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by Rocket
Citation:   Rocket. "Exposé: An Experience with 2C-E (exp86410)". Oct 4, 2010.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 3 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)


This was my first time taking 2C-E. I've taken many psychedelics but the only other 2C compound I have experience with 2C-I.

I am not medicated and the only other substances consumed during the trip was Cannabis (it never has an effect on me while tripping) and tobacco.

500mg of 2C-E was dissolved in 500ml of water. On an empty stomach, drank 10mg, waited 15 mins and drank another 3mg.

The first alert was an upset stomach, gas, and slight nausea. Not unlike a come up on 2C-I or shrooms, though the body load was getting worse, fast.

The only thing I could do in the bathroom was pee. I was also constipated (which lasted for about 20 hours after ingestion.) This made me feel very uncomfortable physically, but mentally I was beginning to trip so hard I didn't care, knowing my body is going to be fine.

T+02:30 and beyond
At this point I have:

Major time dilation. So much can happen in 5 minutes...

Open eye visuals. A lot of tracers, light in the room blends into a beautiful gradient of colors, depth perception is off, proportions are off (room feels too small, hands look too big, etc). The visuals were intense and mind blowing at times. I just wish I was outside in sunlight.

Closed eye visuals. My imagination exploded with vivid imagery that engulfed me and burned away layers of my ego. My IDs.

An heavily analytical mindset (at one point I said 'a physicist would love this.')

Lowered inhibitions. During the trip I did maintain self control. I didn't call people and say things I wouldn't normally say, though at the same time felt 'what's the use?' and had a lingering thought that the fact that I hold up so many boundaries around myself is the reason for most of my problems. This issue I will explore further soon.

With eyes closed, I felt myself dissolve into my bed, and though my senses were intact—I was still aware of whatever sensory stimuli was in the room. ie. I felt a breeze, heard sounds, heard music, etc—my body felt like a single organ, and it became increasingly difficult to focus on individual parts of my body. i.e., I couldn't feel my feet or hands, though if I needed to, I could easily have gotten up and shaken this feeling off.

If I let myself go, I dissolved into my surroundings. It's not that I necessarily 'became' my bed, but I felt as though 'me' was only an awareness, and that the bed, air, noise, and my body, along with everything else in the room, were atoms and energy arranged, colliding and always reacting with one another. 'Air' in my head was no longer translucent. There was no 'space' in the room, as air itself has a mass, almost as if I was underwater (i.e., how a fish might take water for granted, as if there's 'nothing there.')

One very interesting occurrence during this period was that 2C-E came and went in waves. There were times when I was tripping very hard where I would suddenly jolt up and think 'wow it's gone. I'm sober.' This would last a few minutes and then I would realize that I was definitely not sober and probably unable to maintain my composure.

This is important to note because during the ebb and flow of these waves of psychedelia, I would get the urge to do something that I would only trust myself doing sober. For example, I may think I'm coming down and may want to go for a drive, or to re-dose, or to take another drug (I kept wanting methylone) during these 'instantly sober' phases of the flow of the 2C-E.

As I laid on my bed losing my ego, I had a calm, comforting sense that I was OK. Almost as if, all my IDs were walking away from me, but weren't necessarily leaving me. For example, my 'ID' as a husband, coworker, student, friend, brother, son would come into my mind and then slowly fade away, but they would stay close by 'in case I needed them.' There was a slight fear as I delved deeper into the 'WHAT exactly are we?' but throughout the trip there was always a sense of peace and a confidence that I could shake off the trip (I was tripping hard btw) for a few moments if I needed to for whatever reason (i.e., if somebody came by, or to go to the store to pick something up.)

I can't stress how physically uncomfortable 2C-E was for me. 2C-I did the same thing, but that would wear off within 1-2 hours and I would even have an appetite on 2C-I. The idea of food seemed foreign and even sickening to me during the entire 2C-E trip.

Speaking of physical discomfort, I had a deep longing that had my wife been with me (or any girl for that matter) to hold me or at least distract me, the body load would not have been as intense.

However, I feel as though the physical discomfort plays a lot into the psychological effects of the trip. I was in fetal position on my bed, trying to remain comfortable (it was working) and had a 'memory' that when I was young, and I would have a bad stomachache, I was in nearly the same mindset I was in now. I was grateful for what I have and felt a deep connection to those around me (my family in particular) as they took care of me during my sickness.

A general feature of the trip was a deconstruction of how the universe and my life worked. An exposé of everything I could ever want to know, but at the same time too much to take in and understand.

How I 'fit in' to the scheme of things. I 'felt' the birth of an individual, assimilation into a tightly controlled society, a society as a single entity (having a single ego) in wars with itself and neighboring societies, sickness, death, that through all the impermanence in the world, the only thing that remained constant was my awareness. What some would call a spirit or a soul.

The trip slowly ended on a positive note. General feelings of euphoria and a reconstruction of my ego (a forward outlook at who I'd like to be, and how I can become this ID.)

I ended the night by insufflating methylone (didn't even dose, just made arbitrary lines) and smoking weed. I ended up having a very bad headache when the intense euphoria from the methylone subsided. It was uncomfortable enough that I'm put off methylone (at least snorting it) for awhile.

The trip was very retrospective, but I feel it would have been more therapeutic at a slightly higher dose (maybe 15mg), and perhaps with something to calm down my stomach during the trip. Another beneficial thing I used to do on other drugs was to jot down a list of issues on my mind before the trip, and meditate on them during the trip. I will be taking 2C-E again next week with this in mind.

Stay safe.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86410
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Oct 4, 2010Views: 6,276
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