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Space Cowboy Rides A Wild Stallion
Nutmeg, Ephedrine & Datura Seeds
Citation:   Singin Cowboy. "Space Cowboy Rides A Wild Stallion: An Experience with Nutmeg, Ephedrine & Datura Seeds (exp8711)". Aug 10, 2001.

T+ 0:00
3 nuts oral Nutmeg (tea)
  T+ 0:00 325 mg oral Ephedra sinica (capsule)
  T+ 5:30 0.25 tsp oral Datura (seeds)
Let me begin by stating that I am a pure 100% cornfed redneck cowboy. I am a 32 yr old male with a bit of a wild side. Apart from a fast horse and a well tuned guitar, I am certain that the one thing that I enjoy is a unique experience. This was by far the most unique of them all.

Friday eve 6:20 pm ....... I just finished preparing an elixer of Nutmeg in the following manner..... 3 whole fresh nuts grated finely with a spice grater, then placed in 2 cups boiling water and 1/2 oz white vinegar. The heat was then turned to a low simmer until about 7.5 oz of liquid was left. This liquid was gently sloshed about the pan to disolve the white powder that had formed around the edges. I then filtered this mix into a clear glass mug using an emptied tea bag and a funnel with a rubber band ( OH ! The sheer genious of it all )....Anyway....

I then drank 1/2 of my nutmeg tea and the taste was bitter but not totally prohibiting. I immediately slammed the rest and popped an ephedrine 325mg to ensure I would be awake to enjoy the fruit of my labor.

[Erowid Note: Probably an herbal supplement product containing 325mg of ephedra extract and thus an unknown amount of ephedrine itself.]

By 7:30pm I was feeling a definate difference in my state but I could not really describe it....I was not ' BUZZING' but I certainly was not baseline either.

I picked up my guitar and began to strum and by 8:40 or so I began to realize that at some point I had stopped playing my guitar and was just sitting in a chair with it in my lap. I distinctly remember beginning to play Hotel california when my little one man jam session started but I dont know if I finished the song or not. This Made me feel a bit odd but I took consolation in the fact that it was only 8:40pm thus, only an hour had passed.

I walked about the house at this point ...searching for something I knew I must and eventually could find but I have no clue what it is or why I am looking for it. By the time I satisfied myself that the mystery item I sought was not to be found in the house it was 11:15pm

I was feeling a strange light airy feeling and then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!!!

I just entered the twilight zone .... A bit more history is in order here...I have used some outstanding cannabis and experimented with Crank, and some small doses of acid so I am not a virgin to the altered states However ..I am not exactly a tripper either and my experiences were limited to this point....


I went to my trusty cupboard in the garage an withdrew a bottle containing Jimson weed seeds that I planned to experiment with (when I developed the nerve) and I helped myself to about 1/4of a teaspoon of the seeds.

By 2am I began to realize things were not normal by any standard. I noted this when the room began to close in around me and the seat of my chair began to sink into the bowels of the earth.

I ejected myself from the chair to find that the room that used to be 18 feet by 26 feet had barely enough room for me to stand in . I chose the only logical response to this and ran outside where I could breathe.

I found myself out in the middle of the yard ( 15 acres ) looking at the clear night sky. I saw a zillion stars and felt an inner peace and silence that can only be described as a religious experience. Each star suddenly had a purpose and a meaning. The cool grass beneath my feet was suddenly alive and deserved to be. and most of all I was a part of it all . the great scheme of things was right there in front of me as if a great door had somehow been opened to reveal that there was a meaning to life and each living thing and each unliving object had a common thread and were balanced in their own way.

I reluctantly went back inside to dicover it was 4:25 am and it had only been seconds since I went out................ ( or was it days?) I fell asleep listening to some classical music and woke at 9am feeling like a million bucks plus tax.....and then it dawned on me that The feeling of serenity was still there. I went out to begin my daily chores of feeding the animals and such and found this to be a real pleasure I felt like I understood them in a wierd sort of way. I found a great compassion and empathy for them. The morning sun was an awesome sight and feeling as it soaked into my skin.

It has been 4 days since My ride on that wild steed and I must tell you The feelings are far from gone. But the are wonderful feelings fortunately.

I will state the following....I did a dangerous thing in an altered state by mixing in the jimson weed....I realize now that the results could have easily turned tragic. I in no way condone the combination I consumed It is potentially FATAL !

I was fortunate to have had a pleasent experience.

One thing I do condone is a good horse, a well tuned guitar and living life to it's fullest potential by finding the door that this experience opened up for me. Wether you find it at the local health food store or growing in your backyard FIND IT !

It is an incredible dicovery. I am not sure how long this feeling will last but the memories of it will be eternal.

Well...I am off to record some more music with the's wonderful to be alive ! ( hey ! do me a favor ya'all and dont tell the record company about this ok...It will be our little secret ( grin :) And the next time you feel like the world is on your shoulders....Open that door ! ( I bet there's a song in that ! )

Keep listenin folks i'll see what I can do.....

Most sincerely
Singing Cowboy

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8711
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 10, 2001Views: 91,407
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Datura (15), Ephedrine (23), Nutmeg (41) : Alone (16), Nature / Outdoors (23), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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