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Lots of Dreams but No Rest
Zolpidem & Bupropion
by troubled sleep
Citation:   troubled sleep. "Lots of Dreams but No Rest: An Experience with Zolpidem & Bupropion (exp86120)". Dec 12, 2018.

400 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion
  15 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem


Prescribed Ambien...and Bupropion

Alright, I'm a USMC vet been prescribed a boatload of meds to make me 'feel better' and nothing works, then was prescribed more to let me be able to sleep, marginal help there...

***writing this after taking 15mg of Ambien (low dose) and 400mg Bupropion (wellbutrin)***

Anyways, I ended up on Ambien... And let me say it has been a trip and a half so far, not always in a pleasant way either. I will say, that I feel pretty good when I take the ambien!' My Girlfriend totally agrees, she get's along with the ambien'd out Me more than the regular me! Lol.... Or so she said, in jest perhaps, But still the Ambien does its job, and does it well... It makes me groggy within 10 mins of taking one, in this weird groggy state, that it almost instantly puts me into, I am actually incredibly happy, my GF even noticed and will say 'I like you more on Ambien, lol'... My point is, it makes me wicked mellow, and stops all the crazy anxiety and racing thoughts that I usually deal with, so it's good on that angle. Let's say I finally fall asleep, about an hour or so later, it is almost instantaneous from head hitting the pillow, to unconscious in mere seconds. I kinda wish the 'feel good' effect before the intense drowsiness kicks in would last longer, as it seems to be the most effective aspect of the medicine.

The sleep... The sleep that it gives me can best be described as a tease. Yes, I am fully asleep, but I'm having such wild vivid dreams and what not, that when I do wake up (at first usually around 7-8) I am still incredibly lethargic and just want some more sleep, so I oblige and end up waking up around 12' noon. Then after all of that sleep (8-12hrs depending on the night) I awaken just as tired as when I fell asleep... Quite off putting really. Unsure if I have an undiagnosed sleeping condition beyond what I have listed, but I can NOT get a good nights sleep and it is taking a huge toll on me.

Keep in mind Bupropion is the same as Zyban, both reportedly have 'Intense crazy dreams' as a side effect... So yeah, the Ambien knocks me out, but the dreams are fucking out there beyond belief, it's like living a movie while I'm sleeping, all kindsa crazy shit goes on, it's actually cool almost. But the dreams are verrrry vivid and realistic, almost to a point of uncomfortability. Most are obscenely violent, and there are many of them. I'll give examples, first dream I was in Africa dealing with some band of warlords, trying to be diplomatic, they ended up be cannibals, so me and my friends had to try and kill/escape the area.... Then all the sudden I was clinging on a cliff that was apparently 'the way back home' and sure as shit, fell off. So these types of dreams tend to wake me up over and over, hence I still never achieve a good sleep cycle. Let it be know, that while you are dreaming these dreams, you will swear up and down that it is actually going on, its not a fleeting little dream, its like, you better be ready to be taking part in some crazy feature film in your subconscious, well that was my effect anyways.

Keep in mind this is all being posted while I am under the ill effects of both mentioned medicines...

Eye sight, perception to me feels a lot like being 'tipsy' slight head high almost, and lose of equilibrium. I've also seen weird shit happen, sitting in my living room and all the sudden the pattern on my couch started to look like it was melting off, and the chair was bobbing around too.... Really strange feeling

Around other people, I was funny and was 'a sweet heart' to my girlfriend I guess, she said I was acting wicked nice, and semi goofy, but she liked me in that state, lol.

Nothing Scary really so far in terms of doing things and completely not remembering, some of the dreams I wake up from in a cold sweat, thinking I'm about to be killed in some crazy situation, thats about it... Oh and once I woke up and my old military knife was out on the table, and had been oiled and cleaned up nicely... I do not recall doing that, nor why I would need to. Overall lately my memory has been more shot than usual, simple things I can't remember.. 'do I go to work at 3 or 4? Did I pay my phone bill?' stuff like that is extra confusing for some reason. So I am unsure of whether I did the cleaning late at night with no recollection, or did it 'while asleep'

Overall effects-

Memory seems worse than ever, especially while 'on' it, meaning just taken it within a few hours... Can barely remember what I am trying to do, and I start to get drowsey. Just a vague light headedness, craving a cigg, craving alcohol, if nothing else to do (I.E. Sitting here, reminisce about sad things... Weird)

Since I've been taking it (ambien), I feel like anxiety has gotten worse, and weird things pop into my head for no apparent completely random shit, and it's kind of intrusive sometimes....But it does help me 'sleep...' side effects of either the Ambien or the combo of Ambien and Bupropion are almost counter productive it seems. The Bupropion isn't enough of an upper to get me out of the Ambien hangover, so I'm still perpetually tired, and in a blah mood, just heavily drugged now as well. It's like, maybe Ambien on its own could give me the sleep I need, but when they add in the wellbutrin/bupropion, they are settin me up for failure! I had friends that tried 'Chantix' to quit smoking 'same a bupropion' and quit within a week because they could not handle the fucked up dreams theyd have.... But somehoe it makes sense to give me both a medicine that make me sleep, and one that will make you feel like you are trippin balls in dreams, lol.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86120
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Dec 12, 2018Views: 1,076
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Pharms - Zolpidem (143), Pharms - Bupropion (87), Dreams (85) : General (1), Combinations (3), Medical Use (47), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Not Applicable (38)

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