My Favourite!
4-Methylmethcathinone (Mephedrone)
by E
Citation:   E. "My Favourite!: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (Mephedrone) (exp85212)". Jul 29, 2010.

  oral Pharms - Cyclizine (daily)
    oral Codeine (daily)
    repeated insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)


I do not have a scale so cannot give accurate amounts, however each line and bomb is the same amount:

bomb= roughly four keys worth
Line= 5 keys worth

Starting positions
Me: Taking cyclizine and cocodamol prescription drugs for other probs, can differentiate symptoms from illness and from drugs

quite happily, will not be including my normal symptoms unless unsure. Have snacked throughout day not eaten full meal since

morning (started drugs at 11:30 PM) Had long nap before taking drugs. Still tired but more morning tired than ready for bed

Partner: Partner is aware starting position is one of worst possible, emotional state had a shitty two weeks, physically

large meal at start of day with me, had been munching steadily throughout day, was mildy stoned at begginging, been smoking

small joints steadily for approx 12 hours. Not tired but starting to wind down.

T10 Me and partner Took a bomb and did line at same time, hoping for 4 hour stint of fun. Still hitting my throat already

feeling a little buzzy, concentration going down but can still function fine. Trying to type faster than I actually can but

not massivly. Both feeling pleasently awake, and happy.

T40 Me and partner did another line because buzz was wearing down, line making me gag (mainly due to hitting throat),

partner gagged for first time (may be due to doing more than usual). Partner standing up wanted more dancy music, me still in

mood for RnB slow(er) music. Me controlling music (v.odd as partner loves doing this) as we are at different levels. Partner interjecting a lot, low attention span, have played 2 songs since starting this section. Teeth little numb, little shaky

little cold, partner tidying to keep busy, apartment feels messier than normal, more aware of surroundings yet cant concentrate (partner has attempted to tidy multiple sections of room but failed due to moving around so much).

T55 Havnt stopped discussing this file since last section, very chatty reading out loud enjoyable, great conversation about what to write. Partner now doing dishes succesfully. Partner feels happy, is worried coming down, could be urge to redose, wants faster music or at least higher volume. Large chunk just hit throat, sore throat think this is due to prior symptoms not drugs. Have asked partner same question multiple times and keep forgetting has asked already. Playing faster music definatly coming up. Faster music helping come up, partner dancing as cleaning, me completly entertained by writing although running out of things to say.

Note: Have done this multiple times before, always found redosing a big problem, dont want to do too much as have done research and read that very large amounts (i.e over 5g in a month) can be dangerous, partner not concerned, has never had negative results not even a comedown. I tend to get very fatigued afterwards, and irritable, but far less than on ANY other drug, have done MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, bzp, weed, speed, and random concoctions previously so have experience. My fatigue could be more down to medical issues however and general unfitness. I tend to have more issues redosing than partner, partially due to being off on sick at moment and having no reason not too.

T1:10 Partner ran out of things to wash, has left several items to soak, having fun writing EVERY little detail probably will bore you to death I DONT CARE. Partner moved on to brushing hair, having trouble typing have to retype most words because hitting random keys. Line still hitting throat although less so, feeling very buzzy, bouncing in seat.

Note: Although I want to dance my medical issues gives me a painful stomach so i tend to bounce in seat instead, rest assured if could would be dancing right now!!!

T1:15 Partner feeling empathetic urges, urge to cuddle touch, trying to suppress sexual feelings, partner tends to get more sexual than me (we have found this is stronger when bombing as opposed to lines). I am not feeling sexual however touch is
very appealing in more friendly manner, will prob get more sexual later, is actually reading this out to partner rather than telling partner LOL. (Just said lol out loud, convinced this is funniest thing ever done). Partner not amused, taking over music. Partner better DJ. House/dance music current favourite, anything fast with good beat liked. Line still hitting.

Partner had strange urge to take shot of vodka, normally hates drinking, could be random (have read that alcohol + Mephedrone = BAD!!) Vision going slightly, harder to read screen though not impossible. Partner on 4th ciggarette since start, will have
one myself as seems like awsome idea! Convinced that is dancing really sexily and well (I know that I cant)

T1:35 Me being SUPER CHATTY have just talked straight since last note, doing another line to keep buzz up, im still feeling very up and dancy. Partner less chatty, more dancy and sexual, finding me slightly annoying (usually is fine with my super chattyness). Purposefully toning down chattyness, not difficult, although stil reading outloud. Given up on spelling dont care as much, very happy world is awsme right now. PArtner plateu'd, getting ready to jump back up (have found that playing pumpy music helps get buzz better). Partner (comparitive to start) feeling good, not super happy awsome fun time, just generally good, no negative. Partner very much suppressing sex urges dont want to affect me. Partner annoyed at feeling sexual and me not.

Note: Sex is a oddity when we do this. The first time we both really wanted it, and everything felt amazing, however I quickly felt sick due to movement, this may be due to my illness rather than drugs, however I have found that mephedrone does make it slightly worse.

T2:05 finding it hard to write, dancing a lot and chatting about random things, im peeing a lot partner finding peeing hard, teeth grinding a little but nowhere near as much as previous, finding typing easier, have hit nice point that seem to be staying at.

T2:25 Still finding writing hard dont have the attention span, trying experiment, will be doing half a key each every ten minutes to see if this works in keeping buzz up. Have plateu'd again, did jump up for twenty minutse headbanging like crazy, loving hardcore dance right now, switching into happy hardcore, I am very content with life and happy - partner feeling very nice also. Have both been googling random things to keep ourselves entertained, topic of conversation changes drastically and often.

T2:30 Smiling a lot more, feeling REALLY happy now! Key hit really fast feeling more pumped, about the same level as high with cocaine (different type of high though, less invincibility, more acceptance)

T2:35 Partner dancing like mad, small redosing DEFINATLY awsome, smoking rally enjioyable, doing half a key every ten mjinutes great idea, god i cant even type im so bouncy!#

T2:45 Doing another half key, ten minutes too often switching to every 15 minutes, watching porn to try and get me into same mood as partner

T2:50 Feeling more sexual and experimental than usual, partially due to porn, Cant stop smoking

T3:00 Another half key, this really works keeping at perfect high, really dancy jump happy, cant stop smiling/smoking.

Partner feeling sexy happy dancy VERY energetic, just GREAT! Feel like have hit as high as can get, partner wishes i could dance standing up (due to medical stuff dancing stnading up hurts very quickly so tend to avoid so as not to spoil fun)

T3:10 Partner really loving it, did another full key by myself to keep up, loving this high its indiscribable!

T3:15 going to haver shower sex BRB!

T3:45 Back!!! shower is AWSOME didnt want to leave, sex was odd mix of insatiable touchyness, yet found it much harder to climax than normal, when did felt slightly better than normal but not SUPER AWSOME, think partially cos I was coming down slightly whilst doing it! Both doing another full key to get back up. Very thirsty still craving ciggarettes but nearly out.


NOTE: Buzz seems controllable via music, dance music we wanna dance, rock we wanna conquer the world, trance we go euphoric.

We like the dance best :D

T3:50 Partner says sex was v.good, not so talkative atm

T3:55 Liking menthol ciggarettes(stole partners) normally HATE THEM. Bizzare

T4:05 Both did another key, just listening to music bobbing in chairs and watching the music videos. Also tried playing audiosurf, quite possibly the ONLY game one can play on this stuff well!

T4:15 Another key, considering taking last one in 15 minutes then letting the comedown hit (already 15 minutes over entire planned trip! Told ya redosing was compulsive)

T4:30 Both did two large keys to finish off, planning on bed in an hour, may have joint later to bring down (have found the two mix well, specially when trying to sleep)Have resorted to pulling apart fag butts to make a rollie, oh the shame! But
right now i dont care overwhelming urge to smoke

T4:40 Really peaking listeniing to happy hardcore and its not fast enough! Partner restless so is playing music via youtube to occupy self, I am just happily smoking not a care in the world!

T4:50 Partner has discovered that moving is AMAZING feel light and airy going more euphoric than dancy now coming down slightly, partner is tensing muscles then releasing, it makes a wave shoot across your body that feels just orgasmic!

T4:55 Partner decides to do another bump because wholeheartedly enjoying experience, I follow suit!!!

T5:00 Partner realises has not had drink for couple hours, cant stomach pop but is fine with water, says pop feels odd going down not nauseus. Both took another key! Tried to take key out of bag, nearly droped whole thing partner had to save it, worrying since we bought 25G before it got made illegal!

T5:05 serious dry mouth, finding licking rizla to roll very hard!

T5:10 Just puked a shitload, didnt even feel nasues puked mid sentence! Puking does happen to me normally due to sickness, but usually I get at least some warning first! Didnt feel that unpleasent strangly, not nice but not unpleasent. Afterwards feel a little queezy but ok! hope this doesnt affect my buzz

T5:15 Both doing another key, having tooo much fun to stop! Very impatient with music, listening to hardcore dance mixs on youtube. Doing little and often is obviously best with this drug

T5:20 Have comedown slightly, keys becoming not enough to keep buzz up, have determined to take last key in ten minutes (how many times have I said that now lmao), partner has come down slightly from seeing me puke, touch of realism to the high. can now type fine, also just noticed pupils are MASSIVE!

T5:30 Feeling nauseous again but fine, both did LAST key (honest!, for reference we originally planned to be in bed 2 hours ago) Partner put mephedrone in draw to prevent further use. Only just noticed jaw clenching think have been doing for a while, partner STILL dancing! (this is impressive as we are both unfit and have no stamina to speak off!) Pendulum - slam is my new favourite song, as well as lethal bizzle Go go go

T5:40 Feeling anti-hungry, idea of eating doesnt really make me nauseous i just dont WANT to, this is normal for this drug ive found, despite not having eaten for 18 hours yet. Also weird al = awsome! Fast is better right now really peaking, heart racing breathing like crazy, just breathing feels awsome, still nauseous but i think that may be due to illness (the cyclizine i was on has worn off by now, anti-nausea tables, taking another one now dont want night to end badly!)

Note: have found that cocodomol does make me more nauseous on mephedrone however cyclizine is fine from previous experiences

T5:45 Partner now grinding teeth, smoking joint starting to come down, i am not but will at end to get to sleep, partner usually finds that is grinding teeth throughout whole night, we are both overly intrigued by this concept. Partner says still feels awake, but can tell is using energy he doesnt have. I feel completly fine and buzzed, but then i had a nap before we started so this makes sense.

T5:55 Having joint to come down, now listening to psytrance to enjoy the light euphoria while it lasts. Back started to hurt from moving around

T6:00 Feeling very nauseous now, prolly due to sickness as partner is fine, careful breathing and sipping drink helps, now gently rocking rather than bouncing

T6:02 Hot flashes still feel happy though, opened door to get some fresh air

T6:03 Time going very slowly now, even with door open i know i am cold but still feel tingly and sweaty as if overheating

T6:04 Drinking a lot, partner told to stop will do, have read there is a danger of death through drinking too much

T6:08 Jittering a little, now feeling cold again but sweaty, just puked again, less enjoyable than last time and still nauseous, controllong the urge not to constantly drink. Partner playing relaxing music to get us to come down gently, I suddenly feel still awake but more normal, probably due to puking whatever was in my stomach. Despite puking on empty stomach which is normally incredibly painful for me, didnt hurt that much, most likely evidence of the numbing effect of mephedrone, nowhere near that of cocaine though

T6:10 Feeling very lovy dovy towards partner, not more than could randomly feel normally then. Feel relaxed yet buzzy, to live in this particular state would be amazing.

T6:20 Partners stomach hurting from hunger bizarly, this happened to me once before. would suggest eating beforehand, even if only a sandwich. Partner still doesn't feel compelled to eat despite this,and is still in fact repelled by food (same as previous, not nausea just not wanting too)

T6:22 Only just noticed sore throat and puke taste in mouth, odd that I didn't notice this right after puking but think the numbyness is wearing down. Still slight visual distortion but typing speed fine me and partner just sitting listening to light psytrance, not talking anymore. Watching bunnies in garden fascinating.

T6:55 Feeling slightly less nauseous, teeth grinding a lot more, partner departing soon still not feeling sleepy enough to go to bed just yet

T7:15 Partner has had two blunts, usually enough to knock him out cold, hes feeling mellow, a little tired, yawning but not enough to sleep. Jaw clenching both of us solidly, debating making food, but partner doesnt want me to throw up. Im still higher than he is, possibly because i am smaller and did the exact same doses as he did. Both rocking gently dont want to sit completly still

T7:25 Having last ciggarette, feeling slightly nauseous again, listening to relaxing music still rocking very slightly, very slight visual distortion. Still grinding teeth, they kind of squeek which is fascinating me. Partner making food decide its safest to stay off food for now (i often dont have more than one meal a day anyway). Partner is considering just not sleeping as we feel fine

T7:30 Both feel like weve just woken up after a good nights sleep (please note it is now 7am), slightly achy. This is odd, normally we crash about now and sleep all day and screw up our sleeping patterns! May be due to new idea of key'ing small amounts repeatedly.

T7:40 Still grinding teeth, feel mostly normal although still rocking and slightly cold, still a little buzzy when talking. Partner eating, still slightly bouncy but mostly normal also

T8:05 Just managed to stop rocking, partner been watching tv for a while now. For the first time doing this stuff dont want to redose, although considering dosing tommorow.

T8:15 Partner crashed and has gone to bed, think i will be following in half hour or so

T8:25 Still getting visuals, grinding yawning now though want to force myself to stay up another 20 minutes so can sleep properly

T8:45 Going to bed, set alarm for 8 hours so as not to freak out sleep pattern too much, will update this in morning


Had some minor issues sleeping, kept waking up, however lying there still and awake was pleasureable and I felt like I was getting good rest from it. Partner has upset stomach now, this often happens to us the day after, however other than that feels completly fine. I slept longer than my partner and feel quesy, and my shoulders are killing me, think i slept oddly on them last night. My arms kept getting super tingly all night must have trapped a nerve or something as dont normally get this. Wouldn't want to have to do anything today, but would be able to if have to, have noticed unusually for me that my teeth are still clenching very slightly! Also I am a little irritable, similiar to p.m.t. Definatly think that taking a little and often is the way to go with this drug, with the starting bomb to get up to the right level in the first place.

This drug has no physical addictive properties for me, but don't let that fool you - we have found it EXTREMLY addictive, which is odd for us as we have done cocaine and mdma and felt no need to redose. We bought a large supply of mephedrone, 25g, before
it was made illegal which in some ways i regret, as the constant thought is there to do more. The lack of a comedown means that this can be taken even when you have work the next day, or only want to be buzzed for a couple hours, unlike MDMA where
the knowledge that the day after would be seriously depressing stopped you from doing it at the wrong times.

Sometimes I have found myself overly fatigued during the days after, have interestingly found that doing a key of this stuff will bring me back up to normality and I'll be fine.

All in all this is my current favourite drug, partner still likes weed as his standard but this is his favourite upper drug, never thought anything could outshine my lovely MDMA! Remember if you feel like its rushing out of control, put on some trance and youll come right down again! Have fun.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85212
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jul 29, 2010Views: 10,099
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