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Overwhelming Trip
5 MEO-DALT & and Napthylpyrovalerone
by barafundle
Citation:   barafundle. "Overwhelming Trip: An Experience with 5 MEO-DALT & and Napthylpyrovalerone (ID 85621)". Jun 28, 2010.

    IV Napthylpyrovalerone

BODY WEIGHT: 63.5 kg

Previous drugs taken -- Pot/grass -- amphetamines -- acid/LSD -- ecstacy -- heroin -- cocaine -- crack cocaine -- various Bezodiazapines Mephedrone -- BK(MDMA) and other RCs similar like MDPV. All injected at one time except Pot/grass, LSD and ecstacy

T+0min -- I prepared the 5 MEO-DALT (5-10mg) for injection wish a little amount of Naphyrone (5mg) too as previously Iíd tried them both orally in a capsual and enjoyed it lots.

T+3min -- Injection site found and inserted, injection went smoothly in right forearm.

T+4 -- 5min -- IMMIDIEATLY I lost control. I knew I was tripping, but it was soooo intense I couldnt think straight enough to tell myself it was a drug which would wear off in time like Iíve done on acid and mushrooms.

T+5 -- 30min approx -- I wandered around my room, knowing I should do something but not what. I tried to turn the music off, which was soothing at the start of the album (mogwai -- come on die young) but by the time certain songs came on it had to go off, but I couldnt barely touch the keypad, let alone figure out how to turn it off so I eventually found the mute and used that. Also during this time I was battling myself-- I KNEW it was a drug but it hit me so quickly and intensely and hard and overwhelmingly it was so tough to get my brain to accept it. I had imaginings of waking my parents and telling them gibberish and being taken to hospital or worse.

T+35min -- I was totally back to baseline. No after effects at all except a HEALTHY respect for this. This was not in the slightest enjoyable and I sincerely believe if it had lasted longer (the trip) then I wouldnt be in my own bed tonight and I would have woke my parents.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85621
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jun 28, 2010Views: 9,678
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