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Ritual Session with Crack
by Msebunga
Citation:   Msebunga. "Ritual Session with Crack: An Experience with Crack (exp8646)". Jul 21, 2002.

  smoked Crack


-07 August-

Iīve noticed that in this database the most of the reports of crack are not reports but sad stories about unwise people..
I will here give the database something new.

As this is written I am in the land of snow. I would like to remember everyone that this country is so much more than that. So much more..

But to come to the actual story.

It was about one month ago, I was living on a (nowadays rather famous) hippie-hotell called Miramar in Santa Marta, a city on the northern coast of Colombia. There lived an Australian guy too, which I met on the bus from Cali to Medellín. He had been looking for some coke while we where in Medellín, but we never had time to get any. But this day, while we were out to make a phonecall to my girlfriend, he got approached by one of the dealers that always stay around the hotell. Well, after being to his home and checking the stuff out (it was by the way the first time I tried coke), the Australian guy bought 10 grams. The prices are pretty good in this country, so you can do those kind of businesses without doing too much damage to your economy ;)
I remember he payed 60 dollars for that quantity.

Well, later that night, after weīd taken a couple of hits in his bongh on the hotell (which is some kind of a mini-Amsterdam) and being out and having a couple of nice shell-fish coctails, we came back to the hotell. And there I saw a guy, about 40 years old, dressed in indians clothes and smoking some weed. He had a strange thing in his hand were the roach sat, it was to not burn the lips when you smoke the last shit. So I sat down next to him and asked about that strange thing. It was a big seed with a whole trough it. Pretty nice indeed. He offered me a joint, and as we smoked it we talked about all kinds of stuff, the Australian guy was sitting a bit away, probably up in the air or something ;). When the told me about his cocaine habits, and his special way of taking it, which isnīt especially common here (at least not in this part of Colombia), I guess I must of mentioned the 10 grams that the Australian guy had or something, because after that we went in to the Auzzieīs room, and this guy started it all.

When we sat outside he told me that he had been living much with the indians in the mountains (the Sierra Nevada) around Santa Marta, and he later on told me that he wanted to be a shaman, and that he was practising shamanism to be one.

In the room he pulled up some stuff from his 'mochila' (a kind of bag that the indians here use) that was needed for this 'cooking' - as he called it. A candle, a spoon, sodium bicarbonate, some matches, some cigarettes and a beatiful pipe of his.

I didnīt know much about cocain and itīs varieties at this time. I didnīt know that this guy was preparing crack. If Iīd know that I wouldīve been very surprised. Iīve always thought that crack was like the worst and heaviest drug that existed. Didnīt even know it came from coke.

Me and Mr Auzzie were pretty exited, we were gonna do something weīd never experienced before. Mr Auzzie didnīt know that this was crack either, and he has been travelling all around the world for 20 years doing like every drug you can do (without getting addicted though..).

The ambient was terrific. A lit candel in a small shaggy hotellroom, a thin, guy with wrinkled skin, dressed in indian clothes, preparing something mystical over the fire.
What he did was that he poured in a little water into the spoon, put in some sodium bicarbonate, and then some coke. He didnīt do any measuring of the amounts. What I could see it looked pretty much like fifty-fifty. Then he held the spoon over the fire. He was very concentrated. Me and Mr Auzzie looked at it all and we were fascinated. We didnīt speak much.

Then after a while of heating some brown oily dots floated up to the surface. All the time when this guy prepared the crack he talked with low voice, and he commented most of the things. What he said now was like: 'ooh.. this was not good.. no not good.. This is bad quality... itīs not much in here.. no.. not much at all. At maximum 40%'. Then he put it over the fire some more, and then he said 'Letīs see if there is some more.' He pulled up the small bag of sodium bikarbonate and he poured in a little bit more in the spoon. And immidiately more oil floated up to the surface. And he smiled and said 'Yees.. hehe.. I love this reaction.. yes I love it..'

Then he put his finger down in the spoon and the drips stuck to it. He then let it cool down on his finger. And while the oil was hanging on his fingertip he was talking with us about the preparation, the session we were gonna do and all this with a wonderful talent of talking. He always made me laugh because he had such a funny way to express himself. He said that he talked much like the books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez are written. I couldnīt confirm it because I havenīt readd much of him. But it was indeed nice to hear him talk.

He then took this little brown clump of oil on his fingertip and made like a little cake of it. He took the pipe and put in some ash from the cigarettes (we all put the ashes on the table when we smoked), and then he put the little cake on the ash. And he explained the first part of the session. Of course he was gonna take the first pipe, it was necessary. He said that this moment was very important for him. He didnīt wanīt anyone to talk when he smoked the pipe.. At this time me and Mr Auzzie hadnīt been really informed that this was gonna be a session. But we soon understood as he said: 'Itīs a ritual'.

Me and Mr Auzzie watched him, amazed we gave eachother a quick look.
It was something special. He stood up, made a few ritual steps, said something I couldnīt hear, took a deep breath, let the air aout, and he lit the pipe.

When he had the air in the lungs and he had put down the pipe on the table, he walked around a little bit, like he was hesitating about something. He then seemed to get it and he sank down, crouching before us (me and Mr Auzzie were sitting on the bed), he started to talk.

He talked more profound than before. I had to really use my head to understand what he wanted to say.
At this time I didnīt know him, and I was still a bit suspicious, a little bit paranoid of the weed of course, but also trying to make sure that he didnīt have any bad intentions. This made it harder for me because I wasnīt at his level now. He was over me.

But that would soon change. He prepared a pipe for me, and he was very concered with telling me to relax and calm down, to be prepared for this. I was ready.

I took the pipe, he lit the lighter, and I sucked.. And sucked and sucked and sucked.. It seemed like I could suck for an eternity, and when I felt that i soon wouldnīt be able to suck much more, I SUCKED MORE. It got a little bit harsh in the throat at the end. But AT ONCE as I stopped inhaling the smoke, the throat felt allright. And my, oh my... did I feel allright.. It was like all the cells in my body had been pumped up a bit with some air. I thought to myself that 'This _really_ is some nice stuff..'

After letting the smoke out, walking around a bit, fascinated by this new feeling, trying to get a grip on it, I got it. I started to talk, because I had so much to say. I understood things and I spoke I realised more and more. It was like REALLY using the brain. And when this indiandressed guy (whoīs name I canīt say, letīs call him Tayronitou, from the Tayrona indians), when he talked, I could understand it again. And I understood the greatness of the words he spoke. And as he explained his wisdom, I continued on the same line and I could see on his face that he was surprised by the words of such a young man. 'Manito' he said - he always called me manitou - thatīs a Mexican word for 'little brother' - 'Manito..' And he looked at me with a really concetrated expression, surprised, he looked at me for a while, and then he nodded and smiled and said 'Thatīs good manito'. Then he continued with what he was doing, and he continued talking like this never happened. And this went on. He gave me those looks many times. And one time he even said: 'Your power has changed me'. I asked of course what he meant (existed over that compliment) but he only looked in the fire at the top of the candle and said again 'Your power has changed me..'.

Totally we smoked up maybe one third of those ten grams that night, couldīve been a bit more. It all took maybe 30 minutes. It feels like it couldīve been one hour or more. But Iīm not sure. Itīs hard to say, the time perception doesnīt really work like normal when your high on crack.
Well, under this session I got really excited, I was speeded, I couldnīt hold back my talking, I was explaining all the reasons of why we are, I was like some miracle, I understood it all. It was all so clear. Tayronitou and Mr Auzzie repeatedly times told me to calm down. It was really hard because you really REALLY wanted to say all those things you had realised.

Tayronitou also said many things about the drug and the situation. He constantly kept saying that you had to be careful with this drug, and that one cannot concentrate too much on this part of using it, the cooking and smoking and getting high. That is just the technical part.

And as I sit here know and write this I know that this drug, itīs not for the people who doesnīt have the mental power, who doesnīt have the wisdome. This is not a toy drug. But I also know that you can control it. I did. I smoked it three times. First one time before I went to the Tayrona Park with Mr Auzzie, my girlfriend and some friends. Three days later, me and Mr Auzzie had another session with Tayronitou. Then I tried to hold one session myself with a guy from Martinique and a female friend of Tayronitou (who was in the mountains guiding tourists to The Lost City, an old indian city). And now I havenīt smoked it for a month. I have felt 'Man it would feel nice with a session' I HAVE thought on that pipe, how you suck and suck and you stare into the glowing pipe and you KNOW that there is more there is more there is more more MOOOOORE! But... I know that this is how the drug works, and I know that I cannot let that control me. I have the wisdom, and combinated with my mental power, there will not be such a relationship between me and Mr Crack as you can read in the other reports here.

But I still donīt recommend this drug for use. Because not much people knows how to use a drug properly. Not much people knows how to take care of the positive effects without going too far and taking the negative consequenses too.

I am still not sure that all this that I realised, all this I said, that it truly was something worthful, something intelligent. And this has made me decide to make more sessions and film them all. I want to analyze me and the effect while Iīm down to earth, and I want to see if itīs really something good.

More than that, I want to save those thoughts. Because unfortunately, it seems like you forget most of what you realised... And why smoke it for the extraordinary insights you get, if you forget them..?

About the coming down... Iīve read that people had a really hard time when they came down, they felt bad and they really wanted more. I wanted more too, it didnīt feel good coming down. But I realised that you cannot do like that, you have to be the controller of the drug, not the other way around. And I told my self to be happy for the time I had, and not be sad for coming down. Itīs like with everything. If your girlfriend leave you. Be happy for the time you had, not sad because sheīs leaving.

This experience really surprised me. I didnīt think that cocaine had any mind-expanding effects. I didnīt know it could give those thoughts. That it could make me understand so much.

Maybe people donīt know that cocaine can do that. They just use it for the feeling. Because Iīve never heard of anyone (except Sherlock Holmes ;) ) saying this.

Right now Iīm just waiting for my money so I can by some cassettes, get in contact with Tayronitou, get a couple of grams of cocaine, pay a friend for filming, and get some really good material for studying not only the cracks effects, but also my self and my inner developement.
Once in a month for five months will I do this, unless I find something really exceptional that needs more time. This will not only be good material for me, I will show it for some of my friends too when I get back to Sweden (where I live).

I realise itīs a risk doing this research because itīs probably going to be harder and harder every time not to lose control. But I made it before, and I am sure that my mental skill will keep up to that. It will be like increase the training of resistance, like increasing the weight for a body builder.

And moreso, I really want these tapes with the sessions, thatīs gonna be worth more than gold for me.

Well I hope I will be able to send in the results of my research when I get that done.. ;)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8646
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 21, 2002Views: 66,813
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