a lot of nutmegging. Iíve been a pothead since Freshman year, but when I moved, I couldnít find a good dealer. The only two guys I know that sell pot where I moved to are total dicks and try to sell it at a ridiculous price. Iím not paying $20 for a gram of some shag. So, I moved onto nutmeg. Itís cheap, gets the job done, and gives me the effects Iím looking for so I donít go broke.

Just to recite a couple of pros:
1. I enjoy the length of the trip. Drugs that wear off quickly tend to leave me slightly angry afterwards that it ended so quickly. The main part of the trip lasts 'til around 12 hours after comsumption, depending on the amount I take.
2. It's relatively cheap. I can buy decent powder for around $8.
3. I can still think coherently while on the drug, making it easier to be high on it during social situations.
4. It's not as 'stupid' as other drugs, in the sense that I don't think too many stupid thoughts while on the drug.
5. Music euphoria. Music is GREAT on this drug, and being a musician, I find this part enjoyable. Also, since I'm still thinking with slight clarity, I have no problem writing things down as I play.

And now for the cons:
1. The after-effects are very meh. I'll be out of it for a good day or so after the trip ends. I finally got a hangover from it when I accidentally took around 40 grams. After-effects tend to be just headaches, and a general unwillingness to get out of bed, including the fore-mentioned haze.
2. It's pretty easy to lose my buzz. However, it can all come roaring back with a little dub/trance/Led.
3. It can be nauseating if I don't get it down fast enough. After a while, I get used to the nausea, or at least, it doesn't seem to be there anymore.
4. It's not well documented. It doesn't seem strong enough to have any permanent brain damaging abilities.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way, Iíd like to say that trips on this drug vary a lot
trips on this drug vary a lot
. One trip Iíll have a ridiculously euphoric trip where everything looks beautiful, the next Iíll be hallucinating and seeing things jump around in my vision. I'll go ahead and recount my strongest experience, just to give a taste. Oh yes, and even though this has nothing to do with this experience, carnivals are AWESOME. Even the kiddy rides are awesome, though Iím sure I looked stupid riding themÖ

Anyways, starting with a week ago...

12:00 PM - I go to buy some nutmeg before heading out to my music class at a different school. No problems here. I'd been planning this trip for about 2 days now, so my mind was ready. This drug is relatively strong, so I at least want to prepare a little bit. This will be my 9th or 10th time doing nutmeg.

2:45 PM Ė Arrive home after my music class and with my poor measuring skills, measure out a generous 3 tablespoons and placed it in a plastic baggy. This is equal to about 30-40 grams.

3:15 PM Ė Finish downing the bag with some water. Itís better to get it over with quickly, it gives me less nausea, and, well, itís better to get anything bad over quickly.

3:25 PM Ė Almost immediately following my finishing the bag, I hear a knock at my door. I stash the nutmeg in my underwear drawer (classic), and stuff the spoon and bag into my pocket. I open the door and itís my girlfriend, who I will now be referring to as M. She says she brought a couple of friends over. I heave a sigh and say fine, and she goes to let them in. I pretty much hate all of her friends.

3:30 PM Ė Her friends K and J, my least favorite of her friends, come barging into my room. I calm myself down, and go ahead and get back to my usual business. K keeps touching my guitar and pissing me off, while his girlfriend (J) annoys the hell out of me about her day. I let K start playing my old shitty guitar so heíll stop touching my good one.

4:00 PM Ė M talks me into going down to the basement. The effects have already started because I took it on an empty stomach. However, the effects are so mild right now that itís not hard to concentrate.

5:00 PM Ė K and J finally leave. M stays with me and apologizes. Then comes the next part. She starts getting depressed for no reason. This is a really bad start to a trip. Iím already pissed, now Iíve got a girl whoís depressed for no reason to worry about. Needless to say, this brings my mood down even lower. Iím getting more and more high every minute now, but Iím forced to drive her home, because Iím trying to hide the fact that Iím on nutmeg. She hates the stuff, but then again, sheís also into getting drunk, so it doesnít surprise me. Drinking is pretty meh in my book. Only gotten smashed once, and I didnít really find it that much fun. Iíll stick to the hallucinogens.

5:30 PM Ė Trip starts getting pretty heavy. I laugh at things that arenít that funny and swing my head around a bit. M tells a joke, and I canít help but hit my head against her pillow while I laugh. Somehow, this didnít tip her off that I was high. This is the biggest dose Iíve taken besides my first time, and I can definitely notice the difference. My thoughts are cloudy, and thereís less euphoria involved with sight. Usually, when I see something like a particularly well-placed tree, or an old-looking building, it seems profound and beautiful. Not so much this time. Itís probably just because itís only been 2 hours since consumption, though. Iíve never had the effects kick in this fast, must be because the nutmegís fresh.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
6:00 PM Ė M falls asleep and I leave. I manage to drive back home, and I notice that my buzz seems to be fading a bit. Maybe the other stuff was in my head?

7:00 PM Ė Turn on some dubstep in my new bad-ass $80 headphones. The sound quality is amazing compared to my earbuds. The music really takes me in. The trip starts coming back to me while I listen. It had never really left, itís just that it had been being blocked by something. Probably my bad mood. As I listen to the dub, I turn out my lights and close my eyes, just to take it in and HOLY SHIT. I started having closed-eye hallucinations. Really, it was more or less controllable, but these hallucinations were NOT enjoyable. I saw a strange face coming towards me constantly. Itíd move back, and then coming rushing back for me. I open my eyes and try to calm myself down a little bit. Iím pretty experienced with hallucinations, but I wasnít expecting it, so it threw me off a bit. Iíve done DXM a few times at Second-Third Plateau doses, and I also got some weed mixed up with peyote from a dealer (or at least, we assumed it was Peyote. The hallucinations were strong and lasted a really long time, and resembled what we read about Peyote.)

I sat down and just stared blankly. I had trouble focusing my eyes and I started hallucinating again, but only slightly, since my eyes were opened. I only saw one major thing and that was a ratís head was visible for a few seconds. Wasnít very scary though, just kind of like, I was imagining things and I could see them vividly in real life. I wasnít doing it purposefully, they were pretty random, but they werenít all that startling. However, it was a real downer the way my trip was headed. I attempted to put it back on the right track with some good hippie music. The music made me happy and calmed me down, and the hallucinations slowed to a halt. My head started feeling less heavy, and slowly I became happier with the music. The trip is highly linked to music, as usual.
The trip is highly linked to music, as usual.

8:00 PM Ė I get tired of sitting. Nutmeg trips are also highly linked to motion, Iíve found. Walking around is much more enjoyable than just sitting or laying down. So, I get up, switch headphones to my new earbuds, and head out on my quest to find something beautiful. However, since itís dark outside, things take on a different perspective. As I look at the houses in my neighborhood, they seem totally different. They have an almost regal look to them, but not one of beauty. More of an eerie look. I make it out to the end of my street, and my vision is hazy and wavy. Iím not exactly happy, I canít seem to get the type of euphoria I normally get, probably due to the earlier experiences Iíd had. I turn on my new Led Zeppelin CD and walk to the beat as Iím walking down the main road.

I reach my girlfriendís neighborhood and start walking around randomly. I was still intent on finding beauty, even though things looked really cool even now. I got a weird euphoria just from looking at the looming trees and darkened buildings, almost one one of fear, yet itís intriguing. Itís really hard to explain, but itís one of my favorite features of nutmeg. I walk into about 4 dead ends, but I just keep turning around and walking in a different direction. Music sounds awesome, it really adds to the experience.

Also, another thing. Thereís lots of peripheral problems. I see things a lot in my peripheral, and they make me jump. Also, things that arenít moving, look like they are because I'm walking towards them. Itís probably got something to do with how slow

Around 10:00 PM - Finally, I decide itís time to turn around and head back to my house. Even though Iím not very good with directions, I manage to find my way out of the maze. I notice something new has kicked in that Iíve never gotten before on nutmeg, and thatís that lights have a slight strobing effect. Itís not constant, but it happens quite a lot. Iím stumbling a bit now, I think I mightíve over-exerted myself somehow. This drug pretty much takes away all sense of exhaustion, so Iím kind of worried. I donít sit down, though, and continue my trek home.

11:00 PM Ė At home now. Turn on some trance, jack in my fancy new headphones, and just lie back on my bed. It calms me down a bit. I had been pretty tense during that walk because of the weird eerie look of everything. Nothing of note besides a few closed eye hallucinations, trip still hasnít shown signs of fading. Iím TIRED, though. Really tired. I mustíve actually exhausted myself somehow.

12:00 AM Ė Turn off my music and turn on the TV. Iím watching Family Guy (I normally hate that show), but Iím laughing REALLY hard. This is the first time that Iíve had this effect on nutmeg. Usually, I only get it when I do pot.

1:00 AM Ė I canít keep my eyes open and I just let the sleep take me.

11:00 AM Ė I wake up and have my first nutmeg hangover. My head hurts, I have a weird panging pain in my head, and I feel like I canít get out of bed. I barely drank any water during the trip because I was outside for a lot of it, so that could be lending to this. Thankfully, I have nothing to do today, but I canít fall back to sleep, for fear of my sleep paralysis kicking in.

I have very few after-effects, and the hangover lasts until around 2:00 PM. All in all, a different trip than usual. Itís probably because of the earlier problems (just goes to show that you should never be around people you hate before doing drugs), the dose, and the time of day I took it at. When thereís still light outside, itís definitely a happier experience.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87300
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Dec 10, 2019Views: 1,523
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