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Warm and Relaxing Feeling
Poppies - California
by caffiend67
Citation:   caffiend67. "Warm and Relaxing Feeling: An Experience with Poppies - California (exp86184)". Jun 24, 2020.

1/4 cig. smoked Poppies - California (dried)


A Warming Experience

I had planted eschscholzia californica by seed in early spring and once flowered I decided to test the psychoactive properties.

Four flowering plants (key word flowering because the alkaloid concentrations are at their peak) were dried for 2.5 weeks, hanging from a string suspended in a box in a dry room. Once dried I collected the herbage and left out the stems for smoking. Stems make the smoke taste very unpleasant. The dried herbage was grinded and 1.5 grams were rolled into a cigarette. Since the herbage isnít that dense it ended up being quite the bomber.

When smoked, the taste, surprisingly, is very mild and not harsh although, I periodically drank water to combat the awkward taste and mild dry mouth that resulted. Within 5-7 minutes a definite shift in consciousness was noticable. By this time a quarter of the cigarette was gone. So I would surmise a dose of about 0.4 grams is effective in achieving a definite threshold dose.

Thirty minutes later the effects were still present. I decided to test my cognitive abilities on the drug so I started doing some logarithms on a chalk board. Although I could see no increase or decrease at the rate of thought processing, I noticed a heightened sense of focus, which can be said to indirectly influence the rate of thought processing. I fell asleep two hours after smoking the plant and upon waking up after a total of eight hours after smoking it, the effects were gone. I wouldnít claim that this plant is a sleep aid because it was 11:47pm when I took the first hit and I donít experience sleep problems.

The claims of its mild sedative properties are well founded as a warm and relaxing feeling was evident throughout the experience. Restlessness or sleepiness was not experienced. In fact I felt able and willing to be active in mind and body.

I find this plant very amiable, especially because of the absence of negative side effects. Though the experience itself is not spectacular by any means, I would say it is very casual substance analogous in usage to a cup of coffee or tobacco. This is because the experience did not demand all of my attention. In other words, cognitive functions that are needed to go about daily life are, for the most part, uninhibited.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86184
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 24, 2020Views: 1,147
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