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Dream Plant Spirit
Datura stramonium Seeds
Citation:   Mr. Underhill. "Dream Plant Spirit: An Experience with Datura stramonium Seeds (exp8657)". Aug 8, 2001.

5 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
I had learned about datura long ago in the beloved vaults. As I remember it was not too amazing to me at the time, but consider myself an herbalist, so someday I hoped to see a living datura plant, simply because I have a love for all plants. When walking to a friends house after school one day, I spotted what I believed to be a datura stramonium shrub standing out beside the sidewalk. Immediately, I was overcome with exitement, which I can't exactly explain. The datura spirit had found me. Since that day, I have felt that there is some sort of spiritual bond between she and I. The day I found her growing rampantly about my family and neighbor's woodland homes, I was delighted. I learned much about the plant, and am currently trying to grow one myself.

It was not until last night that I learned of the reaction between her form, and a human being. I invited a friend to spend the night, and he wanted to eat some seeds to experience datura himself. We were hanging out in my bedroom, just having popped in 'A live One' by Phish. We lit lots of green candles, killed the faux lighting, and burned some very plesant smelling punk. Both of us were feeling quite secure and content, having just spent a very warm night with two more of our friends, sitting around a fire, walking through the forest by moonlight then staring at the sky while laying on my trampoline. My friend started with 5 seeds, within 45 minues he said it gave him a mild mood lift, perhaps a hint of confusion. Nothing more, and that lasted for about 2 hours. Eventually the time came to go to sleep, and I decided then to eat 5 seeds before I fell asleep to experience the dream alterations of the plant. That night was amazing. When I was fallng asleep, I experienced vivid, abstract mental imagery with my eyes closed, (although it was nothing like a hallucination). When asleep, I had unbelievable long and vivid dreams. The dream also was one continuing story, even though I frequently wove in and out of REM sleep and non REM sleep. The dream seemed to take up the time period of several days. I could even tell the difference between the dream state and the non dream states of sleeping as well, and I was generally much more aware than usual during sleep. Also, I have been trying to train myself to have lucid dreams for over a year. Last night I became lucid, but I had no control over things. this caused me to think I was in fact awake, and just as I thought that, my mind left the dream state.

My friend and I slept for a total of eleven hours last night. The seeds were definitely D. Stramonium, and had been kept in a ziplock baggie for about two months, and were harvested from a dead plant, killed by paraquat. When I found the plant, I prayed for it, and used one of its bows as a rattle which I shook in the four directions to honor it. The seeds I took were all washed and from enclosed pods, hopefully protected from the terible poison the plant was subjected to. My friend also ate 5 more seeds before retiring and he experienced similar effects. Now that I have experienced the dream effects of datura, I am going to assemble my own herbal dream tea. I am planning so far to include Calea, mugwort, valerian, catnip, hops, and of course, datura. This is a magical plant, although I do not recommend it to everyone. It seems to have connections with certain people, and opposition to others. Learn who you are and which plant spirits are your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and friends. Be kind and respectful towards nature, and learn about it as much as you can during your life here. Never forget, as much as we claim to synthesize pieces of nature without her help, it was she who synthesized us.

On one odd note, I'd like to add that the morning after my experience, I thought I noticed a moderately heightend olfactory sense for about one hour. This was extremely intresting, I smelled more smells than I usually can, and wondered if that was anything like what a dog experiences. Has anyone else experienced this or even heard of it? perhaps I was just imagining it.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8657
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 8, 2001Views: 51,823
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Datura (15), Dreams (85) : Mystical Experiences (9), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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