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Amphetamines (Adderall)
by Pillman
Citation:   Pillman. "Glued: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp84803)". Aug 20, 2010.

  oral Amphetamines


I have throughout the years read about experiences on psychoactives. Some of them happen to be quite interesting. I never really thought about submitting my own experiences (oh so many) to Erowid. Although it happens to be a Saturday night and I am alone where I am currently residing.

It would only be custom for me to first bring some background before proceeding. I am on the outside just a regular 21 year old guy. I most likely demonstrate some odd characteristics, but for the most part seem like an everyday guy; this is not the case. I actually have multiple disorders and go through an immense amount of psychological pain everyday. At the age of 16 I had never used any substance of any sort to achieve a high or euphoric frame of mind. In fact I was so against using drugs you couldn’t pay me $50 just to take a hit off a cigarette. I was just absolutely against the whole theory on “getting high.” Until one rainy night that is.

I was riding with a friend and he was as usual trying to convince me to have a drink with him. I would respond as usual I would not. We had gone over this quite some time. At the time my OCD would not let me achieve any satisfaction from a substance for it was not natural and against my ethics. Then, as fast as a bolt of lightning it occurred to me. Drugs are just substances, nothing more. All this time I have been against drugs and they are chemicals found in the brain and substances just as natural as grass that grows. It was unbelievable how I could just go from using absolutely nothing to, the sky is the limit.

I always have to of had a solid foundation and supportive statements for what I am doing. I kind of argue with myself. That night I had my first drink; along with a hangover I don’t like to even think about. That was just initiation. I never have hangovers no matter how much I drink. I just need to remember to put some food on my stomach and it’s lights out for me, I fall asleep or become tired rather quickly. This may be the reason why I only drink at night or two to five hours at least before sleep. After this massive transition I would soon move up.

I went from drinking alcohol to smoking pot, from smoking pot to taking lines of cocaine. The first time I did cocaine I remember looking at the pile of white powder and saying I will forever do this. My OCD for the first time had gone completely away and I felt not just normal, but great. Cocaine would soon fail to live up to my expectations. I remember the last time I did cocaine I fell on my bed after doing a few lines and thirty minutes later felt horrible and fatigued. I also found some errors as I went along.

First, drinking was fun, but only lasted a short while and I would become tired. Smoking pot massively increases my OCD over time and has effects on me much like an LSD experience, except with twists of a bad “Trip.” Second, nearly 80 to 90 percent of the drugs I obtained from the street were so impure that the effects became extremely mild. To top it off, it was expensive. I have wasted quite a bit of money in a short amount of time. Although I was new to the “Drug Game” and I’m sure I showed it. Not anymore however. In fact, I refuse to touch street. Even if it is given to me, I wont use. I stick strictly to the pharmaceuticals. My supply “Comes straight from the Lab” as I say it, although to very few.

As of now I am currently feeling alright. I have been taking stimulants for so long I have gained an incredible tolerance for it; both physically and mentally. I just “popped” 90 mg of Adderall and 15 mg of Meth. I have smoked a cigarette and am typing this article. I am not writing about tonight though, I am writing about that one night I became “hooked.”

I had taken Adderall a few times before but felt nothing. Then one night around 7.00p.m a night of light came. I had only taken around 30 to 60 mgs of Adderall. I talked with some guy who happened to be there at the time and my OCD was quite active for different reasons. My other “friends” were upstairs with their girlfriends and the guy I was talking to soon fell asleep and I was left just watching a movie alone. I wasn’t expecting anything because the first few nights I had taken Adderall it did nothing. When I think on it now, most substances don’t effect me for the first couple of times. Anyhow, I was watching a movie and out of nowhere everything slows down. Just like “sheeewwwww!” I no longer move.

Sensations sweep through my body like never before. I cannot take my eyes off the television and I sit in a relaxed position for hours. Every object seems to be glued down. I have never felt this great before. All I remember is massive waves of euphoria running though my body and I stay up the whole night. I go through about five movies like this until daylight breaks. The next morning I could not believe the experience I had. It was around 7.00am and I call my brother. I am now coming down, but nothing like cocaine. I was content with the gradual decline and accept the effects wearing off not upset, but in good tone.

I always refer in my mind to that night being my best 'High.' I was completely relaxed and “glued down.” This is now a new catch phrase. If I'm so strung out on good stuff when referring to stimulants, I'm 'Glued'. There is a lot to continue on my activity with stimulants, but that night was one of the most enjoyable I ever had.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 84803
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Aug 20, 2010Views: 6,390
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