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The First Journey
DMT (extracted from M. tenuiflora)
Citation:   The Cheif. "The First Journey: An Experience with DMT (extracted from M. tenuiflora) (exp84719)". Jun 25, 2010.

  repeated smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
Before I start here is a little background of my situation, I have been a mild hallucinogenic user with no experiences in anything other than marijuana, shrooms, and salvia. I have always thought things through before jumping into them and the benefits outweighed any harm that I could find in any of the information I found on dmt. It has been about three months with just over 20 total experiences with many coming within the first 3 weeks. I have not had any lasting side effects due to the dmt and have completely enjoyed the following study of dmt. The only lasting effect dmt has had is the wonder and amazement in what we still donít know about our body, mind, and universe. I will try my best to explain my experiences but no words can come anywhere close to what one experiences while in this other dmt universe. In this realm it seems as the forces of nature do not apply, there is no direction or gravity. Many of the experiences occur in a dome like structure of immeasurable size.

So letís start from the beginning. Over the summer of 2009 I was introduced to a hallucinogenic named DMT. J mentioned to me this to and never did I expect to try it. After months of research on dmt I decided to attempt to create a batch. The first few attempts failed whether or not it was the process or lack of motivation I am not sure. Soon into my second semester I decided to make another go at it. This time I called in the help of D who has a better understanding of chemistry. Again this attempt just didnít feel right and the results left an impure dmt substance. After ditching the last batch and just about to give up on the process I found an extraction for Mimosa hostilis root bark. This extraction was similar to other processes Iíve seen but cuts out the defatting steps because with mimosa these steps are unnecessary. To my surprise this new extraction tech could give me a finished product within 2-6 days. After finding this I knew I had to make one more attempt.

After a few days and almost throwing away what was left of what I had I noticed a few crystals were forming at the bottom of the dish. So after a few more attempts I was happy with my product and ready to make a go at it. Within the 6 months from the time I heard of dmt and had a finished product I read countless entries of experiences and picked up the book ďthe Spirit MoleculeĒ by Dr. Straussman. After finishing my research on the dmt I was yet to find any serious negative side effects done by it. So when my research was complete and my product was finished I was ready to move on to the next step. Even after reading all about the dmt, nothing could have prepared me for what was about to follow.

One of the days within the next following week I woke up and saw the sun shining telling me spring is right around the corner. I knew that it was the right time to try out the dmt. So later that night I loaded about 35mg into a bowl and was ready to go with my two friends N and S watching over me. So I got through the first pull and felt no different so I moved onto a second. It was the third pull that I felt I high pitch noise as if I could hear the frequency of another world pulling at me. Instantly after that I looked around the room and noticed that I had an expanded perception of the room around me. It is difficult to describe in words but it felt like I had a panoramic view of the entire room. Then I noticed the colors became more vibrant as if a bright light was trying to push through the color itself. In an instant the entire room was then covered by interconnecting transparent diamonds. I looked towards my friends to my left and noticed that there faces were shifting and twisting but still recognizable. The last feeling I felt before coming back down was a pulling feeling as if something was lifting my mind out body. At this time I realized that it was the rocketing off effect Iíve heard so much of.

In total this trip lasted just over 3 min but felt more like 20-30 min. The next day I decided to take a higher dose of 50 mg, this again was enough to give me an acid like trip with vibrant colors and the amazing patterns of the dmt kaleidoscope. This was a relatively calm trip and still not enough to break through the threshold. I waited for the weekend for my 3rd attempt and this was the one I was waiting for. After my 4th pull of the 60 mg my muscles instantly relaxed and I nodded off to sleep. While in the DMT universe I felt in a complete different place then my body, but at the same time I was still aware of my body. It was at this moment I felt as though I was in a room surrounded my three simple humanoid beings. By just looking at them I knew the middle one was trying to communicate with me but there were no words spoken. It was as if I suddenly knew what it wanted me to do. In the room with us there was a door, the only thing I could see behind the door was a bright light. The being was telling me to go through the door but I wasnít able to move. Eventually I grew frustrated and attempted to just move my legs which instantly brought me back to my bedroom.

Later that week D was ready to make his first jump into the dmt universe but it was a Saturday night and I had been drinking all day. My friend finally convinced me to take a hit so he could watch someone before he tried. This was not only a bad and reckless idea but it changed my next three dmt trips also. After taking the last pull on that Saturday night I went into the dmt universe but instead of bright vibrant colors everything had a dark hue to it. I canít remember much from this experience but after my next two trips everything came back to me, similar to a dťjŗ vu feeling and I knew what I saw.

These next two trips were the complete opposite from my initial trips, for the first time in my life I think I was truly afraid of something and I was unable to run from it. I found the best ways through these trips are to keep a clear mind and stay confident I will find my way out. As soon as I knew what was coming I braced my self for what I was about to experience. These trips were not in the dmt universe because I was unable to leave my body. All of a sudden it felt like enormous shadows clawing at me and dragging me under. I then noticed hundreds of eyes surrounding me throughout the room. It seemed as if time stopped and they were all watching me and waiting for something to happen. After these past three trips I knew it was time to take a break from the dmt.

Roughly two weeks later I was feeling in a good mood and decided to make another trip to the dmt universe. This time my friends K and S came along. So as usual I took the first hit and quickly finished off the rest of the 60mg. all of a sudden I knew I would have a good trip because I recognized those similar humanoid beings down a twisted and vibrant colored hallway. Seconds later I realized I was moving towards them something I was not able to control in previous trips. Unfortunately I was awakened out of my experience and could not reenter.

Once again I decided to take a short hiatus from the dmt to give my mind a rest. Up till this point I had experienced roughly ten full trips and felt no other side effect except for a greater appreciation of the world we live in. Recently I finished up the last of the batch and this trip was nothing like any of the others. The last of the dmt was roughly 80-100mg and this was after smoking just before. Iím not entirely sure how long this last trip lasted for because I went from the trip right into sleep and awoke about an hour and a half later. Once again this trip has escaped much of my memory with the only feelings I remember were being in a crowded room. I plan on taking a longer break from the dmt this time and will return to it when the time once again feels right.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84719
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jun 25, 2010Views: 15,263
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DMT (18), Mimosa tenuiflora (74) : Not Applicable (38), Entities / Beings (37), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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