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My New Favorite Thing to Sniff!
by Psychedelic Magnate
Citation:   Psychedelic Magnate. "My New Favorite Thing to Sniff!: An Experience with 2C-E (exp84983)". May 1, 2010.

12 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)


The following is a summary of three experiences I recently had with 2C-E. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-I'm a big guy, and I am an uncanny hard-head to psychedelics which is twisted and unfair because tripping is my favorite thing to do.

-I've done just about every drug between once and ten times, but more importantly, there are only a few drugs that I've done more times than I could possibly remember. In order of frequency, they include marijuana, alcohol, LSD, and mushrooms. Relevant to this chemical, I have done 2C-I, 2C-B and 2CT-2 a handful of times each, and preferred 2C-B to the rest.

-Never taken any prescriptions or medications for anything.

-As far as my mental state, suffice to say that I have a very good life, a great job, and wonderful family and friends.

-In all my years, I've only had about two or three bad trips. I have never had an ego death but I desire one greatly.

-The cannabis that I use is mid-low grade. Usually a bowl will keep me going for an hour.

Trip 1 (12mg insufflated)

I have just obtained a digital mg scale and a 100mg sampler pack of research chemicals, including 2C-E. I have done a small quantity of 2C-E before, but it was taken simultaneously with a very large dose of 2C-B and therefore it was as if I had taken none at all. I've experimented with 2C-B, 2C-I, and 2C-T-2 a handful of times each, at various doses. Being impatient, I almost always choose to insufflate my chemicals if possible, as I hate long come ups and long comedowns. My most intense trips were 40mg 2C-T2 insufflated and a large, eyeballed quantity of 2C-B (~40mg). Both of these trips were with experienced sitters, and the effects were bordering on overkill. Psychedelic effects seemed to take a back seat to body load. Knowing this, and desiring a medium-intensity solo trip, I expected 20mg of 2C-E insufflated would be sufficient, and I could redose if necessary.

I did a last minute perusal of the 2C-E vaults online and what's this? Unlike the other 2C's, this chemical's potency appeared to be DOUBLED by insufflation. 'This can't be right,' I thought. Why on earth would the difference be so pronounced? The chemical's all going to the same place, after all, right? Just to be on the safe side, I weighed out a smaller pile of the frustratingly cohesive white powder, which turned out to be 12mg. Events follow, some written during the experience and some written after. Sometimes it's apparent.

T+00:00 Insufflate 12mg 2C-E through right nostril. Lick up the remnants. Initially, it is not nearly as bad as any other 2c I have tried, but after a few minutes the pain intensifies greatly. It is concentrated just on my nostril, and comes in a dull throb.

T+00:05 YES. I am coming up fast and hard. Looking around the room in a daze. Definitely have to take a shit, and it's not a fake acid shit, but a real, legitimate shit. Nope, it was fake after all even though I swear I heard plops. I feel wonderful and out of control. I cannot believe how such a mundane action with such a small amount of powder can fuck up a full grown adult this incredibly. WOW.

T+00:10 I feel like I really need to do all body functions at once. Shit, piss, puke, sneeze, blow my nose. Straight lines are blurring and waving. For the first time in a very, very long time, I actually have the hallowed realization that 'I think I took too much.' Historically, any time I consider that possibility, I KNOW that I have reached a solid +++ and that it will be a memorable trip. Thus far, the body load has not been nearly as intense as other 2Cs I've tried. Body quivering, vibrating, shivering. Right on the edge between uncomfortable and comfortable. I must not take this experience for granted. Every minute that goes by is a minute lost forever. Rainbow patterns developing on white surfaces. Why have I not puked yet? Am I going to puke?

T+00:20 Eating my own snot. Scatterbrained. Uneasy. I have put on some warm clothing and need to go outside.

T+00:30 Maybe peaking. Who the fuck knows. THIS IS FUCKING TIGHT!!!!!

T+01:10 I have been wandering around the woods listening to psybient music (Shulman), dancing occasionally. Good, standard hallucinations that grow more complicated the more I stare at them. At seemingly random times, I will have an extraordinarily intense hallucination that is based on the music I'm hearing. Like holding out for as long as possible during sex, I am trying to hold out on smoking weed, as I know that it tarnishes most of my psychedelic experiences. At the moment, I have no fucking idea how to differentiate these effects from, say, a mushroom or LSD trip even though I've had the taller side of fifty trips between the two of them and I know for a fact that all three of these chemicals are categorically different.

T+01:40: I may be starting to come down. Or I've been coming down for a while. Or I haven't started to come down at all. I don't know, pick one. Objects in my periphery bend and swirl while objects in my direct focus stay almost entirely unchanged. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see what I am seeing. Where is the point in living if you can't see every angle? EVERYTHING is vibrating, quivering. Certain letters appear as different colors. For example, B and M have an orange hue whereas every other letter appears more bluish. I am more easily distracted than normal, and that's saying something. My right nostril has been plugged the entire time.

T+02:15: Hit ++ and go for a three mile jog. I have to stop and walk several times more than normal. My body seems unprepared for physical activity and functions clumsily. I am not stumbly, like when drunk, but have a slightly unsteady gait. I hate running, but this is particularly unenjoyable.

T+02:55 Just smoked a bowl. Time dilation begins to occur much more noticably. I can hear two separate clocks ticking in my kitchen, and their volumes are oscillating greatly in an alternating pattern. There are occasional 'burps' when I perceive a second being delayed for perhaps an extra half-second. I've come to the realization its impossible to rationalize anything, mainly because I'm high and too lazy to piece together / attempt to explain anything. I go lie in bed and stare out the window. Crossing my eyes exponentially increases the intensity of my hallucinations, and for a time I entertain myself by having one side of my double vision follow the other side without varying the distance between the two images.

T+03:15 I realize that I have been breathing very quickly, and elect to take much deeper breaths. This significantly calms me down and releases much of the MDA cloak that had been building up in my body. I feel like a force from deep within my chest is pulling my jaw shut very tight, and when I try to open my mouth, my teeth chatter slightly.

T+03:45 Take a shower, and drop to a +. The effects henceforth are nearly undetectable.

Trip 2 (10mg insufflated)

My second trip on 2C-E occurred four days later. A good friend of mine, a beginner psychonaut, arrived from out of town and I offered him as much 2C-E as he wanted, but he said he would only do it under the condition that I dosed first. No qualms here! Very pleased with my earlier dose, at 8:00pm I weighed out 10mg and snorted it again. I did not create a dose chart for this experience out of laziness, although on retrospect I wish that I had.

The body load was not as bad this time, although it is notable that I had the exact same 'fake shit' at the exact same time interval. This one felt even more real. I was under the impression that both my internal and external anal sphincters had relaxed to such a point that shit was literally pouring out of me, however I did not check because I was too entranced with the 'magic-eye' images that began popping out of my wallpaper while I strained to pinch a fabricated log. Other than that, the symptoms were light quivering, a feeling of being chilly, and very light nausea. Once I had started to come down, my body load declined to a very enjoyable 'swaddled' feeling, akin to a sizeable dose of MDMA (150mg give or take). There was warm pressure on most of my body, which made me comfortable enough to lie down. One small thing I noticed was a strange 'princess and the pea' awareness of points of discomfort. I was very easily able to pinpoint points of dull pain on my body while lying on a couch, and upon checking I realized that there were a few pens strewn BENEATH the cushion in exactly the spots where my dull pain was. This lasted for several hours after my second trip, but pretty much ceased at the end of my first.

My main revelation this trip was 2C-E's relationship to other drugs. Normally, mushrooms, DMT, and ecstacy are pretty empathogenic for me, making the focus of my trip centered around the people I am with and developing stronger relationships with them. LSD, on the other hand, puts me in a much more analytical, ego-driven, selfish place where I withdraw from the company of others and reside in a more distant, existential headspace. I found immediately that 2C-E had similar qualities in that I was not happy with my obligation to spend time with my friend. As he waffled and considered whether or not to dose, I began to develop a slight paranoia complex rooted in the fact that if he didn't wind up dosing, our interactions would be strained for the rest of his visit. Many times I considered just going elsewhere in the house and attempting to salvage the rest of my trip alone. Finally, however, my friend dosed 10mg orally and the weight was lifted.

The hallucinations I experienced the second time were slightly reduced, but this may have been because my focus was partially on my friend. In my so-far limited experience with this chemical, the minor, constant visuals are similar to LSD, but every once in a while a random queue will bring on a short surge of intense hallucination. These instances appear to occur only when I have been staring at something for a very long time. I will zone out, and then suddenly come to realizing that I am still looking at the exact same thing, but rather than seeing, say, a fireplace and a chair, I see merely the colors that make up these two objects. I have no hope of piecing together what I'm's almost as if the sensory information is flowing to my brain normally but simply cannot be interpreted. These hallucination events steadily increase in intensity but are entirely voluntarily ended, meaning that I can escape from them whenever I wish but cannot choose when to initiate them. The more intense the hallucination becomes, the more likely I am to hit the eject button, and I have the strong (but untested) feeling that there is no limit to how far down the spiral these excursions could conceivably take me. The trouble is not chickening out!

By the time I had definitely started to come down, my friend had redosed 10mg orally. He spoke on the phone at length until he'd begun to trip hard. This caused a sort of 'reawakening' of my own trip, where the gradual comedown stopped at ++ and plateaued again for a few hours at least. During this time period, I drank three beers, which in my past would be about a third of the way to a buzz. However, I've been laying off the sauce in general for the better part of a year now and I am significantly affected by them. The alcohol, for perhaps the first time in my history, actually synergized with my 2C-E. I was much more loose-tongued with this combination, where before I was short on words as usual with psyches. The beer seemed to helped convert my body load into comfort and more of the warm robe feeling. It did not, however, help me go to bed, as I didn't manage to sleep until the wee hours.

As usual, music played a very large role in my trip, especially (and obviously) psytrance and ambient music. I listened to the same three albums by Shulman that I listen to during most of my trips these days, and as usual they did not disappoint in the slightest. I can verify that certain portions of songs have reliably brought me to a markedly more intense state of hallucination. I am convinced that this is not a mere effect of the normal waxing and waning of a trip during the plateau. The same musical effects themselves brought on this deepening of misperception during BOTH of my trips.

Trip 3 (27mg oral, 13mg insufflated)

It's been almost two weeks since my last excursion with 2C-E and it's time to see how oral administration compares to insufflated. Although I will be taking the same level of dosage as before, I realize that the duration will be extended and intensity will most likely decrease. A double edged sword, this may give me some more time to reflect on the effects but may not produce strong enough effects to be notable. Set and setting are nearly identical to my first trip, with the exception that my mother is home. She doesn't know what I will be doing, and this will not be an issue as I don't intend to spend much time around her. If she does find out, she will be both unsurprised and unconcerned as she knows of my obsession with psychedelics and the caution that I (typically) use. It's sunny, slightly chilly, and windy outside. I have a full stomach, but oh well.

T + 00:00 (13:30): Weigh out and parachute 27mg of 2C-E.

T + 00:30: I'm acutely aware of the throbbing of blood through my body and the butterflies are just getting ready to take off. However, I can tell right away based on how I'm feeling that I won't be reaching a +++ for another hour at the very least, so I'll be smoking a bowl momentarily to pass the time until my trip takes off.

T + 01:15: Not a whole lot more come-up yet and still a +. Probably a result of my eating a full meal both before and after ingestion. I expect another hour at least before initial effects take hold.

T+ 02:15: Slowly creeping into a ++. I don't think I can reach a +++ on this dose, and in my experience nothing is more infuriating than being in the in-between. I want to be either intoxicated or at baseline. Therefore, I am about to redose.

T+ 02:30: I've just insufflated 13mg. This ought to be good. I am headed outside for sure. Instant, strong +++.

Unfortunately, from this point forward, I was unable to create a very good time chart because I was far too involved in the experience. The few times I attempted, I was unable to write more than a few scattered thoughts. After insufflation, I immediately went outside and wandered around in the woods some more while listening to music, much like I did during my first trip. However, this experience was much less enjoyable due mainly to the highly increased body load. I found that this large dose seemed to throw out the baby with the bathwater; the negative effects were slightly intensified and because of this I was not able to focus on the positives. The intricacy and duration of my hallucinations did not grow with the dose, and my main feeling during the first hour of the trip was unease.

After an hour or so, the body load finally began to fade and I was finally able to get some semblance of enjoyment out of my trip. Even so, I was definitely not able to piece together the actual effects and get them on to paper (all I managed to write was 'typing is exceedingly difficult, as is everything else'). Despite the fact that I have no documentation, I am confident that the trip paled in comparison to my first two even though I consumed nearly 4x as much 2C-E and held all other factors as constant as possible. It is comforting to know that I am not missing out on anything by taking lower doses from now on. Lesson learned! Only took about 5 years...


These experiences got me very, very excited about 2C-E. It is definitely the most potent research chemical I've tried so far, and it's obvious that 2C-E has the rare quality of melting my hard-headedness. Too often I take a less than adequate dose of pick-a-psych due to expense and spend the majority of my trip ho-humming about wanting to feel more. It appears that the esteemed Mr. Shulgin has just made intermittent visits to my favorite vacation spot extraordinarily easy and cheap. Yes, cheap. Let me put it to you this way, O my fellow frugal psychonauts:

Online, 10g 2C-E is available for $660.00 USD. That's no less than 1000 'heavy' insufflated doses or 333 'heavy' oral doses for $0.66 and less than $2.00 apiece, respectively. So the question is, would you rather drink a 40oz of Old English or have three mind-bending psychedelic trips?

As obvious as it may be, I wish to mention in closing the benefits (and drawbacks) of insufflation. Although technically I haven't yet had a full oral trip on 2C-E, knowledge of my own body and its reaction to other similar chemicals has led me to believe that oral administration is significantly less intense, even at doses much larger than insufflated doses. Insufflation brings on the experience alarmingly fast; fast enough to surprise even a jaded hard-head like myself. I would definitely, definitely not recommend insufflation to anyone without plenty of experience with psychedelics, especially RCs. The body load I get from insufflating 2Cs makes the body load from oral dosing literally non-existent in comparison. The first 20 minutes in general are especially difficult, and even in the isolation of my own home with my own, preselected set and setting, I felt quite uneasy and even somewhat fearful. It's no wonder most RC-related deaths involved insufflation.

However, on the plus side, the magic of insufflation is in the duration. Let's be honest; we live in a busy world and it's hard enough to make ends meet with the limited time we have. Working 50 hours a week does not leave much time for a bi-weekly epic 16-hour trip, so it's pretty convenient to have a chemical that can be sniffed in the late afternoon and leave enough comedown time for at least a few hours of shut-eye before it's back to the 8:00am grind. And if it just so happens that the experience requires less of the chemical and affords a higher-intensity trip, then I guess we can have our 2C-E and snort it, too!

Be safe, noggin scramblers!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84983
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: May 1, 2010Views: 21,005
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