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Fake Acid?
by snark43
Citation:   snark43. "Fake Acid?: An Experience with LSD (exp84147)". Aug 28, 2018.

1 hit oral Unknown (blotter / tab)


30 years ago I had several life altering experiences with LSD. Much of my personal philosophy and belief system is based on these experiences. I have not had had any since 1991, and as the years have passed I have become increasingly desirous to acquire more. I don't view LSD as a recreational drug, so much as a spiritual sacrament. The effects are extraordinary, and life-changing.

Last summer while on a camping trip I met a young couple who, after some discussion admitted to having brought several tabs of blotter acid with them. Needless to say I persuaded them to part with a few tabs.

I took some immediately that night, and had a 'trip' unlike any other. Strongly introspective, with a sensation of very heightened awareness, heavy stomach cramps and a bad headache. I wanted to believe it was LSD, and chose to do so, despite misgivings. Last week I decided to try another hit, and my experience was very similar to the first time. There was no dilation of my pupils, and I was nervous and felt a pessimistic depression. After returning to relative normality I am completely convinced that it was not LSD, or any related drug.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84147
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 48 
Published: Aug 28, 2018Views: 2,323
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LSD (2), Unknown (120) : Unknown Context (20), What Was in That? (26)

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