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There's Hope After All
by dru
Citation:   dru. "There's Hope After All: An Experience with AMT (exp8484)". Aug 2, 2001.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00 5.0 mg smoked AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30 30 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00 5.0 mg smoked AMT (powder / crystals)


Well as you may or may not know I've tried AMT once before this. It was a pretty crappy experience. I had NO REAL visuals, and I felt like complete crap. This bothered me alot, I took a dose that would get most people off and from what I read on the experience reports it is supposedly similar to candyflipping. But Shulgins reports seems like it was similar to mine which left me to question the authentisity of some of the reports at that time. But maybe that was a little ridiculous. Basically I was very reluctant to try it again, but I dont like to waste anything so I still kept the rest, I didnt wanna just toss a $100 worth(1gram), maybe I could find an use for it, perhaps it would come in handy if taken with another substance, like DMT maybe or something(it being an MAOI after all).

11:30pm - get home from a long day at work(watching videos)

12:00am - really really bored, a little tired, no more 5meoDMT, just pot and AMT

12:05am - time to break out the AMT, what have I got to loose, no work tomorrow.

NOTE:Last time when I took it I had no pot, I had just woken up basically, so my stomach may have been a little weak. Plus I read that sometimes with these substances the 1st time you take them you're not quite used to them so you may have a negative reaction the 1st time.

12:10am - capsuled up maybe 40-50mg(just guessing), down it goes.

12:12am - pop in a movie while I wait for it to begin.

2:45am - movie ends, AMT doesnt begin

3:00am - maybe I need to jumpstart it somehow, load 5-10mg on the tip of a cigarette and smoke it.

3:45 - kinda feeling something but not much

4:20 - smoke 1/2 of a left over J

4:30 - down another capsule containing about 30-40mg

4:45 - effects finally start to kick in. I feel a LITTLE bit comfortable not speedy at all. My heart is beating really fast but I can't dance or anything.

4:50 - smoked another cigarette with about 5-10mg.

5:00 - here's when the effects really start to kick in, I had stopped looking at the clock at this time and my sense of time was gone from here on, so I'll just have to tell you what happened.

The visuals gradually grew more intense. They were pretty strong, but they lacked beauty. The didnt have the liquidy flow of acid or shrooms. I mean things were definatly moving around all warped and stuff but sometimes things would appear normal, barely moving at all and then they would start again.

I had to go for a walk outside. Then I ahve to go back inside to get a hoody or something, it felt like it was freezing which is kind of odd seeing as how its late july. I went back out and went for a walk to see if anything looked cool. I have to say I was a little disappointed. Outside the visuals were signifigantly duller. Infact sometimes I couldnt even tell if I was fucked up at all. Disappointed I go back to my Apt.. The visuals also lacked color, with acid or DMT the colors are beatiful bright colors, with this the colors are very dull and everthing is uninteresting. Infact, that pretty much describes this stuff. If I learned anything from this experience it is that although the concept of taking a drug with no 'mindfuck' may seem very tempting to some and it also seemed kind of tempting to me too, but I learned that that's what tripping is all about. If you ever derrive pleasure from a drug it is because it is fucking with your mind in someway. Some mindfucks are better that others. Because of the way acid fucks with you is yhe way you percieve things is altered which is why I suspect the visuals are much better. E makes you extemely happy which is why you feel so good(mindfucking). if this stuff does fuck with your head it's in a very subtle not too good way.

As for the so called MDMA simularity, All I got that was close was a massive jaw clench, lot's of flutter vision, and touching felt a little good, but nothing close to E. The element of 'exstacy' was not there. Although others may have an experience similar to E, I did not. I think there's something wierd with me. I haven't rolled that much, I have some sort of natural tollernce to E. No matter what, even the 1st time I ever rolled, I'd have to take atleast 3 pills to feel anything, I dont feel anything from coke, I think amphetimes dont work to well on me or something, I'm not sure if that makes a differnce though. I had no energy the whole time, VERY lethargic. Music sounded boring, everthing was just boring/empty/hollow. Maybe I needed more I downed another 40-50mg. 15 min later I puked ALOT. It never intesified the effect. Maybe I should have eaten while I was on it to get some energy(I have low blood sugar sometimes)but I shouldnt need to. I really wanted to just fall asleep but I couldnt, I lacked the energy/drive to get up and take a shower, but eventually I managed. Sleep was ruff but I think I managed to fall asleep sometime after 5:00pm.

When I woke up at 11:00pm I had a slight headache, my teeth hurt, and I still had no energy what so ever. So the 12hr ride wasnt good, but it wasnt too bad either(nothing like the horrible 1st time). While this substance lacks the pleasure, it does get you pretty fucked up, I think this stuff would be great if taken with something else. I do think I will try more experiments with it but only with other substances.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8484
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 2, 2001Views: 7,153
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