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Great Trip, Fine Tuning
4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis
by Yechno
Citation:   Yechno. "Great Trip, Fine Tuning: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis (exp86083)". Aug 27, 2010.

T+ 0:00
20 mg insufflated 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I arrived at my good friend D's house around six P.M. It was the first time I had truly spent time with him in at least a year, but our friendship always seems to pick up where it last left off. We spend some time refamiliarizing ourselves with each other. We discuss school, work, relationships, and old stories and experiences. D had previously told me that he had come into possession of a fair quantity of 4-Acetoxy-DMT and 2CI. My interest was piqued and our conversation soon turned to the chemicals in question.

Now I consider myself to be fairly versed in psychonautic substances. I have tripped on LSD and psychedelic mushrooms many times, and besides being a chronic cannabis smoker, have also smoked DMT and utilized LSA variants on several occasions. As far as research chemicals, my knowledge was previously limited to 2C-E, which was a compound that invoked nothing for me but hollow euphoria and an interesting body high; a sort of MDMA energy marked by indulgence and not empathy. I was skeptical about these quasi-legal, somewhat mysterious, and completely untested powders, and even after these events, I still am. 4-AcO-DMT however, at least on that fateful day, brought me almost as close to nature, myself, and my mind as any psychedelic undertaking I have ever experienced.

D and I decide that we will try the 2CI another time. Today, however, D chooses to abstain from a trip because he has done so the previous night. Instead, he offers the other compound to me. I consider for a minute and, remembering that I am with the right people and in the right mood and mindset, take him up on his offer. D, always well-versed in and well-prepared for the substances he gives to himself and dispenses to his friends, measures out a careful pile of the compound and I insuffalate about 20 mg:

T+ 0:00 Insuffalation is painless. The taste and the proverbial 'doggy bag' are a little bitter but that's to be expected. I hope for the best, prepare for anything.

T+ 0:20 D and I decide to go to one of the nice parks in our area; plenty of paths and plenty of nature. On the ride there, I begin to feel myself ascending on the influence of the Psilacetin. It feels almost like the rising actions of LSD. I get a restless feeling all through my body and all colors take on a more vibrant hue. We arrive at the park and I am in a silly but pleasant state of mind.

T+ 1:00 D and I walk along a stony path dense with vegetation and animals. I notice that my inhibitions and restraints are slipping as my attention and my perception begin to dynamically climb. My mind's eye begins to tune itself finer and finer to notice as minute a detail as I possibly can. First the trees in gaudy green take on a 3-dimesional nature, then the uprooted stumps of former trees tell their tragedy through alabaster colored decay and deep-skin lacerations that take on a sort of pain even to their listeners. A little over an hour in, even the tiniest pebbles took on their own collective vibrations. It was an experience very close to psilocybin, when I notice everything in such a real yet fuzzy, honest yet distorted sort of way. I have trouble finding words to describe what I'm feeling or even what I'm seeing to D. Things seem born anew and as much as I would like to relay image and emotion to my close friend and current baby-sitter, I know he understands.

T+ 1:30 We decide to walk along the bikers path to avoid the mosquitos at least for a little bit. The presence of possibly unsympathetic observers make me anxious at first, but I chill out and realize I am in a good place for coexistence. We slip into the cover of forest for a brief time to smoke a bit. We both smoke a bowl and the weed not only chills me out but inevitably makes me feel the effects of the 4-AcO-DMT more profoundly. I feel in touch even with the strangers around me and the still world is alive with bright color and subtle vibrating.

T+ 2:00 D and I hit the nature trail for one more trek and just as I begin to feel the visual experience begin to peak, the tryptamine presents a new facet of itself to me as my thoughts shifts from outside stimulus to much more internalized meditation on the intangible. As this point, as my interest switched from the harmony of nature to the implications of my actions and the actions of those around me, the whole experience begins to take on a much more LSD-esque bent. I think about the nature of language and D and I discuss everything from man-in-nature, to systems of law, and everything in between. I begin to feel a comfort with sharing all of my notions that I usually don't have with psychedelics, generally preferring to hold on to ideas until after the trip itself.

T+ 3:00 We leave the park and as D drives us back into the sprawl of urban life, the setting sun casts a glimmering dusk on the scenery making everything look somehow nostalgic and temporary. The visual experience and the meaningful conversation of the past two hours, combined with a waning back to commonplace perception, has made me never want to leave the haven of public parks.

T+ 3:30 Dumb luck allows us to stumble across a local city fireworks display. We pull up just in time and the show begins nearly as soon as we find a seat. The trip makes the explosions more visually arresting to a certain extent, but the display ultimately pushes me to once again consider the less tactile aspects of existence. I feel a sense of community being among people gathered for a singular event despite how different each of us may have be.

T+ 4:30 We leave the show and D suggests getting something to eat at our favorite taco place. I not only realize that I actually am hungry (not something I generally have to think about during or immediately after a trip) but that the synthetic psychedelic I had taken over 4 hours ago has posed no real physical setbacks. I expected a little nausea as is common with mushrooms or LSA, but besides a little anxiousness, my body was in perfect shape the entire trip. The food is good and D drives me home. I thank him for the experience and everything he did for me. At this point my trip has come to an end but I feel a noticeable body high for about an hour.

T+ 6:00 I fall asleep with little trouble. My body AND mind are tired and I do not even need a smoke break to chill me out.

The following day I woke up with no negative afterglow. I got a reasonable amount of sleep and I woke up well rested and free of fuzzy feeling. The one noticeable factor the following morning was the spike in my emotions. Some things would make me slightly happier than they normally would, but even thinking about things that normally saddened me were marked by strange closure and a realization that all things will ultimately happen as they will happen. My experience with 4-Acetoxy-DMT proved to be a meaningful one.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 27, 2010Views: 11,990
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