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For Studying
Mucuna pruriens
by PBunnie
Citation:   PBunnie. "For Studying: An Experience with Mucuna pruriens (ID 84413)". Feb 23, 2011.

1 tsp oral Mucuna pruriens (tea)


I was recommended powdered mucuna as a study aid to improve concentration and focus. I have tried other things for study before, such as meditation, caffeine, Ritalin, all with varying degrees of effectiveness, so I was open to the effects of this powdered bean.

I mixed 1 teaspoon of the powder with 1 cup of hot water to make a tea. It wasn’t unpleasant; I likened it to drinking herbal tea. I began studying straight away. About half an hour into my reading, I noticed how concentrated I was on it, and actually felt myself absorbing the information. I knew it was working, maybe on some level as a placebo, but usually have quite a short attention span when it comes to reading long textbook extracts. I was absorbed in my reading, wasn’t getting distracted, and was actively thinking on the subject and making connections to other study materials. The effects lasted maybe 2 hours, when I noticed my attention span dwindling.

I have used it again for the same purpose and definitely recommend it as an alternative to using chemical study aids.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 84413
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Feb 23, 2011Views: 27,397
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