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My Brief Career as a Crazy Person
Smoking Blends (K2)
by nrs
Citation:   nrs. "My Brief Career as a Crazy Person: An Experience with Smoking Blends (K2) (exp85083)". May 1, 2010.

2 g smoked Products - Smoking Blends - Cannabis-Like


It all started like everything else, a fad,a rush, uncharted territory and a chance to tell the man to fuck himself, this is legal I'll smoke this where I please. I bought two 4 gram bags of k2 in a headshop outside of town it came in a inconspicuous bag that said the contents of the package in question shouldnt be exposed to static electricity.

After buying the goods I drove home and rather eagerly stuffed a cyclone blunt full of it and went outside to indulge myself in the perfect weather. Coming up I felt like I'd taken a steep hit off of my water bong, I noticed that everything looked much brighter and the sounds of the birds started to really get on my nerves, I went inside to be in less chaotic surroundings.

I made a beeline to my room because I felt very inspired and wrote for at least an hour about any subject my brain could get its hands on. I started to notice my body felt sore and very heavy afterwords, I also felt feverish and hot. My friend called me later and asked if I wanted to smoke some with him because I told him I would be buying some and he had never partaken in it before.

We smoked and joked and he described it as how you feel when you just step off of a roller coaster and your trying to find your land legs, I thought this fitting. I enjoyed my first time so much that I found myself doing it every day for the rest of the month, doing at least 2 grams a day. Some days I would be very inspired other days very very paranoid, I'm already a very anxious, depressed person who has pretty bad attention problems. So the weeks following lift off, at first in a stressful work environment I was performing better, but going along I found myself getting very angry all the time and without any reason to.

The last week everyday I smoked I would have extreme bouts of involuntary muscle spasms, I could feel the blood running in my veins I thought my body was falling apart, not to my surprise the day after I would always be extremely sore. So I guess in retrospect I would say, that it was an interesting drug that was a mix between in my mind, mushrooms and meth, though entertaining and legal I found it not to be worth the cost to buy or the damage it will do to my body and mind.


Clarity of thought
Sound is fantastic


Extreme muscle spasms (not just my experience many of my friends had the same thing occur)
The world seems very foreign
Irrational thoughts
Delusions of bad health

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 1, 2010Views: 8,005
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