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A Very Calm and Balanced Experience
LSD & Ketamine
by Azgaza
Citation:   Azgaza. "A Very Calm and Balanced Experience: An Experience with LSD & Ketamine (exp84486)". Nov 1, 2010.

T+ 0:00
3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 8:30 2 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:50 2 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 9:10 4 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


The wonderful trip with all odds against it.

Beforehand I'll explain the dosage estimate first; these specific LSD blotters were lab tested (can be done in every large dutch city anonymously) and contain on average between 50 and 70 ug, since there is a small difference between each hit I can only estimate my dose as in between 150 and 210 ug, this is probably still more specific then not tested at all. In terms of the ketamine, I have no scale to weigh powders and I donít even try to eyeball, I know the size of a bump of line I need for the right effect but I canít quite tell how much that would be. The cannabis was pretty much chainsmoked through out the whole experience but being a daily smoker its not something I feel significantly adds to the experience. Then about who I am, Iím a nearly 20 year old female and I would consider myself rather experienced with LSD; this experience being my 32nd trip on it. With ketamine Iím a little less experienced, I probably used it around 20-25 times.

This experience might not seem very unique from any other perspective then mine and my fellow trippers that evening but it had one significant detail: originally this evening was planned to be our Ďnitrous eventí, where weíd buy 300-400 whippits of nitrous oxide and just keep taking them all trip long. However we failed to order them in time and came to realise that nitrous event would be the first trip in almost a year withůut nitrous. Personally I was rather happy, because since a few months almost none of the nitrous moments in my trips were positive. Instead of euphoria Iíd get the feeling something absolutely horrible just happened, like realising the birth you just witnessed was of a dead animal instead of a cute living one, and that would happen around 80% of the times Iíd do nitrous. Knowing weíd have no nitrous, the three of us who would trip together quickly made this in to the Ďno nitrousí plan instead and were all still looking forward a lot to trip. Now on to the evening of the trip.

I was going to take the LSD with my boyfriend Ri and our good friend De. It turned out that last minute Ri had to work that evening but he could be back at my house, the trip location, around midnight. Since De had to come from another city he arrived a little earlier and around 23.15 we decided to already take the LSD since usually Riís experiences last shorter then mine anyway. We both settled on taking three hits for a medium to strong experience, which as explained above would be anywhere between 150 and 210 ug.

I put on some music to make the come up a little less boring. After only 10 minutes I already started to feel the first physical effects of the LSD, a strange feeling in the back of my head / neck and odd feeling slightly clammy hands. I noticed too that everything looked a bit blurry and would then switch to being overly sharp with unusual amounts of detail. That effect became much more appeared over the next 20 minutes after which some objects were rediculously sharp and others had a glowing blur. Around 30 minutes after taking the LSD this effect turned into more concrete visuals and patterned emerged from the blur.

Around this same time Ri arrived and I gave him 3 hits as well, so weíd all be on the same dose. It was now roughly 1 hour after taking the LSD and the visuals were building up very nice. Everywhere colourful patterns would twist and slide in and out of themselves and all the lines of my house were blurry and buzzing around to a sort of LSD buzz that I always notice near the peak of the trip. The visuals quickly gained more and more colour and it wasnít long until almost everything was bright and neon-like.

De mentioned he had some serious tracers so I decided to test mine. Amazing! If iíd move my arm across my visual field it would be visible in the room for a few minutes, and looking from one place to another would cause peopleís faces to appear in odd places in the room and they would also stay there and eventually twist in to the patterns. Noticable was that expecially eyes and mouthís would remain visible on for example a wall, or the ceiling for a long time after actually seeing the person. The same thing occured upon closing my eyes, Iíd see the things I was looking at for up to a minute or more and it would slowly morph in to the abstract and fractal like visuals that I always have in any trip.

I decided to play around with these tracers by looking from one thing to another to place objects in other objects, I got Riís face on the cieling quite a few times, still the Ďslowly move hand across faceí was more then enough, because 5 arms are more entertaining then one, especially if theyíre in such bright colours. I think we spent about 10 minutes placing with and looking at the intense tracers which eventually made the whole room into one echo like blur because everything had sort of melted in to everything else.

Around this time, probably 1.5 hours in to my own experience Riís visuals started to appear as well and De was at that time talking about some problems he had and how the mental clearity of LSD might change that for him. I, not having any problems at the time, was more focussed on the still intensifying visuals. The patterns were noticabelly green, with a lot of purple, like usual, which is a shame because I donít like green that much, but this was acceptable green and the shapes were exceptionally beautiful. Around this time I wandered off from my own room to the living room where one of my cats was sleeping on the coutch. Here the unstable looking and moving walls were even more noticable and my coutch was twisting in to itself and the patterns going over it would change its shape as they moved across the survace. Also my cat was changing shape a little, but not as much as her surroundings.

Occasionally Iíd walk back to my room to convince Ri and De to join me for a visual quest in the living room but they unfortunately couldnít be convinced. I went back to the living room and sat on the coutch, looking at the bright neon patterns that with their movements and swirls kept changing the shape of everything in the room. It was a very calm, peaceful setting and the dimmed lights of the room and earthy tones of everything in it made it feel very relaxing.

Even though I liked the visuals in the other room I went back to my own room because company, conversation and music are also worth something. After around 5 minutes I concluded the visuals here werenít any less interesting, just much more familiar as I was very used to tripping in my own room. I decided to dim the lights here and turn on my blacklights for a change of scenery. In the mean while my young cat Alice had come in to the room, De was compulsively moving a cat toy around (he said Ďits just like smoking, just keeps you busy) and of course little Alice was very amused. I saw the most beautiful slowly moving patterns on my cats fur, she is a long haired tortie-tabby kitten so her fur is naturally interesting already, but LSD made it more then fascinating to look at. Someone suggested trying to look at our closed eyes visuals, which I only did for a brief amount of time because they were quite green again, and the variation in colour in my room was more pleasing to the eye.

Even though I had gone back to the Ďlaying around and looking at the visuals and occasionally mentioning an interesting oneí with my friends I still felt like going for a visual quest to make sure I didnít miss on seeing anything really interesting. Ri was finally come up enough, it was now +1.45 since I took my dose, to join me in my visual quest so we decided to check out my balcony which looks over many peopleís garden and no streets. The first things I noticed were that there were clouds that changed in to blurry patterns, then moved place and then started the typical rythmic movement all patterns seem to have on LSD. After looking at them for a while longer they all changed into hands, and after that into a sort of skulls, and then the nicest one came: all the clouds turned into people, all lying on their belly with their face up looking in the same direction with their arms next to their bodyís.

A nice detail was that the song still audiable from my room at the moment was Ďpeople can flyí from astral projection, and indeed, these people could fly. It was a very calm image, but somewhat out of nothing they all bounced down and then up as if they had landed on a huge trampoline. After watching these floating people, as this visual remained longer then the other things I had seen, for a while longer I took my vision from there to the trees down. The trees were very bright neon green patterened and looked this odd mix between 2D and 3D, like really bad old video game graphics, Iíd also sťť them grow out and grow larger and even grow all over the garden down below me.

After being on the balcony for a while more we decided to go back to the music. Back there we calmly went back to conversation. De mentioned his visuals finally started probably as he had gone to a mental process before, which I really did not at all. Not even slightly, you might mention thereís almost no description of interesting trippy thoughts, which is purely because I didnít really have any. My mindset was calm, relaxed and quite clear, not unlike sober but definatly more sharp and euphoric. I had been on the same relaxing and stable and highly visual peak for the intire 2 hours I had been tripping so far.

It was now around 2.30 am, nearly 3 hours after taking it and the setting was almost unusually relaxing, Ri had mentioned his friend Le would come over, and Le wouldnít be tripping. I was wondering what this would do the nice and calm but certainly very psychedelic atmopshere my room currently had, but I figured if it was this good now itíd probably remain quite nice. Around 4 am Le came in, somewhat alcohol intoxicated and he had brought beer. He shared a few with Ri and there were some normal conversations. I found it suprisingly difficult to hold a normal conversation, Iíd keep mispronouncing things but I managed to talk about anything normal Le would start talking about, it just took a lot more efford then I had expected.

The two hours here arenít very interesting, we just listened to some cdís Le had brought with him and I was mostly just staring at the patterns that were moving across Riís face, which were quite fractal like and purple with highlights. Around 6 am Le suggested weíd go for a walk, which all of us found a suitable idea, unfortunately after two streets we realised it started to rain, which Le and Ri didnít agree on, they said it was just a few drops.

I noticed it got heavier though and no more then 5 minutes later we were actually walking in the rain. A few times I had suggested Ri and Le could walk on if they wanted and that me and De, who didnít appreciate the rain as much, could just go back inside, but Ri kept saying he didnít want the group to split up, but when I realised the fact hť didnít want the group to split up made me walk in the rain against my will made me just turn around and walk back. At that point Ri and Le gave in and walked back with us. While walking back I was somewhat annoyed and talking to De about how social situations are pointless and all they cause are annoyance and compromises and loss of individual ideaís and plans, even though I realised social behavior is a human need no one can go without, I was more annoyed then pleased with it at the moment.

Once back inside Ri and I decided to attempt eating since we felt hunger. I took a dry piece of bread that looked tasty. What I didnít expect was that eating it would be so incredibly impossible. I just didnít produce saliva at all, so swallowing it without a glass of water was absolutely impossible. Ri didnít believe me, so I fed him a piece too, which caused him to start laughing because he couldnít swallow it either. With two glasses of water I managed to actually eat it and I mentioned eating bread had never been that funny. It was a noticable moment for LSDís speedy effects, like the insomnia and the complete inability to produce saliva while eating.

We sat there, not doing anything worth mentioning in my room, just talking a bit, actually nůt listening to music at all until Le left at 7 am. I put back on the psy trance music and we went back to our original chill out mode. I started google earth since it had entertained me for an intire trip my last trip. I found some area in northern china/mongolia which was a desert with all kinds of mysterious lakes, the sand dunes on the pictures looked like faces and human bodies that were all extremely peaceful and content, all with their eyes closed.

The effects of the LSD were starting to wear off a little, as it was a little over 8 hours since taking it. I think I spent around 2 hours looking at the desert pictures until De had to leave as well as he was to visit his girlfriend that day. Just before De left we noticed the sun had come up and we decided, just for fun, to see what it looked like outside. Up on opening the curtains we were complťtely blinded, couldnít see Šnything in that bright light. We quickly closed it because the sun was just too heavy for our eyes.

Somewhere around this same time I decided to finally do some ketamine, which I usually do in the comedown of my LSD trips and only rarely in the peak because I feel the sedated dissociative feeling suits the late night / early morning better then the peak of the experience. I took two medium bumps of my key because I wasnít sure how much tollerance Iíd have after 5 weeks. I took the ketamine around 8.5 hours after taking the LSD, I was still having milder visuals and mental effects but it was definatly past plateau.

When after 20 minutes the ketamine still hadnít done anything besides slightly numbing my arms I decided to take some more, noticing I still had my tollerance. I took the same dose up on the last one and this one dŪd start to work. It really became noticable when we went outside to show De to his bus, when walking outside it was still a little too bright for comfort, but more doable then through the window earlier, but walking.. that prooved more of a challenge then I had expected.

When I talked it sounded like how it would sound for other people, like the sound didnít come from me but from the outside, very inverted. On the bus stop I was talking to De about the dissociative experience and I was trying to analyse it, unfortunately ketamine impairs memory and Iím not completely sure what it was, but it had something to do with giving you an outside perspective, which would be like a false objectivity because you were still only human and I thought the strange dissociative thoughts would bome from mis interpreting that feeling as objective or something along those lines, again, I donít recall the specifics of this theory but it was something like that.

Deís bus quickly arrived and me and Ri went back into my room. Just when we arrived my mothers boyfriend, who has no clue we were tripping came in so we rushed into my room. Whispering we continued talking in my room. Because we were whispering, something I donít do a lot, I quickly started to feel very alien and moved very close to Riís face with a very odd grin on my face, there something I experienced on ketamine about a year ago happened again: the moment my face hit his face, I felt like I was both our faces, and besides the skin feeling overly numb, it was difficult to tell from which side the sensory input came, just like with the talking. It was like I felt pressure but no skin, so it was like sharing one huge head. Ri seemed to like the idea, even though he wasnít on ketamine, so we kept sitting in this way for a while, feeling more then usually connected. After around 20 minutes since taking the seccond bumps I noticed it was wearing off, and I felt like really exploring the ketamine realms this late morning after this comfortable trip so I took 4 large bumps of my key, which even for me is quite a high dose.

After around 5 minutes my head became so incredibly heavy that sitting up was difficult, let alone walking. I noticed my eyes and I entered a place where I couldnít tell what was up, down, left or right. I had no clue from what side I was looking at it, this is normal for medium to high ketamine doses and closed eyes for me, the feeling I could be looking down or up even though Iím holding my head straight up. But this place wasnít all black, there was this long wall where I, again, couldnít tell what was the above side and what was the below side, I wasnít sure if it was upside down or if anyhing could even be upside down, I saw a small figure on that wall, standing on it, or hanging from it, again I canít be sure. It was a bit esther like but much more empthy, for a moment I doubted if the little figure on the wall was me, but I realised it wasnít.

It was interesting and quite beautiful, especially since I didnít know which side was above and I at the same time felt myself sliding backwards, but it was quite dissorientating so I opened my eyes and sort of.. crawled onto the bed on to Ri. After some short conversation he decided to put on a ren and stimpy cartoon, of which, for me, the audio would seem off and on, and then loud and then soft, and I kept forgetting what the characters had said and wether it was significant or not. I found things funny but I couldnít laugh.

I didnít feel my body at all, my face was uniquely numb and I wasnít aware of anything below my neck, so walking in this state wouldíve actually been impossible. I noticed if I looked at my carpet itíd start moving almost in an agressive way, bubbling and crawling over the floor, which I assumed was partly caused by the ketamine. I decided to lay back and chill out and enjoy the very strong but very pleasant body high of the ketamine. If Iíd half close my eyes everything would look really odd, extremely white which was odd as I was closing my eyes, it looked as if everything was covered in chalk-powder and things were white that normally werenít white at all.

If I moved it would be extremely fragmented and slow and I regret not keeping my eyes closed for a while because it being white instead of black was actually quite significant. After about an hour the ketamine started wearing off, only my mouth and lips remained feeling numb for about another hour. There were still some neon coloured lines, mostly blue and orange now over some objects and the neon static hadnít gone away, occasioanlly itíd even attempt to form a pattern. We were getting tired though and somewhere around 12 hours after taking the LSD we fell asleep.

This was a very calm and relaxing trip, some beautiful visuals, not the most strong or unique ones Iíve had, but beautiful nonetheless; I think the lack of nitrous partly made it so relaxed as nitrous is quite bingy; when we have it we just keep doing it all night, kind of as if its what weíre supposed to do, this intire trips plataeu was pure LSD and that was lovely for a change, part of the reason I waited with the ketamine until the comedown. It was by the way probably close to one of my most interesting ketamine moments with the odd up side down or not world. I realise I forgot to mention any of the cannabis use, it was as said before chainsmoked during the intire trip and since at no point it changed the experience I didn't notice the moments it was used.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84486
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 1, 2010Views: 11,247
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LSD (2), Ketamine (31) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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