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LSD & Mushrooms
by Atmacore
Citation:   Atmacore. "Psilopsychology: An Experience with LSD & Mushrooms (exp87058)". Apr 14, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1.2 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:18 4 hits oral LSD (gel tab)
  T+ 7:37 2 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I am documenting this experience about a year after it happened. It was mind-blowing and awesome in a very gentle way. I have taken mushrooms plenty of times, perhaps 30 or so, and had done LSD about 6 or 7 times prior to this trip. I have used cannabis for about 4 years now, and have also had some breakthrough experiences with DMT, salvia, and mescaline via San Pedro. I was never interested in pills, alcohol, or cigarettes. I was never a smoker, and nor have I taken pills recreationally more than 5 or 6 times. My alcohol consumption is quite irregular, ranging from weeks, months, and years between drinks. I am interested in the introspective and spiritual dimensions of the psychedelic experience, and have grown interested in it as a catalyst for positive personal growth. Calvin (not his real name) weighs about 140 lbs and was 26 at the time. He has done everything under the sun, but has cleaned his life up and no longer does hard drugs, drinks or takes pills excessively. We were both in high spirits on this beautiful Midsummer Day.

4:35 pm. I picked up Calvin, with whom I had made some informal plans to trip with that day. We decided to proceed, as our schedules often conflicted and rarely offered us the opportunity to do so. He was finishing up his associates degree and readying to transfer to another college, and I was finishing my bachelors thesis (based on Griffiths, Richard, McCann, and Jesse study of Psilocybin and Mystical Experiences) and readying to move across the country to pursue graduate studies in psychology, all while balancing a fulltime job atop of all that. Calvin had recently obtained a few goodies from a festival, and amongst his cache were some mushroom capsules (each containing between 1.1-1.3 grams), supposedly from Colorado. I had a few gel tabs of LSD in my personal stash, and some distinctly potent psilocybin mushrooms (of the cubensis variety) as well. I grabbed 8 tabs and 6g of dried mushrooms before hitting the road. It was a short ride to Calvin's house from mine, so we swallowed the capsules on the way there. We had agreed to take these first so that we could test the authenticity.

4:53 pm. We arrived at his place before any effects were felt, and I unloaded my laptop and other gear in the upstairs Studio of his house. It is necessary that I describe this studio space. This is a room in the upper corner of a late 1700's plantation house, and it is decorated with leopard print rugs and pillows, a wall of bizarre purses, pink and red lighting, bird feathers of many sorts, curtains of exquisite lattice work, and Greek style bust all dressed in outrageous hats and scarves. I used the pre-tripping time to prepare the marijuana. Prior to tripping, I usually break up all my green, pack bowls, roll blunts and such, as I anticipate difficulty doing so in an inebriated state. Calvin and I decided that a walk was well in order, and before leaving the studio, we decided to take the gel tabs. We consumed 4 each.

5:36 pm. We proceeded outside. He lives amongst Acres of farmlands and forest. We decided to walk near a cornfield at the edge of his property. The sun was setting, and the effects of the capsule were starting to become present. Oddly enough, the LSD had started kicking in as the capsulated mushrooms were beginning to take effect. We had both had these tabs before, and though they were clean and generally pleasant, they were not particularly strong. We shared a bowl as the effects continued to manifest. There was a great sense of mental expansion, meaning that I had this distinct feeling that my mind was encompassing more than my immediate experience, and was amongst a great shift. I had strong inner hallucinations at this point, which were a show of colors, shapes, geometric structures, and these small ethereal mechanized shadow-like figures all superimposed on the cornfield in front of me. I have encountered entities before while under the influence of a hallucinogen, and I did not feel any threat from them. I felt that their presence was welcoming, and that they had something to teach us. I said to my friend 'I feel like different points in time are all intersecting where I stand'. He was lost in his own world, and seemed to be having a staring competition with the ground. He asked me to explain myself, and I stated something to the effect of 'different points in time are accessible through the mind's memory banks, and you can mentally relive moments while your physical body is in the present. When your perception of time and the limits of what can be encompassed by your immediate perception are altered, it is thus possible to experience multiple points of time simultaneously'.

6:24 pm. The sky and trees washed with yellow, reds, and greens. Joy swept over us, and it was like our hearts were winged and filled with springs. Those mushroom capsules certainly were from Colorado, if not from heaven. We walked down the road, watching the sun disappear over the tree line. I could distinguish not a single tree amongst the bunch, and they took on the shapes of mountains and hills. It was impossible to assess the distance between the road we were on and the fields that lay between us and the tree line, though we both knew in actuality that the two were quite far apart. Calvin and I spoke of ways to heal the world, and I briefly mentioned the idea that people achieving a unified state of consciousness and thus all having the same experience at once might be a way to mankind together on the same page. He loved my idea for its poetic idealism, but saw it as nothing more than that. I wasn’t much bothered by it, since him and I frequently debate our philosophical opinions.

8:38 pm. It started getting dark so we made our way back towards the house. As we did so, Calvin ate about 4 grams of the mushrooms I had brought. Calvin himself has tripped many a time and has no problem with such a dosage, as his average mushroom dosage is about 5-7 grams.

9:24 pm. We returned to his house and I made my way to the studio to select some tunes. I decided on Vijay Raghav Rao's Raga Malkuans, which features flute, sitar, and tabla. Calvin was doing something in another part of the house, so in the mean time, I decided to do some stretching. The energetic feel of LSD gives me this pinpoint awareness of constrictions in my muscles, while the mushrooms cause my muscles to relax. I consider mushrooms to be a great remedy for muscle pain, as my muscles always feels mush looser post trip. I inadvertently started doing Yoga to work out these strains. I had never done Yoga before and had no formal knowledge of it. I was simply moving in a way to manipulate the energy present in my body to relieve points of tension, mainly in my hamstrings shoulders, and lower back.

10:42 pm. My friend arrived midway through my session and pointed this fact out to me. The impromptu session was quite significant, because at that point, Yoga finally made sense to me. Calvin had prepared for us some grapes and juice, as well as a bit of sorbet. Quite ideal. He was beginning to space out and yawn, as the mushrooms he had eaten were kicking in. I have taken mushrooms before which have made me very tired, and I have had some trips on them in which I fall asleep for short periods and experienced extremely vivid dreams, which are far realer than anything experienced in that semi waking consciousness that mushrooms elicit. That I should say, is a territory for the brave.

11:32 pm. I could tell that this is where Calvin was going, so I suggested to him that we meditate and listen to the track I had selected. Now, what I am about to tell you is quite interesting. I hit play after a couple of hearty bowl hits, and we both sat at rest with our eyes closed. At the same time, we both began to smell strong floral incense. We both made mention of this, and were astonished that we experienced the same phenomena. My internal visualization was one of a “green tapestry of thoughts and consciousness', which was alive and aware, and had a benevolent presence. I had the strangest idea that we had plugged into some ultimate state of unified consciousness through a solar plant entity, since we both described the same vision. Ironic that we had this experience, considering my early musings.

12:12 am. We discussed this experience as the song ended. I decided at this point to consume the remaining 2 grams of dried mushrooms. We smoked some more cannabis and joked through the rest of the songs on the album. They were all very fancy and festive sounding, and played well against the decor of the room. We changed it up a little, and put on some old school Tangerine Dream afterwards, Alpha Centauri, Phaedra, and Ricochet, along with Manuel Göttsching’s Inventions for Electric Guitar.

12:48 am. The mushrooms were coming on strong. I had had some from this batch before, and they had never kicked in this fast. I was sitting on a stool at one point (I don't remember walking to it to sit) passing a blunt back and forth to Calvin. We found it to be especially tasty, and by God, I don’t think I ever savored a blunt as much as I did that one.

1:26 am. The mushrooms started to assert their presence, and I knew I was going to be bought into a world of spirits to learn some powerful lesson. The room took on deep blue, green, and purple hues. I felt like my body and the area around me all occupied the same space. I couldn't feel the stool beneath me, and at some points which conversing with Calvin, I viewed myself from above or felt like I was floating.

1:52 am. His face took on a stone like appearance, at times like the sphinx or face on mars, and it would occasionally dissolve into sand and reform on the pillow he lay upon. I was being drawn further and further in a realm with no clearly defined physical or metaphysical limits. I saw in my mind the shadow-like figures from the field, this time clothed in peacock feathers and leopard print. I felt that there was a lesson to be learned through this experience, so I spoke the words I felt compelled to, which launched Calvin and me into a discussion about Christianity. I identify mostly with the folk, shamanic, and animistic beliefs of the pre-colinized Americas, as well as some Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, and Mystic beliefs. Calvin is a self described Greek Orthodox Gnostic (GOG). At this moment, he is preparing to go to seminary school to be ordained as a Minister. Good for him! His hyper-philosophical and skeptical ponderings will ensure that he is a preacher of truth and not of dogma. Read on below, and you may understand why.

2:32 am. I continued to look towards Calvin and speak. The colors of the room grew deeper. Alien-like figures danced amongst the lattice curtains on the wall. The deep red table curtain behind him was now deep purple with a golden feather trim, and moved as though blown forward by the slow and powerful breath of a great spirit. The Greek bust to the sides of Calvin now became full figures of animated stoned, and both took on the shapes of bewitching women in robes sporting long flowing hair which blew in the opposite direction of the wind from the curtain. Holographic crucifixes emerged from Calvin’s body and rotated around it. I silently wondered if I was seeing the workings of some protective force he seemed to possess, as he had been delivered by the hands of grace many times. We conversed intensely, each point in the conversation like a rung on the ladder towards realization.

3:06 am. The conversation was bought to its conclusion, in which we agreed that humanity was stuck on the image of Christ’s death, and therefore not able to envision the salvation that succeeded it. I see his death (whether it was real or mythical, it matters not to me) as a metaphor of a unified experience of consciousness necessary to unite mankind. Perhaps not the rebirth or resurrection of Christ nor any known religious or spiritual form, but maybe a mass attunement to a sense of knowing that the depths of understanding and perception intrinsic to us contain all of our possibilities to manifest our highest states of knowing and being.

The rest of the evening was spent talking, laughing, munching on grapes, sipping tea, and smoking ganja. We crashed around 5:30am to 6:00am, and woke between 11:00am and 12:30pm. We were refreshed, and after a small breakfast I went to class and Calvin resumed packing and studying.

I was honored to have had this experience. Believe it or not, the overall mood of the trip was very mellow even though it was quite intense. Indeed, I have began to decode the mechanics of these experiences, so I have a fair idea of how to approach the sense of otherness I encounter. I had so much to reflect on and integrate after this trip was over. I got an A on my thesis, and it was so well written that my instructor has kept it to use as an example for other students. She later shared stories of her use of pot and psychedelics as a student at Skid Row in the sixties! I have since moved across the country to pursue graduate studies in psychology, and hope to one day pursue research into the use of psychedelics in clinical settings. I have been inspired to do so not only by the ancients of this world, but by the enormous amount of healing they have brought me. I hope that psilopsychologist is one day a legitimate professional title.

I encourage everyone to use psychedelics responsibly, and in an introspective manner. You can still have fun this way, and learn an awful lot as well!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 87058
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Apr 14, 2013Views: 25,785
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LSD (2), Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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