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Be Careful
Citation:   prospect. "Be Careful: An Experience with JWH-250 (exp86290)". Oct 13, 2010.

  smoked JWH-250
I've had experience with Marijuana for many years now and as JWH-250 is a synthetic canibanoid I will compare my experience with it to my experience with Marijuana. To clarify, this is experience is about pure-form JWH-250, as in the powder, it is not a herbal blend. It's basically another synthetic canibanoid, similiar to the popular JWH-018, which I have never smoked in pure form, only mixed in herbal blends like Spice and K2. Therefore I cannot directly compare it to pure JWH-018.

I acquired 0.25 grams of pure jwh-250, from my own research online I deducted that the average dose was about 8mg, I however don't have a scale that is accurate to one-thousandth of a place so I was not able to accurately measure the doses, I just kind of eyeballed it. To smoke this stuff, you need a meth/crack pipe, I don't smoke those substances so I had to go buy one and I wasn't even really sure how to use it, I fumbled with it for a few minutes but by the time I had the hand of it I had about 20mg (estimate) of the substance in the pipe. I lit up.

After 1 hit - seconds after the first hit I already felt stoned, it was the kind of stoned feeling I get when I eat a marijuana brownie, I feel very stoned but it's more physical than mental, I can actually think pretty straight, but my body feels stoned. That's not to say I wasn't mentally impaired as well, just that physical aspect of it was much stronger. Now it's impossible to tell how many milligrams exactly I took on the firs hit, when I heat the substance up it turns into an oil and then if I heat it long enough it evaporates, after my 1st hit there was still a lot if visible oil left inside the pipe which meant I could probably take another 2-3 hits, so I'd estimate my first hit was maybe 6mg. Overall, it was a pleasant high, no problems... yet.

After 3-4 hits - I smoked the rest of the oily substance which took me about 3 hits to finish up. This is when I started having problems, the jwh-250 hit me REALLY hard, keep in mind I have smoked weed for years now and never felt like I got 'too high' even if it was the best quality bud, but with this jwh-250, I was definitely way, way, way too high. I lay in bed for about 1 hour with intense paranoia and fear, I was so completely out of it, I was so far away from reality I couldn't comprehend it, I just had to feel it. I know this sounds like a good thing, but it's not, it's like it gets me so stoned I forget that what I'm experiencing is the result of intoxication, when I'm stoned on weed I know all the goofy things I do and experience are just because of the weed, I know it will wear off in an hour or so, I still firmly maintain my sense of reality while on weed, but with this, I'm so out of touch with reality I begin to panic and start to think that I'm going to be in this state of stoned-ness forever.

As I lay in bed I could NOT close my eyes, because every time I did it felt like I was being sucked into a vortex to outer space, it was very frightening, throughout the experience sometimes I let go of the fear and just tried to enjoy the experience, when I did this it felt pleasant, I felt like I was floating, but fear & paranoia soon returned to ruin the experience. Overall I probably only enjoyed 20% of the trip, the rest I was just too afraid to really enjoy, most of the time I found myself praying for the the effect to end so I could just be normal again. After about an hour after the trip I began to calm down, and eventually fell asleep. I woke up the next day feeling a bit groggy and depressed, but by the middle of the day I felt relatively normal, if not a little spaced out.

So yes, this is technically a bad trip, I just handled it as best I could, an inexperienced or young user would probably trip out so badly doing this... I can only imagine. This is probably the type of thing that scars you for life if you're not prepared to deal with it. As for the cause of the bad trip, I think evidently I smoked too much, like I said it was around 20mg total, and the recommended dosage for this is typically no more than 6-8mg. Since my first experience I have smoked it again but this time in a much lesser quantity - around 8mg or so, the effects of a moderate dose are much more pleasant, it's similar to weed, but different.

Overall, in terms of effectiveness and quality of the 'high' I would never choose this over real marijuana. Don't think that because you have a tolerance for weed that you will be able to tolerate a high dose of this stuff, you'll quickly be proved wrong.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86290
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Oct 13, 2010Views: 23,481
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JWH-250 (513) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Bad Trips (6), First Times (2)

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