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Pins and Needles on My Face
by koshaboy
Citation:   koshaboy. "Pins and Needles on My Face: An Experience with JWH-073 (exp86786)". Aug 13, 2010.

    JWH-073 (powder / crystals)


When I was put on probation for smoking marijuana, I was subject to random drug tests. Not wanting to give up my exploration in psychoactive drugs. My interest for legal alternatives to marijuana was sparked, during my time as a smoker I met many sports player who were commonly tested for drugs. Most of them used a product called spice. I began an Internet search eager to learn more about this product. It was soon brought to my attention that spice was a mixture of herbal substrate coated in a chemical called JWH-018. Upon reading about this chemical (which in its pure form is marketed as a bonsai tree fertilizer!) I learned that it was cheap and easy to order online. Worried about possible side effects and overdoes I went to sites and forums to learn more. I quickly learned that JWH-018 is a very powerful research chemical (Research chemicals are synthetic compounds which dont have enough clinical research about them to deem them safe or deadly) which one can easily have a bad experience using if they don't use a minuscule dose. At this point I realized if I wanted to use this drug safely I would need a milligram scale, but already owning an accurate .01 scale I decided to look for a less potent alternative.

Many of the threads in forums about JWH-018 also mentioned a similar chemical called JWH-073, which was considered by most a less potent drug and less likely to cause negative effects if one used a bit to much. I ordered 1g of JWH-073 from a reputable Internet site which claims to have 99% pure products that are made in the USA. I received this package 3 days later by USPS shipping. The package included one plastic baggie of a brownish-white powder (I know sounds sorta like heroin lol) and a piece of paper stating that there has been lots of info circulating on the Internet that pure JWH compounds should be bright white, but in reality it should have a brown tinge. The baggie weighed 1.4 grams so I am assuming its a gram of powder or more. I tried it 4 different ways but found that only one will give me a strong high easily. I will start with one that worked slightly but not to my satisfaction. I decided to make my own blend of spice using dried mint, 99% isoproply alcohol, and off course the chemical. I put .1 gram of powder into 4ml of alcohol it took roughly 10 minutes to dissolve (I could use pure acetone if I wanted instant solvency but its hard for me to find) I then put it in a small spray bottle and sprayed the mixture on the 6.5g mint.

It was dry in 1 hour, so I packed a bowl in my vaporizer (Magic Flight Launch Box) and proceeded to take 1 hit, I waited 5 mins nothing, I took 2 more and started to feel relaxed. I waited some more then finished off the bowl (approx. 5 hits) I felt as if something was squeezing my cheeks right below my eyes this didn't feel bad but at the same time just felt sorta of weird. Overall I felt a sorta body stone as if moving was not an option and a tingling in the extremities. The high was very short lived from this method only lasting approx. 45 minutes needless to say I was slightly disappointed. For anyone wanting to know, the ratio of powder to mint made it so that there was approx. .015g of JWH-073 per gram. I also tried smoking this mix in a pipe to see if it was the vaporizing that made it so mellow. With smoking it was all the above effects just a bit stronger and also a bit of a powerful sedative end (a good method to aid with sleep).

The third method I tried was oral consumption I measured out 10mg on my scale and put the powder in a gel cap. this method is effective but not recommended by me because it depends on one's meal schedule and activity during consumption. The first time I did this was right after lunch (I know never on a full stomach) no effects were felt until 4 hours later when I was having dinner with my grandmother :(. The high would have been quite fun if the situation was right but it made me start humming a bunch of songs during dinner which was a dead give away along with the fact I barely could talk and when I did stupid shit came out. The second time I used this method was in the morning on a weekend I took the gelcap before a run expecting the high to come when I got in my spa after running and eating breakfast. but I didn't realize that without a meal to stagger the digestion of the pill and the addition of digestion quickening with exercise. My high started 15 minutes into my hour and a half run. needless to say when I was almost killed by a car because I was observing the pavement with way too much interest I decided to cut my run short. So my tip on oral consumption is to eat it 30 minutes before a relaxed meal and to have plenty of free time after. The high I had was an interesting kind of euphoria I saw things in a different light when I was running it was as if the pavement was an elaborate pattern that someone had deliberately carved. I imagine music would be great because I was humming songs I just made up and the were amazing but I bet if I recorded them, then played them sober they probably would have sounded really weird.

Last but defiantly not least is the most efficient way that I have found. I take a clear incandescent light bulb (florescent bulbs would poison me), break it in a paper sack and pick out the largest spoon shaped piece. Now I light a candle and put from 5-15 mg in to the depression in the glass shard. holding it with pliers I hover it above the flame it turns it a liquid and starts steaming. I breath the vapor off with a straw. when all the liquid has evaporated (approx. 8 hits) I have a blurring in vision and a tingling all over my face and neck. The high from this method has a little of the body sensations from vaporizing the treated mint and the added appreciation for sounds and sensations (including taste, food tastes amazing just like weed) like with the oral administrations.

I have had no bad experience with JWH-073 but I think its a good idea to keep dose’s under 20mg until I have a good amount of experience. Now that I feel comfortable with the chemical I eye ball most of my dose’s even though this is frowned upon I have come up with a pretty safe way to do it. I took a razor blade and made sharpie marks on it then I would dip the blade into the baggie up to one of the lines due to its sticky properties the powder would form a thin sheet I then tapped of the powder and weighed it I found 2 lines is 5mg, 3 is 10mg, and 4 is 20mg. So it worked out pretty perfect I used utility razor blade commonly found in box-cutters.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86786
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Aug 13, 2010Views: 15,647
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JWH-073 (491) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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