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Santa's On the Loose
Citation:   Annie B. "Santa's On the Loose: An Experience with LSD (exp841)". Oct 24, 2000.

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1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
It all started the day my friend Shauna and I decided that we were going to go to a college fraternity party and that we wanted to be under the influence of some mind altering substance, instead of drinking like we normally did at parties. And we wanted something stronger than just marijuana. So, we talked to a friend and he said he could either get us Ectasy or LSD. We told him either one would be fine. I had done both before, and never had a bad experience. Shauna had never done either, but wanted to be with me the first time she did. Finally, he called and said that he had gotten us some acid. So, we went and got it about 6pm. The party started at 11, so we figured we would take it around 10. The kid we bought it from told us not to take more than one at a time because they were really potent. He called them Purple Monster. They were tiny, with a purple background and a cartoon-like monster pattern on them. So, we went back, stopped for some orange juice along the way and sat around till 10. At 10pm, we took the first tab, then we got ready for the party. We didn't feel anything yet when we arrived at the party. Shauna kept asking me if she was supposed to be feeling it yet, and I said that it was odd that it hadn't kicked in yet. By midnight, we were just feeling a little like we had smoked pot. So, we left the party and walked back to our dorm with 2 guys we know that live a floor above us in the dorm. (Neither of them were on anything, they were just drunk.) As we were walking back (it's about a 10 min walk), it hit me that I was feeling it. I looked back behind me to see if Shauna was feeling anything and the scenery blurred as I turned my head. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Then, I knew that we were tripping. I told Shauna to 'think happy thoughts,' as we had discussed what a bad trip was before we took it. She asked a lot of questions before we took it, and understood what was going to happen...somewhat.

So, we got back to the dorm, stood outside and smoked a cigarette. Then Shuana and I started talking to each other. We stood directly in front of one another and just focused on each other's eyes, and everything and everyone around us just disappeared. Shauna kept telling me that one of the guy's mom's was coming to visit and that she was mad at us. I was trying to talk her out of it as I began to believe it myself. So, we went inside and up to the guy's room. I sat down on one bed on the one side of the room and Shauna laid down on the other bed across the room and I discovered that inside the mirror across the room it was snowing. Shauna didn't believe me, and her face twisted and contorted until it was this evil, demonic face and her voice changed into a deep, growling voice as she told me that she didn't believe me and that I was lying to her. One of the guys sat down on the edge of the bed and she put her one arm up over his shoulder, so all I could see was him grasping her hand hanging over his shoulder. I thought that he had hurt her, so I started crying and telling her to take her hand off of him. She just glared at me with this demonic look on her face and said 'No, Ann...he's not going to hurt me.' Time went on after this and we just sat in the room and tripped and the guys messed with our heads. Nothing unusual....yet. Then we decided that we wanted to smoke some weed. And we both took another hit of acid at that point. So, I got my bowl, Shauna had one of the guys roll her a joint with some of her weed, and we went outside to smoke. Shauna went off with the guy that rolled her the joint to smoke it, and I stood on the front porch of my dorm and smoked about 3 bowls between 2 of us. It was about 2am at that point. Shauna came around the corner of the building sobbing hysterically, repeating my name over and over again. She couldn't handle being away from me on her trip. She went nuts if I wasn't in the same area or room as her the whole time.

We went back inside, and after a while the guys passed out, so we had to go downstairs to my room. So, we went to the end of the hall and down to the landing of the next floor down, where I live. We couldn't decide whether it was my floor or not, and we stood there for what seemed like an hour trying to decide if we should go down the stairs (which looked like they led to nowhere) or go down the hall. Finally, I convinced Shauna that we should go down the hall to my room. My roommate was home for the weekend, so the room was empty. We went in, and got dressed for bed. Shauna laid down in my roommate's bed and I laid down in mine. She started saying how bad her back was hurting her, and then my neck started to hurt really bad. This is another effect of acid. Then she looked at me and said, 'let's have a cigarette.' Since I have a smoking room, this was not a big deal. So, we each got a cigarette out and sat there holding them, thinking they were lit, since we could see smoke coming out of the ends of them. I said we better go over by the window so it doesn't smell like smoke too bad in here. So, when Shauna went to get off of the bed, she realized that the floor had morphed into water, and if we touched it, that we would drown. So, we had to get over to the window without touching the floor. We sat and devised a plan to jump from the beds to the chairs by the window so that we could smoke over there. We finally made it. Then when we realized that our cigarettes weren't really burning, we lit them and smoked them. Then we went back to the beds and sat and talked about our visuals. I saw this huge cement drainage tube that was open and at the top was a big tilted bottle of Heinz ketchup that was pouring into the drain pipe. I told Shauna about it, and she said that she was trying to get to the other end of the tunnel to get to me. The pipe then transformed into a tunnel. I told Shauna to walk towards me, and as she did, Santa Claus appeared in front of me and wouldn't let Shauna walk past me. So, I was hollering to her that she couldn't get by because Santa Claus was in the way. Then that visual disappeared and we both shut our eyes. All of the geometric shapes were green and red, Christmas colors. And we saw the same exact things at the same time. Then we discovered that if we looked up really fast with our eyes open, we could see these crackling, silver sparkles that flooded across the room. All of a sudden as we were talking, I transformed into someone else. Shauna started talking to me as if I was someone else. I asked her who she was talking to and she said that there was a man with a red beard lying in my bed. And that one side of his face was male and one side was female. She asked him where Ann was, and he/I said that she had gone outside to smoke. Shauna then got very upset that I had gone outside without her, and that this man was sitting in my bed.

Then she looked at the door and said, 'Oh, Ann is back.' Then, I instantly transformed back into myself. Then, we were sitting talking and every couple of minutes, Shauna would glance at the door and say, 'Ann, the door is open,' and I would look and it was closed. I would tell her that it was closed and she would say that everytime I looked, it would close really fast then it would open again. That started to freak me out. So I was paranoid that someone kept opening the door. Finally, after a while, we started to come down. Many times, we would think that we were done tripping, and that feeling would come back. Finally, we both fell asleep, exhausted mentally and physically. All in all, we tripped for 10 hours. The next couple of days, neither of us felt normal. I have had a couple of flashbacks. Even now as I am writing this, I can visualize each experience with great clarity. Shauna's first trip was a great one. And Santa Claus was an underlying theme of the whole trip.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 841
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 24, 2000Views: 9,116
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LSD (2) : Various (28), General (1)

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