It Kind of Crept Up on Me
Cannabis-Like Smoking Blends ('Tropical Effect')
by Lazyhaze
Citation:   Lazyhaze. "It Kind of Crept Up on Me: An Experience with Cannabis-Like Smoking Blends ('Tropical Effect') (exp86269)". Jan 29, 2020.

1.5 bowls smoked Products - Other Cannabis-Like Smoking Blends
  1.5 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine

Since my weed supply has been cut off for several months, I have missed being able to smoke weed. The other day at a party, a guy told me about the "herbal smokes" that are legally sold as incense, so I decided to try some out, to see if they work.

I got this particular one at a smoke shop. It was sold in a black 1-gram packet, with a picture of the beach on the front, and the words "Tropical Effect" in red, with a red flower, and "Herbal Incense" in black. At the top left it says "B.B" in black, and at the bottom of the packet it says "Ingredients: Wild dagga, damiana, passion flower, mullein, hops, lemon balm, mint aroma blend NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION". At the top right it says "1 gram" inside a yellow circle. There is no other writing on the packet, so I don"t know what company makes it.

Note: I hadn"t smoked any weed or done any drugs in 10 months, before this experience. I am not on any prescription medications, or any over-the-counter medications. I have a pretty high alcohol tolerance, but would probably be considered a "lightweight" in terms of pot these days, since I haven't smoked in a long time. I never was a hardhead on pot either.

I didn't eat for 4 hours before this experience. I read various things about legal smokes before I did this, and they all seemed to indicate the need to take it slowly, so that's what I did.

Appearance: The herbs didn't have any particular smell, and just looked like general dried herbs. I ground it up and packed a bowl in a small metal pipe. In combination, I was drinking beer.

12:29 am: I lit the pipe once and took 2 hits, and started sipping on my beer.
12:35: I lit the pipe again and took 3 hits. I had drunk about half a beer by this time.
12:39 am: I was definitely feeling my third eye opening, warm lungs, and a body tingle. My third eye area felt very warm.
12:43: My whole head was feeling physically fuzzy. My chest felt warm and I was starting to forget things.
12:45: Lit the pipe again and took 2 hits.
12:47: Hands felt warm.
12:57: Stirred the mix & finished the first bowl. I was definitely feeling it, felt kind of fuzzy all over, and was forgetting things. In general I felt like I was in a warm haze.
1:23: I felt like I wanted to curl into a ball and sleep, but then alternately would feel like jumping up and down.
1:45: I was pretty toasted off of 1 bowl. I had drunk 1 beer by this time.

1:48: I started on the second bowl. I was craving food, and noticing some intermittent music effects... the music on the TV would seem more intense at times, and I would suddenly hone in on the music. And I was still intermittently forgetting things, and having lapses of concentration (I was trying to watch a movie on the TV). I noticed that the smoke didn't taste like weed... It just tastes like a generic smoke, not harsh.
2:10: I smoked half of the second bowl between 1:48 and 2:10, and drank another half of a beer (so the total amount of herb was 1.5 bowls, and the total amount of beer was 1.5 beers). But by this time I was seriously stoned, and literally couldn't smoke anymore, because I would forget to smoke, and also, I was having intense food cravings. So I got some food out of the refrigerator and ate a bit. So I didn't smoke or drink any more after that.
2:40: I went to bed and pretty much fell asleep instantly.

Morning: I woke up 8 hours later and felt really groggy. So I hit the snooze and slept another hour. After 9 hours of sleep I felt better, but still felt slightly hazy. Not high, but a little hazy still. And I couldn't remember what movie I had been watching last night while I was smoking.

Daytime: At 7:06 pm the next day, I am still feeling slightly hazy. I can't remember having felt an effect for this long after smoking pot, but this herb blend definitely has a residual effect. I think 1.5 bowls was too much for me. 1 bowl was plenty. I think I will stick to 1 bowl + 1 beer next time and maybe space it out over a little more time. (Note: I can typically drink like 8 beers by themselves and feel very little effect, so this amount of feeling high, was definitely coming from the herb.)

Thoughts compared to weed: A lot of the effects were similar to weed but they felt unbalanced, like it would be intense on one effect for one minute, and the next minute it would be intense on a different effect. I think weed has more of a mental high. This was more of a body high, although it did have some things like forgetting stuff, etc. It was good to get high, but this stuff feels a lot "heavier" than pot, in terms of the residual effect.

It kind of crept up on me. I could notice the effect intensifying even when I didn't take any more hits for like 25 minutes or so.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86269
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Jan 29, 2020Views: 481
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