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Journey into the Depths of Psychedelic Realm
4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis
by whishky
Citation:   whishky. "Journey into the Depths of Psychedelic Realm: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis (exp86045)". Jun 28, 2010.

45 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT
    smoked Cannabis


As a bit of an intro, I'm someone who has been frequently tripping with a number of different substances for years, on and off. My two trip partners in this story have a similar psychedelic history. Normally I don't write down trip reports, some this needs to be written down. Sorry if the times dont make much sense or dont match up...honestly this whole experience is all blurred in my head, it was extremely powerful and long lasting.

The characters for this particular story include: Me, my friend Josh (known him for like 6 years, done so many drugs together with him its just ridiculous), and his wife Whitney (who I just met). They dated for 2 years in another state, then he moved back here about 6 months ago. Just this last week they decided to get back together so he picked her up to live with him down here, and they got married.

So on one particular weekend, me and 5 of my friends had planned on getting together, eating some 4-AcO-DMT, and just trippin away the day together. We had all been plannin on this for about a week or so, and had stocked up on weed, about 2 ounces worth (my friends REALLY love smoking while tripping), a giant Dasani water bottle package, glow sticks, LED gloves, and some other random assorted items that don't matter. One of our friends offered up his apartment for us to trip at all night and do whatever we wanted, cause he's just cool like that. Perfect recipe for a trip right? If only things ever worked out like planned...half of our friends bailed last minute, but all for legitimate reasons we're cool with it, shit happens.

So now we've got 6 real high doses of the stuff (35mg each) and only 3 people. I wasn't anywhere near home and I didnt want to carry around drugs that I wont be using while I'm tripping, so I quickly sold 2 doses to a friend who lived nearby. Now we've got 4 doses for 3 people.

I look over at my trip partners and we all exchange glances real quick. We then start laughing cause we all know what that means. I open the extra dose, and spread it between the three of us. Bringing our individual doses each to about 45mg or so. Now, this is completely insane and excessive dose to do, but we felt confident since had had previously handled about ~32mg each a few weeks earlier. So we pop our pills, each take a swig of water and a bong rip, then began to relax and watch TV while we wait for the trip to kick in.

Time: 20 Minutes In

I'm informed by my trip partners that we apparently have MORE weed being delivered to us at our mutual friend's apartment that everyone forgot about, cause they had planned on getting this since the other weed wasnt gonna come through...but then it did so now we've got way more than what was already originally planned. So we're all thinking getting a bit perturbed by this, Because now we have to sit and wait around for some dude to come to us, making us confined to the apartment as we are all starting to come up.

Time: 40 minutes after dosing, Josh is starting to, in his words: 'trip fucking BALLS MAN!' so we end up just going outside and decide we'll just stay nearby in case the guy with the weed gets there. We decide to stick to walking around in the apartment complex while we walk. After a few minutes, we're all getting major bad vibes, cause theres college kids everywhere that are drunk as fuck and being obnoxious and blaring music. We all head back to the apartment at this point. Right when we start getting back, thats when things get...weird.

Time: About 10:30. One Hour After Dosing.

So we get back to the apartment, our mutual friend is watching UFC which proves to be a little too violent for our minds at the moment, so we go to a different room in the apartment and just lay on his couch talking to each other about random shit, asking each other if we're 'feelin it', shit like that. Finally, we hear a knock at the door, and its the weed dude...and 3 of his friends. They come over to us and are like 'So...Ryan (the guy who owns the apartment) tells us you guys are tripping BALLS! HAHAHHAHAHAH' And they all start laughing like mad. Then each one of them just has one stupid comment after another to throw out there:
*leaning into our faces* 'how'reeeeeeee you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling' all drawn out just to fuck with us

Just stupid things like that. They stayed for like 20 minutes too just talking between each other, taking hits of the weed they just sold to us without asking, and doing more and more things that continue to annoy and bother us. Now, keep in mind, thats what it looked like to outside viewers. By this point, we're ALL falling into the trip pretty hard, so for me, half the shit they were saying was just gibberish and I couldnt understand them, but I didnt make an effort to do so cause I just wanted them to leave. Finally, they leave and as soon as they go out the door we all just BURST out laughing, loud as all hell, for about 20 minutes. We all just thought it was the funniest thing in the world that there could be people out there that are that stupid and obnoxious, then we started talking about how we're the best friends ever cause we love and understand each other. We all immediately thought that was amazingly funny cause of how fruity it sounded, then we just kept talkin the talk, laughing, etc...we must have just laughed for almost 45 minutes, it was great.

Eventually, someone had accidentally turned the TV on, and the TV channel that was on was Spike. The particular show that was airing, consisted of midgets wrestling and having sporting competitions and the like. It was just the most random thing to have happen, we thought it was hilarious and watched that till it ended, then turned the tv back off.

Time: Midnight. About 2 and a half hours after dosing.

Right here is where I just decided I wanted to zone out for a bit so I threw my Sennheisers on and put on Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Holy. Fuck. I closed my eyes as soon as the album started, and it was amazing. Ive never had closed eye visuals like that except for when Ive been smoking straight up n,n-DMT. My whole vision was just completely overtaken by these wonderful multicolored geometric shapes that swirled and danced everywhere. There literally was no darkness when my eyes would close, it was a whole other world and colors and shapes, that were all CONSTANTLY morphing and changing into crazy things, it was just amazing. I had no idea what my 2 friends were talking about during this time, but I'd open my eyes every so often and see em just sitting next to me talking and laughing about stuff, but I was too into the music to join in. I get through the album, and cause Im still on a Pink Floyd kick, I put on Dark side of the Moon. I get about half through through till I decide I wanted to socialize with my friends so I take my headphones off and bam, Im sucked right into another giggling fit with my 2 friends on the couch for god knows how long. So many ridiculous and awesome conversations, I cant even start describing what was discussed here.

Time: Around 1 AM.

Around here is where we decided to move to the bedroom, cause our friend Ryan has a VERY comfy king size bed, and he's passed out in the living room. We all jump on the bed and are lounging about, when we decide that despite the comfyness, we'd all feel more comfortable being on the ground. So we throw all the covers and sheets and pillows on the floor, and make a nest kinda thing, which we all pile into, and from there we ended up kinda just cuddling and holding each other. As this is going on, I'm peaking hard on my trip, and I can tell my friends are too. There are no words spoken between any of us for a very long time, at least 2 hours we later decided. In my head, I kept spiraling from fleeting thought to fleeting thought, unable to keep any idea in my head for more than a few seconds. I wasn't 'frightened' at this point, but I was just completely lost and confused, far beyond any state of mind that Ive ever been in before. I completely forgot I was on a drug, I even somehow came to the conclusion that this was the afterlife, and I was going to spend all eternity with my 2 friends, in bliss just laying there in this wonderful comfy nest.

Sometime during the period, I experienced full blown ego death. I cannot pinpoint it down when it happened and I dont think I'll ever be able too, because for about 3 hours or so, time was completely gone, even the very concept of it. In my head, time had literally stopped.

My closed eye visuals at this point were extremely strange. Sometimes my vision behind my eyes would be in this infinitely white ethereal realm, where absolutely nothing existed or ever could have existed. Time, space, whatever, it just did no exist in this 'space'. When I would open my eyes after being in this place, it would take a long time to adjust back to my 'normal' tripping reality. This occurred about 3 times or so.

Whenever I'd look at my friends eyes, they would stare back at me, and we would actually have a conversation...with our eyes and thoughts. It was nuts. We actually talked about this event several hours later and realized we had actually communicated our vibes this way. It wont make sense to write it up here, you honestly had to be there. During this period, my only real link with reality was the touch of my other friends' bodies, which is why we cuddled like the world was gonna end that night. It wasnt sexual at all, it just felt so damn amazing and comfortable to be holding these wonderful people, and my friends felt the same way. Theres nothing like holding a warm caring female when your mind is just fucked beyond belief.

Time: ???? assumed to be around 3 in the morning now...but have no way of knowing

I dunno when or how, but eventually we started trying to communicate again. Oh my god, I WISH I had this on video or at least recorded audio. We had the most broken conversation Ive ever seen or experienced. We're all still so amazing fucked up at this point, that none of us can even fully complete a sentence. Every time we try, someone else in our group would try and reply but these replies usually consisted of a whole lot of 'what?' and 'wait what happened'. I must have heard those 2 phrases hundreds of times during this time, but even that fact was glossing over us all cause of the pure state of confusion we were all in.

Time: 5 AM. About 7 and a half hours after dosing

I get up to take a piss, and upon doing so, my two friends decide they need to piss too, so they follow afterward. Finally our words gain structure, and we are all swiftly pulled back into reality, and things start making sense again. A bowl is loaded, and we're just toking and talking about the events that had transpired. We're all just in complete shock, cause we're all pretty well experienced with psychedelic drugs, but this experience was just something else. It wasnt bad by any means, but it was just such a strong and powerful trip, it took us all by surprise and kicked our asses. I have no idea how that would have went if we were less experienced or if we did it in a different setting, I shudder to think about it. Definitely one of the most ridiculous experiences of my entire life, it was difficult as all hell, but it was absolutely worth it, I learned a lot about myself and I bonded like CRAZY with my friends, gotta love that :)

For those curious, yeah, pretty much none of our tripping supplies were touched ever, even the weed. The trip ended up being enough just by itself. It truly is an amazing psychedelic, but I have to urge caution with dosing, be very careful and precise, a few mg can make a drastic difference.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86045
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 28, 2010Views: 11,377
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