On Top of the World
MDMA (Ecstasy)
by Kur'E'ous
Citation:   Kur'E'ous. "On Top of the World: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp85653)". Erowid.org. Feb 4, 2017. erowid.org/exp/85653

1 tablet insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
  1 tablet   MDMA  


It's twenty one days before my birthday, and the last couple days of school are fast approaching. It seems as if over the course of the past school semester, I have been somewhat really interested in exploring the effects of few recreational drugs that I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing. Keep in note, I have quite a bit of experience with recreational drugs: ranging from marijuana and alcohol to pharmaceuticals such as xanax, vicodin, percocet, dextromethorphan, dexmethylphenidate (focalin), dephinhydramine, oxycontin, LSD, shrooms, and codeine.  This has all been over a period of about 4-1/2 to 5 years though. I have never let drugs consume my life, as I'am a phenomenal athlete (nominated for 2009 Gatorade basketball player of the year) and I run and work out nearly every day. By the way, nearly 90% of athletes in my school smoke weed on a weekly basis, including me. So it's really not that uncommon.

Towards the end of the year, I started talking to a guy I know about buying ecstasy. He told me that if I gave him the money ahead of time, he could get them to be the next day. Since I never had any experience with ecstasy, I only bought 1. I was highly anticipating the experience while I was driving home, couldn't wait to take this little green pill (it was a green star, supposedly cut with mescaline). 

It was 5:45 in the afternoon when I went to my bathroom with my drivers license, a rolled up five dollar bill, and a hell of a lot of eagerness. The pill seemed a lot smaller than I remembered it, but that didn't stop me from cutting it in half. I separated one half from the rest, and crushed the other half of the pill into a fine powder. I formed two short but thick lines and quickly insufflated both of them. It burned like hell for about 20-30 seconds, and accomodating the pain was a non-stop plethera of continueous sneezes. I then dissolved the other half, which had crumbled into smaller pieces, under my tongue. 

6:30 rolled by and still I felt absolutely nothing. I was losing patience, and eventually came to the conclusion that I had recieved a bunk-pill. What a waste of twelve dollars.

This had not discouraged me, however, to truly experience the great, euphoric, roll that people spoke of. And this is where I finally got to experience what I wanted... 

It was May 26, exactly 3 days after my birthday. I used some of my birthday money to buy ecstasy from another guy 'J' that I trusted. When I recieved the pills I bought, I was a little disappointed seeing that they were purple transformers. I had heard not so pleasant things about these purple transformers, so I was a little skeptical as to the effects that they would give me. (keep in mind, the color or design on the pill does NOT always actually dictate how good the pill is, or what's inside of it). He also mentioned something about them being cut with Coke, which I also knew to be B.S., but I still accepted them.

I got home at around 6:15 from basketball practice, and went to my bathroom to consume my new geekers. I completely crushed up one pill, very surprised at the amount of powder that came from it. I did about four lines from the single pill, it still burnt like hell, but the drip was somewhat pleasant, sort of like a bitter-sweet deep flavor with a mild numbing effect going down my throat.

7:00- I was once again completely irritated at the fact that I didn't feel a damn thing

7:15-my dad came and picked me up, so we could go to my end-of-the season track banquet. When I got up off my couch, I felt sort of a rush. It was similar to when I get up really fast after sitting down, except instead of getting dizzy, I felt like everything I was looking at just raced past my field of vision, I knew at that moment that I was on to something crazy...

7:35-we arrived at the banquet. As soon as we stepped outside of the car, I felt very, very hot, and started to perspire a little bit. It was an indoor banquet, but before my dad, and one of my friends went in, I decided to take my shirt off. It felt similar to alcohol where my inhibitions were lowered, but it didn't feel like I had to do it because I felt like doing something stupid, i just felt as if I didn't give a fuck what people thought. 

When I walked inside, I recieved all sorts of funny looks from people and my coaches, and I could tell that they were confused why I just popped in without a shirt. 

Immediately, after i saw the reactions of about 120 people, I just lost it, and started laughing to myself. One thing I noticed was how great certain people looked. I began noticing things about people that I had never seen before.
I began noticing things about people that I had never seen before.

7:45-holy shit! I felt this insane head rush once again, except it was as if everything around me was just like moving in a fluid motion, and every single human being I was around just seemed obselete. Even though I knew I didn't need to, I had the urge to speak to people that I had been deliberately ignoring for the past year. One thing that I had not noticed but someone asked why my teeth were grinding non-stop. I quickly adjusted my attitude to hide the fact that I was on something, since all the people around me seemed either concerned or entertained by my behavior. 

8:00-one thing I had always been interested on is what my pupils would look like when I was rolling. Since the banquet was at my school commons, there was a bathroom right around the corner. I walked down the hallway toward the bathroom, and as I was walking I realized how good it felt to rub my arms and sides, wow, it sent this unbelievable relaxation through my body. My mental state was also affected, as it felt as if I was the only person in the world, and nobody could hurt me, or do anything to change that, I literally felt almost invincible.

I walked into the bathroom as a VIP would walk into a room full of other important people, with my head high, and my chest puffed out. As I glanced over at the mirror, I noticed the GQ grin I had plastered on my face, and I realized how attractive I was. This surely boosted my ego for the rest of the night. I came closer to the mirror to examine my eyes. Holy shit! My pupils took up nearly all of my eye, they really did look like saucers. For some strange reason, this amused my and I started to laugh about it too. Before I left, I splashed some water on my face to cool myself off. 

8:25-I sat down at one of the tables, ready for them to hand out our certificates, and Varsity letters. Whenever they announced a kids name to accept their awards, people clapped. But this was no ordinary experience for me. The simoultaneous clapping of everybody's hands just completely enveloped my ears kind of like that constant serene monotone that I hear when I'm underwater. It gave me this calming feeling, and I had no other choice but to clap along with everybody. 

8:40-I was enjoying this new experience when all of the sudden the coach announced my name. I quickly shot out of my trance-like state, and went to retrieve my award. I zoomed up to the podium and snatched it, but smiled at the crowd before me, still with my boosted ego, still with my gigantic pupils, and still with my eagerness to be noticed by everyone in the crowd. Once again, I was consumed by the ocean of clapter, and I just marinated in the attention.

I returned to my table, and one of my friends noted my strange behavior. I quietly explained my situation to her, and she took it as a reason to look out for me, and make sure I didn't do anything too stupid. Nobody could see my saucer pupils, since I have brown, almost black eyes, but I still made sure that I never made direct eye contact with anybody.

9:00-the banquet ended and we were on our way home. Little did I know that I hadn't even reached my peak yet.

9:15-we got home and damn I realized that I had to still find the wallet that I had lost the night before. The first place I looked was in my car trunk. Never before had I scoured through a mess before with so much intent to find what I was looking for. I once again tore my shirt off feeling unnaturally warm and sweating. I didn't end up finding my wallet, but I did find a smashed and pressed 1.7 gram of Hydro that my stepbrothers dad had given me for my birthday. Surprisingly, I just tossed the sack to the side, pissed about not finding my wallet. I usually treat my frosty green with the upmost respect, just not in this instance.

Eventually I made my way inside of the house and down to my room. I felt like a God inside of my room. I had a sudden urge to get on the floor and do abdominal exersizes and pushups. Whenever I stood back up after an exersize, I felt this overwhelming surge of pleasure and euphoria, I thought that a nice cool shower would make me feel even better. The shower only made me feel more like Superman. I wanted to jump out butt-ass-naked and run down my street in appreciation of the world as it was. 'I'm very happy now that I didn't end up doing that'. 

9:30-I wasn't on the same feeling I had earlier, but I noticed that music sounded absolutely incredible. I could flow with the music and understand every verse that filled up my head. I got satisfaction from understanding the music which sent me into another exersizes-on-my-floor spree...once again accompanied by a rush of euphoric pleasure. 

10:15-I got called up to eat. As I sat in front of my chicken and cheese burrito, somehow baffled by the fact that they had the nerve to put food in front of me. Food seemed unnecessary for survival at this point, I had the impression that only the weak needed food. I tried to take a bite, but immediately spit it out. Food had no taste, and was just like eating cardboard.
Food had no taste, and was just like eating cardboard.
I simply had no appetite or desire to taste anything. 

11:45-I went out for a late night run. The breeze felt like it was massaging me the whole two miles I had ran outside shirtless. 
12:10-I took another cool shower that really calmed me down. My pupils were back to normal size and I just figured that I had pretty much exersized my high away or something.

The next day I felt fine. There was no real hangover except a mild feeling of dissatisfaction. I felt like the world was back to its normal boring self. The only bad side effects I noticed were some red rashes along my stomach, arms and thighs. They didn't itch, they just looked pretty red.

Honestly, I had hell of an experience. And yes, I do plan on doing it again.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85653
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Feb 4, 2017Views: 1,246
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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