The New Son of Adam
by Russ
Citation:   Russ. "The New Son of Adam: An Experience with Mescaline (exp86030)". May 2, 2018.

700 mg oral Mescaline (extract)


I’ve been fairly curious about entheogens for 6 years ever since I tried mushrooms at 14 and from then on adding about seven more mushroom experiences. I have experimented with MDMA on half a dozen occasions. I’ve done DMT 14 times and I’m also very familiar marijuana. I’ve tried boiled San Pedro soup before, but it always comes out to an AWEFUL tasting bitter sludge with an embarrassingly low mescaline content which provides an experience that almost always fails to compensate for it’s time consuming process of meticulous spine removing, boiling, straining then boiling again, then straining again and like I mentioned, the taste. So I thought of finding a new way to extract copious amounts of Mescaline from San Pedro.

Off of an online wa vendor, I bought 900 grams of powdered San Pedro for just about $99! Simply by following a few website’s methods, I found out which extraction was simplest, most economic and most productive which resulted in 2 - 3 grams of highly potent extract of mescaline HCL.

The procedure was a success, now to try begin to explain the events to take place through out the evening.

10 pm. The starry night of NW. Arkansas illuminates everything abound to the curious languor of the evening including the darker mysteries of my mind at best recounting the old wives tails from southerly swamp regions of the madness that one gets by staring at the moon without divine intent. As my two friends Amy, and Tony who are to be my 2 companions through out the journey stare at the moon for hours. I produce eight grayish black pills filled with mescaline, Tony comes along for the ride and takes three and I take five.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

10:45 pm. We drive over to a friends house who lives out in the country side. My friends enjoy the social regime inside the other room, marijuana, cigarettes, video games, girls gossip, men talk about politics. The mescaline hates these sort of conventional seductions and so do I. I walk out the door alone and venture around his property. There is an enormous pond where doves flock, graciously they dive from dark sky to heed the language of the crooning night and motionlessly enjoy their sojourning bath. There is an island on the pond with a narrow strip of land that bridges across to the other side. On this island there is a highly erect gazebo, underneath is a fire pit. (this where I first aspired to become a shaman lol) next to the gazebo there is a dock that I meditated on which began dissolving my own conceptions of fear. I felt sorry for those who do. Suddenly, from the bowls of my stomach I puked out the mescaline and dry heaved everything that wasn’t mescaline. The mescaline was coming strong.

11:15 pm I come inside. Everyone stare at me amazed or frightened. I take no glance. They resume to talk about boring things. I start feeling a little crazy, Amy is leaning on the side of the couch, unnoticing I crawl on the tile floor behind her, feeling lithe like a panther or a snake I spring up behind her and grab her by the waist, and she scolds me, and I apologize in laughter. Mescaline makes everything seem like playthings, like lizards or frogs I capture and want to set free.

12.00 am. My friends Amy and Tony, are spontaneously driven. They assert that we leave, I tell them no. I’ll walk the 5 or so miles home. Everything at this point is in liquid vision. Colors are bright and shimmering. A rare banquet of dreamy colors, hallucinations that seem to enlighten the mind. Reds yellows blues purples merging splashing.

1 am. Toney freaks out in the car and suggest that we get to his house. Toney, who has visited Shamans and knows of this other world, known as the spiritual world panics, Amy calms him down. Disappointed in him I understand but cannot but help feel that anyone’s shift into anxiety gives me a strange sensation that mescaline’s quasi-holy magic grows by devouring off irrational energies. As we get inside Tony’s house, I notice the room that they fled to is queerly proportioned. There is a strange fifties hunky dory leave it to beaver atmosphere, with a little wooden television in the corner. It feels somewhat melancholic, like a tomb for the elderly.

1-3 am. We all sit in the room we talk of the shamanic poetry of the universe, creationism, we talk about the technologies of Egypt, Greeks, philosophy, parlor myths, fables, Romanized America, our hopes for a new world, acid. My thought process is very cyclic, I’ am able to jump between loop thoughts intravenously while maintaining in perfect empirical logical order. Amy asserts her opinions my quoting the Beatles songs and a countless number of times she utters “I’ am he and we are she and she is me and we are all together” They both talk to me about fairies. I think nothing of that and try not to laugh a them. Then suddenly I’ am able to see into the future. On and on I predict it as we are all sitting around, they are watching Aqua teen hunger force, in which a character known as meat-wad is coaxed to walk out into the middle of the street or something. I experience the same events happen reoccurring over and over, my hallucination leave me an awful state. I’m aware suddenly of the gravity of god. In penance it bends my mind, suddenly I realized that I had to escape his house in order to escape this plague of hallucinations that deny power against will, so I grabbed a back pack, put a few fake books and wandered out into the woods. I could barely hear them calling my name by the time made a path into the woods.

3 am to 9am. This is where I become as I can only describe as “the first son of Adam’ and no I’ am not religious. I’ am in fact quite into Nietzsche so no biblical vanity here. I’ am no longer in control of logic nor am I capable of distinguishing the bogus. The woods are mysterious and vibrant, everything dances, the road is far away, I cross this stream, Ah the feeling of water rush against my pants and feet is cathartic the mescaline loves this feeling as much as I do. Upon walking out of the stream up this hill in the forest, I’ am told by the mescaline to take off all my clothes, hesitating it demands again. So I’ am suddenly naked. It tells me there is a tiger approaching, (my nemesis) it runs behind the trees sliding into shadows I carry this stick with me until’ I feel I can continue with out the fear of it’s presence.

The mescaline demands that I try to pass myself out unconscious, by coherently as I could chant words pre-selected for me while dancing. The hallucinations at this point are drowning me in their spiritual mystical ceremony. At times I fall to the ground and loose bodily control. Ever so damn demanding I ’am commanded that when I fall if I have done everything right that the fairies (who were to me like a tribal band of beautiful, love making, hunters) that I may venture into their realm. Gods is up there churning my mind for my vanity in needing no god. I ‘am desperate. I’ am thrown to the ground, groveling for redemption. Finally I do it all right. I’ am told by Amy and Tony as my spiritual guides that I’ll get it. They repeat say “I’ am he and we are she and she is me and we are altogether” So as I say it Tony impedes and says to me “Russell, Remember the Archetypes” and I do. I pick up the stick I’ve broken to fight off the phantasmagoric lion and yell as loud as I could “I’ am he and we are she and she is me and we are altogether!!” (really I hate the Beatles, but I got it) and the response to my cry, standing there naked, holding a stick in one hand I listened and heard ‘the fairy warriors’ shouting in triumph, from some distance. I was told that I did it all wrong. Suddenly back on the ground I fell. Writhing in madness, exhausted, leaves in my mouth I choked, it was willed that I choked. Saying I’ am he and we are she and she is me and we are altogether over and over, lost, hoping to die and end this senseless nightmare.

As I repeated those words over and over. I came out of my hallucinations and thought that I had never been born until now. This was my first day in the world and mescaline was the cure for my false matrix program. I came out of my hallucinations and thought that I had never been born until now. This was my first day in the world “I’ am as insignificant as these insects, these trees, and the self centeredness is what separates me from my creator.
This was my first day in the world “I’ am as insignificant as these insects, these trees, and the self centeredness is what separates me from my creator.
I have to be nothing, I have to loose the constraints of social ignobility, power, fame, money, religion, anything that isn’t apart of my ideal self. So I became, nothing, no one, ageless, eternal, human too much or no more. The light of the world suddenly squinted upon me, it was morning. I walked in my new body, and came suddenly to a meadow. I looked one way and contemplated the beauty of this being in time I felt the spirits of the forest at one with me. I felt like a character in Renaissance paintings, I thought with the forest, I ate roots from the ground fresh green and verdant I had not eaten in over 24 hours literally. I did not want to leave the meadow as beautiful as it was, but my feet were bloody from walking through thorn bushes with out feeling a thing, I was even ready to drink the creek water, but I had dried up on me over night(?) I was lost, and my hallucinations were contorting landscapes, suddenly I came across a field of cows. I looked and looked for their troths, but the males looked angry and walked closer defiantly. Suddenly I found a gravel path, that carried me over to a road, The end of the path had the words “good bye, don’t come back” spray painted. I stood their looking at it. Suddenly a car came by with a fairly perturbed lady driving it, she yelled “What are’ya doing out here naked, boy??” she let me in an asked “what’s yer name?” For some reason I replied by saying “I’ am he and we are she and she is me”

10 am. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, but really I said “no just some food please, I’m fine, trust me” to the reluctant EMT All the people that dealt with me there had incredibly beautiful eyes. I was still very high. The nurse had told me that my heart rate was extremely low, almost to the point of no return. She took 3 samples of my blood, and normally 10 cc’s of my blood drawn is enough to make me faint, or make me nauseous, but I felt perfectly normal. Except the you know. The police came in and asked me what I was on. I told them k2. I was brought back home, by my father who I figured would scold me with derogatory words, f**ks, what were you thinking’s, but didn’t say a word the entire ride home. And boy did I sleep. I contemplated my journey for hours on end. I figured I needed to get it off my chest, or maybe it might inspire someone to search themselves. How ever I don’t condone to the use of any drug for to anybody to do this.

All and all I love mescaline. I may have taken too much. 700 milligrams to 800 milligrams seems to have been the appropriate dosage, equating dosage with experience and comparing other experience with high amounts of mescaline with mine. I will do it again and like Zarathustra did, find myself lost in the desert to get the feel of the landscapes peyote and san pedro had reshaped for the indigenous of Taos, Mexico, and Peru. Thank you for reading.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86030
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 2, 2018Views: 3,028
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