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Lost Time During High Dose Candy Flip
Citation:   hoodoo meat bucket. "Lost Time During High Dose Candy Flip: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp84938)". Jan 20, 2021.

5 hits oral MDMA
  5 hits oral LSD
I've been thinking lately about an experience I had almost a decade ago when I took 5 hits of acid and 5 of X together (all at once) and experienced something so strange and so different from all my previous psychedelic experiences, of which there have been many, that I have always wondered if it was a unique experience or if others have had the same experience. I've been searching the internet the last few days in hopes of finding someone who went through the same thing that I did, but so far all the accounts I have read were very different from what I went through that night.

First of all, both the acid and the X were very pure and very strong. The night started out very normally; myself and 3 friends were driving to a big commercial rave in san bernardino. It was not a usual destination for us as we were typically underground desert party goers. Small parties, like Integral were our usual haunt. Seriously, this rave was more like a carnival, on a huge fenced in lot with cops and waterslides and at least a dozen DJ's all playing at once. There were thousands of people there. The parking lot looked like disneyland's.

I first started feeling the effects of the candyflip in the car. We decided to pull over at a circle k to get some drinks and smokes. I was feeling very giddy and a bit mischievous. Basically I was feeling good and optimistic about the adventure ahead. When we got to the rave we parked very far away from the entrance and started walking what seemed like about a mile. As we were walking I felt the drugs surging stronger within myself, but nothing I couldn't handle. I definitely started to feel reality slipping a bit, however, but I was still coherent and aware of my surroundings. We got close and my friend B. decided to jump the fence and try to get in without a ticket. This was crazy because she got caught and was being taken away by security (or cops, I can't remember which). The rest of us went after her because we didn't want to be separated. The officials told us all to leave and not try to enter the festival, but we tried to get in a little while later and were caught. The next thing I remember is being in some holding area with what I think were cops.

At this point things were really glowing visually -- way beyond any acid trip I have ever had. I don't want to say 'cartoons' because that is such a cliche, and it was more than that, but there really is no way to describe verbally the difference between a normal acid trip visuals and the candyflip visuals I was experiencing. I remember seeing this tree that was lit up by lights and blowing in the wind and being mesmerized by it. Then we were put in a white van and driven to the parking lot and threatened with jail if we tried to get in again. At this point I was tripping very hard. I was starting to lose my grip on reality for sure. After this things become disjointed in my memory. I know at some point I lost my friends (who had not taken as much substance as I had). They say I rushed off by myself and lost them in the labyrinth of the parking lot (the lot was filled with people hanging out and doing things. It was like its own little rave unto itself). The last interaction with others I remember from that night was playing drums with some people in a jam and really playing on a level that I had never done before. I am not a drummer, but I do play guitar and drum along to trance music when I take X. But this time was crazy, it was like I was in my body and someone else was moving my arms. It felt like I was possessed or something (in the morning my hands hurt and were swollen).

The last memory of my state of mind cannot be described, I can only impart a simile of impression: I'll use the sense of sound as the simile. It was like my sense of the universe/reality/whatever was a very good stereo and the intensity was slowly being turned up and up and up throughout the night, until some critical mass/singularity was reached and then the sound was turned up very quickly and the speakers turned into a hundred speakers all around me all pounding into my brain. I just felt this incredible intensity about everything that came on very quickly, along with all the visual and other sensory input that was going on as well. Another way to say it is that it was like a flood of energy was pouring into me while simultaneously I was shooting out energy and both energy streams were surging through my consciousness. (this is a very weak way of imparting what I was experiencing, but it will have to do). The effect was completely overwhelming. It is at this point that I have no further memory of the night.

The next thing I remember is it being daytime (at least 6 hours later) and I am still in the parking lot. I am conscious and talking to someone I don't know. The weird thing is that even though I blacked out totally I believe that I was never unconscious (the ground was dirt and if I had fallen on it I would have been covered in dirt, and I was very clean). I have the feeling that I was interacting with others, going from place to place, but in my mind it was as if I had been in suspended animation for those hours and my brain didn't process any of it, as if what had happened to my way of perceiving was so foreign to my brain that it had no way of storing the information. In any case, my first memory upon my return to 'the world' was this guy giving me watermelon pop rocks. I put them in my mouth and said out loud, 'where's B.?' then I turned my head and saw her walking towards me. She then saw me about a half second after I saw her. Very weird coincidence. She told me that she had no idea what happened to me and hadn't seen me all night and had been looking for me. What was also weird to me is that there was no transition period from out of my blackout period to my return to reality. No hazy confusion. Just one second my brain is not registering anything and then suddenly, instantly I am talking to this guy and totally aware and functional. One would expect to be a little out of it mentally for at least a few seconds or minutes. But for me the 'return' was instantaneous. That is the most confounding part of my candyflip experience. What a mystery!! I wish I had an answer to what went on during those lost hours! Alas, I will never know. I wonder if anyone out there has had the same thing happen to them...?

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 84938
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Jan 20, 2021Views: 2,110
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MDMA (3), LSD (2), Police / Customs (60) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Combinations (3)

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