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A Collection & Summary of Experiences
by Mu!
Citation:   Mu!. "A Collection & Summary of Experiences: An Experience with Methylone (exp86149)". Erowid.org. Oct 7, 2010. erowid.org/exp/86149

200 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
    repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
Methylone aka bk-MDMA, 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, Arlone, 'Explosion'
'..an entactogen and stimulant of the phenethylamine, amphetamine, and cathinone classes. It was originally patented by Peyton Jacob and Alexander Shulgin in 1996 as an antidepressant.'

*** 200mg + bumps of K ***

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2010; a 4-day open-air music & arts festival.

I’d been drinking all that day, not too heavily as I wasn’t in much of a party mood from being in a hungover state and getting flogged by the ferocious wind that tore the ass out of many a fellow psychedelic campers tent. As the night kicked off with the fresh sound of tunes flowing through the bush the partying vibe began to take hold and so instead of doing lines of ketamine & drinking lightly (lightly being the keyword here with ketamine!) I bammed it up a knotch by dropping my 200mg bk-MDMA capsule that a pretty chilled out friend of mine had given me out of the kindness of his good heart (remember: if you keep on giving it eventually comes back round your way).

I spent the time coming up on the drug with the boyfriend of a lady camped next to me who I’d been chatting to all day about all things drug chemistry. He was curious on my plant extractions and I detailed to him my methods, the various drugs I’d extracted from plants, and the re-crystallization procedures I was experimenting with. Then his girlfriend decided it was time to let me fully in on the extent of her boyfriends interest in chemistry and his know-how on the topic. The way it turns out the 21mg capsule of 2-cb she’d given to me earlier that day was in fact synthesized by her better half, sitting right next to me! I almost fucking shat myself. Here I was rambling on about my trivial plant extractions & fancy drug crystal making to a fully qualified & gainfully employed chemist.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and empathy, especially toward this couple trusting me to keep what they’d just shared with me low-key. Obviously I could relate as I’d made & distributed my fair share of drugs over the years and being stealth and unobtrusive (ie, not blurting out your “mad drug skillz” to every random curious fiend that comes along) was always paramount – don’t shit in your own nest, don’t compromise yourself. Be smart.

The bk-MDMA had been in full effect for all of these happenings and so the bond which the universe just synthesized from me & my new chemist friend here was all the more strengthened and felt within. Jaw tightening (forgive me my poor chompers, please) and restlessness were getting to me so I decided some ketamine was in order to relax and add that spacey feel to the high. My chemist friend had never partaken so I racked up some nice lines of the old clippity clop and away up our nostrils the fine powder went.

MMMMmmmm, what a synergy, I dub thee as Better-Ketamine-MDMA – now there’s a subliminal drug-suggestion message if I ever saw one! Being night time and a little bit chilly I grabbed my blanket to lay on and writhe around on like a new-born baby playing with this new “body” thing and seeing what tricks it can do, squirming around, stretching, generally just being a spastic. It felt fucking amazing! The ketamine made my body so enjoyable without feeling over-sedated. I imagine the ketamine + mdma combo would be even more seductive but I’ve not had the opportunity as this was my first real weekend of getting a taste of ketamine.

With all this elastic, energetic motivation I decided a dance was in order and so off I went for a little boogie at one of the stages lit up and oozing with psychedelic shenaniganism, punters flailing about wasted on the atmosphere of killer tunes, awesome people and no doubt a surplus of very intriguing mind-body altering substances.

The details from there on remain elusive, trapped in the ethereal records of space-time… somewhere, recorded in finer detail than my mind can grasp at the moment. I do remember coming back to my car for lines of K and starting to feel the effects of the bk-MDMA taper off after what can only be assumed as about 3-4 hours post-ingestion. The residual stimulation that seems very common of bk-MDMA was no match for the horse-power of ketamine, pun half intended. As the lines of K got bigger for me & a friend I’d drove up to the party with, the deeper & deeper I went toward the K-hole. But this is not a ketamine trip report so I’ll spare the details for another time and summarise by saying for now K is indeed a strange drug to me - alien, not fitting the world material world nor connected with this physical plane obviously due to its disassociative qualities. Every drug & headspace has its place though and you cant blame the drug for being the way it is, that’s how God made it!

*** 150mg on full stomach ***

Weighed out 150mg of the powder into a '00' capsule and consumed after eating a fairly full meal. I felt the capsule dissolve in my stomach and this created some discomfort but faded gradually over the next 10 minutes as I took the train into the city. The first alerts presented themselves as slight anxiousness of going into an altered state and little bit nervousness. I looked forward to catching up with my friend along with all her mates who I’d never met prior to this occasion. Once I arrived I was introduced to everyone and at this point I was still feeling my usual self - no outward expression or over chattiness.

Got myself a beer and chatted away to a couple, talking came effortlessly but there were times when the drug was climbing to reach full effect that I felt myself about to spew.. but I was able to keep my shit together. Once these almost-wretches passed the drug had now fully melted itself into my psyche and the amphetamine-like chattiness and comfortability was at the forefront of my mind now. I was easily able to connect with whoever I was talking to and express myself more candidly and without inhibition.

In this way the drug is similar in effect to MDMA but lacking the full breadth of emotion, leaning more toward an analytical amphetamine’ish profile which is great because it provides a clean high that doesn’t have me chewing my face off and generally acting like a pilled up fuckwit spilling his guts to everyone & anyone that will tolerate such crap. And on this dose in this setting, where nobody else had taken any other drug and where none the wiser of my partaking, it was ideal in concealing my lifestyle choice of taking oh-so-tasty drugs.

As the drug began to wear off I became tired (it was now late anyway) and less extroverted, feeling more mentally wired & physically tired at this point. The strange thing about this drug is that the high is so clear that once the main effects have begun to wear off I hardly notice the residual stimulation still running its course. So even though I was pretty knackered I was still able to function pretty normally and talk shit when the time called for it. Watching The Mighty Boojsh was enjoyable, which would not be on my list of things to do were I coming down hard off of a pill/MDMA. Usually I just want to sink heaps of piss or just take a downer of some kind and end the killing pain of my serotonin receptors screaming at my brain from the abuse of the night.

I crashed at 6am, and woke around 11am feeling fresh, but wanting more sleep. Again, here is the residual stimulation at work. Its like feeling naturally stimulated, not being pushed into it like amphetamines are famous for. More sleep felt good and when I woke up again I was only feeling dehydrated – no scatteredness, no headache, no depression. Even this old crazy man on the tram home provided a good convo which I was able to keep going, even questioning his faith with regard to the bible and dinosaurs (how the fuck does this ridiculous book aim to explain that shit huh?).
All in all a clean, gentle high.

*** 150mg on empty stomach the following night ***

Done up in a gelcap the same, ingested at around 11pm. No stomach discomfort this time, thank god. Again the same alerts but this time weaker and the urge to spew was there but nowhere near as strong as before. This effect of coming up and needing to spew at the same time is a strange yet oddly enjoyable aspect of the drug which I think if you I learn to like it it wont seem such a toxic event. I danced pretty confidently and wildly in this tiny little club (shite DJs playing shite Top 40 dance tracks) with fuckloads of people and a lot of sweat & heat!

It’d been 35+ degrees that day and the thick warm air had decided to stay inside to swarm the punters. I drank a few beers that night which complemented the slightly weak high – definite tolerance from the night before. Still I was affected for quite a few hours and by 2am I was definitely down from the fun part of the high, only now feeling lethargic and lack of energy from dancing. It was a great night, talked to a few different folks about random shit, admired all the cute girls in the club, boogied on down like a freak bush-doof style (everyone else in this club just seemed to stand & sway!) and then capped the night off with a few cigarettes that felt really fucking good (I quit smoking of all substances 6 months prior so this was a big deal for me in feeling the urge for a smoke).

By this time I was a bit mentally worn out but stimulated and I made the massive walk home from the city to my suburb without even stopping for a break even though there were times where I could’ve killed for a taxi. Power through it is what I did; headstrong and body-able I didn’t skip a beat. The comedown of this drug is very gentle, somewhat similar to when I come down off of authentic psychedelics - none of that brain-fried, neuron-suicide, psyche fracturing into a million shards of glass bullshit.

*** Summary ***

Well the million dollar question on everyone’s lips: is it as good as the real deal, proper M D M A? That depends on how well you know your drugs. The new generation of dodgey ambiguous pills to come out of an even dodgier backyard operation using all these new China-originated Research Chem pleasure-drugs will fool a lot of people in my opinion. Pill patrons will be glad to get their kicks and bk-MDMA will do just that but some may be left scratching their heads mumbling melancholically to themselves, “Where is the magic?” And of course the magic could’ve long been frizzled out of their neurons by now but a fresh juicy cranium exposed to bk-MDMA then pure MDMA in a double-blind test would (10 times out of 10 choose!) the original and NOT the beta-ketone analog.

MDMA is more euphoric, lasts longer and generally has a more powerful overall effect. Bk-MDMA is less euphoric, doesn’t last as long yet has a nice gentle comedown and is not too overwhelming. I guess you could market it as “I can’t believe its not pure MDMA!”

I’m a true butter eater all the way though..

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86149
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Oct 7, 2010Views: 16,721
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