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Not Terrifying, But Not Again Please
Kratom, Cannabis, Spice Product, Pedicularis spp. & Tobacco
by Daniel
Citation:   Daniel. "Not Terrifying, But Not Again Please: An Experience with Kratom, Cannabis, Spice Product, Pedicularis spp. & Tobacco (exp87180)". Oct 1, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Kratom (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:00   smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids  
  T+ 1:00   smoked Pedicularis spp.  
  T+ 1:00   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00   smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids  
  T+ 2:00   smoked Pedicularis spp.  
  T+ 2:00   smoked Tobacco  


8:30PM - One package Kratom Blue mixed with root beer. No problems.
9:30 - Feeling pretty good and relaxed
10:30 - Smoke a bowl of cannabis, Spice product, Elephant's head, and tobacco. Get a really light headed feeling, and decide to load one more bowl of the same.

Immediately feel even more light headed after the second bowl is smoked. Great at first, but rapidly turns nausea and sweating. I walk to my bed to lie down. I realize that my heart is pounding incredibly hard. When I take a deep breath, I feel my heart skip beats As I'm lying down I feel my hands begin to tingle slightly. As if they're about to fall asleep. Instead of falling asleep, though, the tingling sensation increases and I soon feel a constant, very strong buzz in my hands and partway up my forearm (were it not for it being unexpected and mysterious, I probably could have quite enjoyed the feeling). At this point, the nausea has subsided and I'm left with just the light headedness and the tingles. Still pretty high though, too. I go to the computer to see if I can find out what's going on - what substance is causing the tingling. It's as if there's a slight (or not so slight) electric current going through my hands. Or if anyone's played the King Kong (or whatever) game at Chuck E Cheese's (you hold onto two handles which begin to vibrate with increasing intensity until you're forced to let go or it reaches 'maximum voltage', where you win), it's somewhat similar to that.

I find no real information on what could be causing it, but after maybe 20 to 30 minutes the tingling subsides, and is replaced by shivering. I'm not cold in the slightest bit, and this is violent shivering. I'm bouncing around in my computer chair like Ace Ventura driving around Africa. I can barely type anything without hitting most of the keys on the keyboard. The shaking continues unabated for about 10 minutes and then suddenly stops. My heart has been racing this whole time, still. After a few minutes of no shaking, it starts back up again. This time, I decide to go lie down again and hopefully wait it out. The trembling persists for nearly two hours in total - off for a few moments then on for about 20 minutes again, repeat. During the time, my heart went from racing to a normal pace. This isn't to say it WAS normal though. It would go from rapid beating to a normal beat with only some strong flutters to punctuate the transition. Then back to fast, and back to regular again. Especially if I took a deep breath. That's when the palpitations are the strongest (or maybe the only time they happen). Around 1:00 I go to sleep and wake up a few times but otherwise a normal sleep. This morning I feel fine, as well.

These were my ideas while searching:

-Nicotine 'poisoning'? I know that nicotine is toxic and you can overdose on it. Though people will go through a pack of cigarettes with no ill-effects. They tobacco I smoked in the two bowls combined amounted to nothing more than a small pinch. Enough to get the dizziness. I suspected that perhaps since I had taken such large hits that maybe the nicotine was delivered too quickly, causing the effects. I get the same light headedness and dizziness each time I smoke tobacco, and nausea isn't uncommon, but the other symptoms were new to me.
-JWH-018 overdose? I could find nothing online in regards to overdosing on this chemical. Since JWH is a full agonist of the cannabinoid receptors (as opposed to marijuana, only a partial agonist) I looked up negative effects of cannabis. Nausea, yes, racing heart, yes, mild to severe anxiety (shivering?), dizziness, lightheadedness, both yes. Anxious thoughts more frequent. I seemed to be having all of these, but it still doesn't really say anything about that insane tingling feeling. Tingling is caused when a nerve has too much pressure put on it, and it usually goes away when the nerve is eased on. I wasn't lying on any nerves or in any way inhibiting blood flow to my hands, so the tingling was worrisome.

-Am I having a heart attack? While the out of control heartbeat was a symptom of that, it didn't match up. I couldn't find a case of a heart attack without chest pain, and I had absolutely none.
-Stroke? I believe that you experience a numbness in your face and limbs before a stroke. I didn't have numbness, but I wondered if the tingling was a similar thing, the way your hands go numb after fully falling asleep. Though I didn't see the rest of my symptoms there, and I was fairly certain it wasn't a stroke.
-Seizure? I wondered if I was perhaps experiencing some sort of mild seizure. I've never had one or even seen one, so I didn't know if maybe they could be this mild and last this long. Although I had no confusion or problem concentrating on what I was doing. My mind seemed to be functioning just fine.
-Panic attack? I've never had one in my life, and I don't know if they really come on with no warning or if they can be precipitated by smoking. The only thing that was strange is that I didn't feel too worried, necessarily. I was pretty calm and logical about all of it. I was anxious, but never scared. Certainly not terrified. Hell, maybe I was only calmed by the positive effects of the drugs.

It's the next day and I feel fine. No hangover effect, no chest discomfort. I may be slightly shaky, but I can't really tell. After reading some of the difficult experiences on Spice Products (I don't know why I didn't check last night) I find that several other people have experienced similar symptoms after smoking too much spice. I normally do smoke spice if I'm running low on the usual, and I've never reacted like this before. It is the first time, however, that I put tobacco on it. Probably not a good idea. The tobacco came from a swisher I had cut open for a particular reason a week before or so. I'd never smoked tobacco actually, so I kept it and have been smoking it in small amounts. Maybe the tobacco lowered some sort of shitty experience threshold the JWH has. This is the last of my hypotheses.

I think I'll continue to smoke spice, but perhaps keep the doses a little smaller and cut out the tobacco. It's pretty gross stuff anyway - not something I plan to continue smoking past the one swisher.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87180
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Oct 1, 2010Views: 13,087
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Cannabis (1), Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472), Tobacco (47) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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