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A Detailed Report of a First Time Experience
Citation:   Dr. Robotnik. "A Detailed Report of a First Time Experience: An Experience with 2C-I (exp87244)". Feb 23, 2011.

18 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
This report details my first experience with a psychedelic, 2c-i. There were no notes taken during the experience, making this report a retrospective. The abundance of clocks in the house made up for the extreme time dilation we experienced, and any stated time approximations are fairly accurate.

Prologue and Setting: I had read that 2c-i was a “baby” psychedelic, similar to a cross between MDMA and LSD, and that it was a good starter for beginners. I had also read that it was excellent for parties (although afterward I would disagree with this statement; read on).

Previously I have had one experience on Methylone and one experience with Mephedrone.

My girlfriend and I had her house to ourselves for the weekend. Earlier that day I measured out 15mg of 2c-i for her (97 lbs) and 18mg for myself (135 lbs), and put the powder into gel capsules. The powder was very white and was extremely similar to flour.

5:15 (+0:00) We ingested the capsules. I have a relatively weak stomach, and took a ginger root pill as well to ease potential nausea. The come up would take nearly two hours. I set up the audio system while she cleaned her hamster cage. We were slightly anxious, and watched television to ease our minds.

6:00 (+0:45) Slight pangs of nausea. Another ginger root pill taken

7:00 (+1:45) The first noticeable effect, my arms seemed heavier. My girlfriend (Em) scoffed at first, then experienced a similar sensation roughly five minutes later.

7:20 (+2:05) We are feeling the beginnings of the “body buzz”. It feels like incredible excitement, yet fake and uncomfortable. The South Park episode we had been watching suddenly seems confusing and nonsensical and we are having trouble following the plot. Em notices the colors on the television seem to “jump out”. Nausea is much more present, although I do not feel an immediate desire to vomit. I take a third ginger capsule and we walk outside to shake off the annoying body buzz. Walking feels “choppy”. My vision and my movements feel like they are on an 8mm film (life was seemingly moving at a lower framerate). The house from the outside seems brighter.

7:30 (+2:15) We return inside, with a much more prominent body buzz. We're annoyed and put on music to ease the feeling (it does not). I was disappointed, being led to believe 2c-i was good for sex, but we felt quite the opposite of that, and laid on opposite sides of the couch, not touching or talking. Still feeling restless, I moved over to lay near her and experienced what I can only describe as three simultaneous body orgasms (although nothing happened physically, mind you). She turned around and felt something extremely similar. Our hyposexuality had quickly turned to hypersexuality. We headed upstairs to have sex. (At this point the body buzz was in full effect, and our thought patterns were beginning to become wild. Our short term memories would were very much impaired).

With contrast to mephedrone and methylone, 2c-i didn't seem to have much of a vasoconstriction property (it is notable that Em's hands and feet were indeed colder than usual. I noticed nothing like this myself). Thus, no problems achieving an erection. It is notable that I was unable to climax. She said, “But what if [the orgasm] isn't the point?” For a brief moment, I looked into her head and saw her thoughts, and we were a single being. Literally doused in sweat, we headed to the shower.

This is where my visual hallucinations began. EVERYTHING in the shower was moving, breathing, vibrating. By this time, Em had observed moving objects with trails, rainbow spectrums on things (such as the shower curtain) and, briefly, my face seemingly very old. Sitting down, she appeared to have tiger stripes painted on her face. Later, certain outlines of her hair would appear the same color of her eyes (predominantly blue), both constantly changing hues. Nausea was gone at this point, but so was our appetite. Hunger would not return until after the trip had ended.

Approx. 8:00 (+2:45) Extreme time dilation. The trip isn't even half way over and it has already felt like an entire day had gone by. It has seemed like hours since we walked in her yard. With the music playing, she begins to draw (something she is making a career out of) while I lay on the floor. The most prominent visual I experience through the whole trip was a light cast on the ceiling by a nearby table lamp. In real life it was a yellow circle with a soft pattern of squares, but while I experienced it, it was a rich orange, constantly shimmering and moving. As with all hallucinations I experienced that night, I was able to understand it was not real. I had to make sure it wasn't the lamp moving, and only extremely close inspection I was able to confirm the light was, in fact, static.

As I stared at the spot long enough, it would throb and change colors to the music (warm colors, red, yellow and orange only). Eventually it sprouted tiny legs, and bore an extraordinary resemblance to a trilobite. It also moved to the music, exactly like a giant music visualization from an audio player. After a long while, its two sides became some sort of fish, bearing resemblance to Chinese dragons, shimmering blue and purple. Small, bug sized pulses of light would shoot across the ceiling and quickly die. Em could not see anything more than a slight shimmer of the light. Throughout the trip, I would be able to use it as a gauge of sorts. (I should add that this was a visual I 'concentrated' on, and not just a passive experience).

Another interesting visual was her granite counter top. As with everything in the house now, it moved and vibrated. A quick glance would highlight very bright blue spots in the stone (their granite was only black, white and grey). Upon further inspection, I could see just the most intricate fractals I have ever observed. Thousands of greyscale columns bending off down, into infinity. Every time I returned to observe again, they would require more effort to see. I was saddened toward the end of the trip, because I knew I wouldn't be able to see them again.

Staring at a blank piece of paper would reveal bright blue lines, seemingly just beneath the surface. The lines formed complex pictures, very similar to Mayan or Aztec art; two dimensional fish and people and shapes. I told Em to just “trace in the lines” (she could not see the lines, and just thought I was being deep.) Regretfully, I did not myself.

9:00 (+3:45) Em was beginning to become more nervous, as she was supposed to call a parent at 10:30. I had hoped the effects would be lessening up at that point. Cognitively we weren't destroyed, but our speech and actions were still very odd, and it would be apparent to a person in the room we were intoxicated. It was extremely hard to text, because regardless of the words one typed in, they did not convey what I wanted to say. A friend had expressed interest in coming over, and we wanted to tell him the situation (we replied with “We should not be disturbed” or something similar, and it did not make sense in the conversation). His side of the phone was extremely garbled, as if he was at a concert or something. After a full minute of talking deliriously, I handed the phone to Em who understood as much as I had. For a brief moment we both panicked, thinking that only Em and I could understand each other, and that all phones would sound horribly garbled. We called another friend “to make sure the phones still worked” (something I would later spend a long time laughing about). The phones did, in fact, still work.

10:25 (+5:10) Effects possibly subsiding. The spot on the ceiling is no longer an entity, and instead just a very shimmery spot, still pulsating with the music. Em is frustrated, because she still keeps seeing “goddamned rainbows” on everything and it's getting “boring”. Em is able to carry the conversation fine, without saying anything odd or suspicious. During the phone call I decided to fight the drug with her and keep myself in reality. This resulted in a very, very strong buzz sensation. At this point in the trip, my whole body felt the annoyingly tingly sensation a limb feels after it has gone numb and blood is rushing back in. Fighting the 2c-i made it unbearable.

For some reason I have a strange fear of peeing blood (this is something I am not normally afraid of). The ever present buzz made me feel like I didn't have much control over my bladder or bowels. Peeing for the first time was extremely profound, and I will never be able to articulate into words why. I must have been in the bathroom a long time, because Em eventually asked if I was alright.

11:15 (+6:00) Everything is less intense. Body buzz is finally beginning to subside. I can no longer see fractals in the counter top. Everything still breathes, but less forcefully. The spot on the ceiling only moves gently now, like ocean waves.

12:15 (+7:00) Body buzz is only present if one purposefully thinks about it. We decide the trip has officially ended. I put my pants back on. Everything in the room still looks slightly unfamiliar, but no longer moves. The ceiling light very feebly shimmers. Our attention spans return to normal, and we are able to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It, and the other things we watched afterward were much more funny to me. Simple relationships between characters that you have taken for granted become seem much more absurd. Many things are much funnier than they would've been otherwise.

Appetite slowly returns, although I still feel like I have to “force” the food down. Most of what was supposed to be our dinner ends up as breakfast for me.

Approx. 4:00(am) (+10:45) Em was able to fall asleep easily. Only around 4 or so am I able to finally drift off.

No noticeable headache or hangover of any kind the next day.

I had been in the final steps of recovering from a cold when we ingested the 2c-i. During the trip, I did not feel (or remember) I was sick at all. Around 12:30 or so (+7:15) my cough returned, and a slight pressure in my sinuses. The chemical did not seem to affect my recovery in the days following.

In Retrospect: I have never tried MDMA or LSD, but I am 100% positive neither of them would be like 2c-i. I did notice many times I had a big grin plastered on my face, but that buzz was so synthetic and annoying. The happiness from methylone felt much more real. HOWEVER, Em's body buzz subsided relatively quickly (within an hour after effects set in). The day after, when I initially wrote this report, I concluded “We are very glad we did it, but we do not particularly want to try it again in the near future.” We were disappointed, as I had expected something along the lines of a candyflip. With another trip and a few months of retrospect under my belt, I think it has the potential to be a lovely chemical in the proper place and setting (as with most psyches). I also advise not taking it alone, but rather with a special someone or close friends.

Happy Researching;
Dr. R.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87244
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Feb 23, 2011Views: 19,044
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2C-I (172) : Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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