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The Dimensionless Realm
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Moose
Citation:   Moose. "The Dimensionless Realm: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp84015)". Erowid.org. May 4, 2022. erowid.org/exp/84015

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


I experienced the most beautiful, amazing, mindfuck of an experience. I ingested an eighth of dried shrooms. It was, by far, the most intense trip I’ve ever had (excluding Salvia). I’ve taken mushrooms before, and I’ve taken LSD before. As a matter of fact, I had taken LSD that previous Tuesday. Two hits of some great acid had me tripping hard for quite a while. I was skeptical about buying an eighth of mushrooms and tripping just three days after I took that really good acid. I didn’t think the mushrooms would be good enough since I’ve had the same ones before and they were ok. Little did I know that I was going to get myself into a crazy trip that lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

It was Friday. Me and D head out around 11am to pick up the mushies. I purposely dressed as colorful as I possibly could that morning. Orange jeans, pink/blue/purple/black sweatshirt, and a shirt with a bunch of trippy faces on it. My attire had quite a profound effect on my trip.
My attire had quite a profound effect on my trip.
So we meet up with D’s friend, get a quarter ounce of mushrooms (8th each), D takes 2 hits of acid on sugar cubes when we pick up the mushies. We walk to meet up with three other friends that were tripping on acid already when we got to their dorm building.

M had taken 1 hit of acid and a roll, Ma had taken 3 hits of acid and a roll, Mi had taken 2 hits of acid. We waited around outside while people smoked their cigs. We then walked inside, signed in at the desk and then went to M’s room. I was looking around at my surroundings so I could get an idea of what the place looked like sober so I wouldn’t get lost or something. The room was a typical 2 person dorm room. Bed on the left, bed on the right. Very colorful room. We chilled there for a while until D and I ate our mushrooms with peanut butter at about 2:10pm. Everyone else was already tripping and I felt a little awkward being sober. It was only a matter of time before the shrooms started to kick in.

I felt myself slowly starting to come up about 20 minutes later. The familiar signs of mushrooms were beginning to happen. It started with a light body buzz. I began to feel high. I knew that I was clearly not sober but not quite tripping yet. The giggles came on. I found myself laughing at things for no reason or laughing more than normal. Everybody was lying on one bed. As I was coming up, about 30 minutes in, D booted his mushrooms. It probably had to do with the mixing of LSD and mushrooms. We all sat and stood around looking at the pile of puke and not having a clue of what to do about it. I was confused looking around for some paper towels but I couldn’t find any. I was becoming frustrated yet goofy at the same time. I kept forgetting what I was looking for. I left the room and went to the bathroom to check on D and Mi. We made quite a ruckus in the bathroom. Any smart person would have known that a bunch of kids were tripping in that bathroom trying to clean up puke. After everything was cleaned up, we headed back to the room. The hallways were definitely looking different. My balance was a bit off. It was almost like the ground was shifting underneath me. The walls of the hallway seemed to be rotating left and right. Try to imagine looking down a hallway and having it turn like a barrel roll kind of. Similar to the spins when you’re drunk but not as bad. They were simply visual distortions and I wasn’t feeling nauseous at all. All the doors of the rooms had 2 circular pieces of paper with the occupants’ names on them. They all looked like eyes, and the door handles made a mouth. So I was looking at the doors and seeing faces. They were surprised looking faces. Like an “=o” face. I thought it was a little funny.

I don’t quite recall the next events very well. At least I don’t recall the order of events that happened. Either we went outside for another cig break or we stayed in the room, or vice versa. I do recall what happened during the cig break though. It was very sunny outside. Quite nice for this time of year in Boston. A tad bit windy if you ask me. All the people I was with were smoking cigs at a picnic bench outside the dorm. I was tripping and I was cold and I really wanted to go back inside. A few other people were there. They were friends of the people I was with. They told me they were going to be tripping later too. I chose to smoke a cig even though I don’t smoke cigs and I hate them, but I was on mushrooms so I didn’t really care as long as I had something to do. We decided we wanted to smoke some weed. We waited for Ma to retrieve the steamroller from the room. We walked across the street to a river bank covered in mud. At that point I was already trippin hard but not peaking yet. We packed 2 full steamroller bowls. I don’t exactly know how many hits I took. All I can say is that I took maybe 2 or 3 very huge hits of some very potent marijuana. After all that, we went back inside to the room. I was in that room the whole time from that point on till I stopped peaking (minus piss breaks).

I remember having to take a piss. Mi and D came to the bathroom with me since I didn’t know where it was and I was in no condition to wander out alone. I asked if it was a girls bathroom and Mi said yes but I said fuck it I have to piss anyway. Entered the stall, began pissing. The water started to turn yellow (yes this is normal). Then the water started turning into a bright electric yellow color. Almost the color of Mountain Dew. Looking down at the toilet, I noticed the faces on my shirt. They were ACTUALLY there, but when I started to see those faces in the toilet, I began to laugh. I was giggling in the stall as I was pissing, in a girl’s bathroom. I knew it was not normal but I really had no care for rules and regulations at that point. I walked out of the stall and saw Mi. I said thank god you were out here or else that would have been weird.

Re-entered the room. I sat on M’s roommate’s bed while M, Ma, and Mi sat on M’s bed. D was sitting on a chair on my side of the room. I just sat there, or lay there, listening to the conversations going on in the room. I had no idea what people were saying or talking about. I asked everyone several times what was going on but nobody heard me. I kept asking until someone did answer. They were all talking about random things they were pointing to in the room. They would pick an object and rant on about it. They went on about a bagel that was just sitting near the window. Everyone was just confused and giggly and hilarious. I looked down at myself and realized that my clothes were the EXACT same colors as the bed sheets I was sitting on. My entire side of the room was the same color as me. This wasn’t because of visual distortions; the room was actually that color. I told everyone else in the room and everybody was confused and laughing about it for what seemed like ages. I ranted about it. After that, I got up. I was examining the room. I was looking around watching the walls breathe and watching the objects shift left and right. I went to close the window only to find a burnt bagel trapped in the window sill. I said “What the hell is this BAGEL doing in this WINDOW?” Turns out that was the bagel they were talking about previously. But there were TWO bagels. I was confused. I closed the window until the bagel wouldn’t allow it to close any more. I didn’t move the bagel. I had the sense that nature wanted the bagel to be there so I would leave it there. If nature wanted the window open, then open it will stay.

This was the general mentality I had. I allowed nature to take its course and do anything it pleased. I didn’t want to disrupt nature by moving things around. I got into the bed. There were a sea of blankets and pillows surrounding me. I wanted to be warm. I snuggled in the blankets. We all just sat there and made commentary on the room. Ma was looking at pictures on the opposite wall. I was looking at the giant piece of paper with a very intricate looking “H” was displayed. We began analyzing the “H”. The “H” was too much for us to handle. We began cowering in fear at the “H”. We were yelling out the letter “H” and being ridiculous about it. Almost laughed myself into a coma. As things cooled down again, I began to feel connection to everything around me. I wanted to “blend” into everything and “blend” with the people in the room. I told M to come close and to just “be”. I felt “attached” at that point. It was as if my body was attached to theirs, along with the pillows and blankets. We sat there for a while like that.

People would go in and out for cig breaks. I was the only one that stayed inside the whole time. At one point I was in the room with M and D. I became extremely aware of the music playing. We had mostly chillout/ambient music like Carbon Based Lifeforms or Shulman playing. Most of the time I wasn’t paying attention to the music, but at this point I became engrossed with music. The music seemed to take over. It felt like the music was holding reality together.
I became engrossed with music. The music seemed to take over. It felt like the music was holding reality together.
If the music stopped then I would hastily try to get it back on. The iPod stereo was sitting on a shelf near the bed. I put my left ear up to the music box and just sat there listening. I pushed my face up against the shelf and the music box. I felt no pain. I felt like I was merging with the objects. I was trying harder and harder to get IN the music. I wanted to seriously be in the music. I couldn’t physically merge with the music so I sat back and said “I CANT MERGE ANY MORE!!!” Feeling tired and not wanting to sit up, I reclined back and cradled the music box in my arms. Tangled in a soft sea of blankets, I switched the song to Pink Floyd’s “Love Scene Version 4”. I regard that song as the most beautiful song ever recorded. Being under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms made that an undeniable truth. I lay quietly snuggling with the music in my arms. The music played and I sat as calm as a baby listening to the magnificent sounds of the piano playing the song. There really has been no moment in my life where I was as connected with the music as that moment.

I kept my eyes closed. I became the most peaceful being on the planet at that point. I knew my friends sat to my side examining me as the music took me over, but they didn’t matter. Behind my closed eyelids I could see brilliant colors fizzling in and out. It was as if the music was creating color in mind. Patterns would come in and out. The musical notes would shoot color straight into darkness. The song lasted much longer than I had thought it was. Time for me was so distorted. I realized this and became so happy to know that my favorite song would last even longer. I never wanted to leave that moment. The best way I can describe that moment was sheer beauty. The best feeling in the world. I felt the ultimate connection with the notes. I felt like I was riding on the waves of the music.

After that song ended I continued to play more music. I never wanted the music to stop playing. I think I played some more Carbon Based Lifeforms at that point. I remember putting the music box back on the shelf so I could move around. I spent a lot of time a mushroomy pile of goo on my friend’s bed. I felt connected to everyone in the room. I was seeing the blankets as huge mountains of color. The world appeared in layers. Certain sections of the room would pop out in certain colors then it seemed like color themes would change depending on where I looked. Everything was moving. M, Ma, and Mi go out to buy more cigs. I stayed in the room with D. He sat on the bed near me while I was peaking.

Peaking was amazing. The music continued to play. I lay with my face in the blankets so I could minimize the amount of light hitting my eyelids. I had my eyes closed. I figured out that when I closed my eyes, I would be transported to another realm. This realm was all dark. It began with darkness and color. Heavy closed eye visuals seemed to go along with the music. I would see laughing faces in the darkness. They were similar to the faces on my shirt. Goofy looking laughing mouths laughing. I didn’t know if they were laughing at me or not. I didn’t know how to respond and I didn’t know how to react so I just laughed back at them. With my eyes closed, it seemed like there was still depth to the darkness. I tried reaching out with my hands to try to grab objects or shapes I was visualizing. I tried talking to see if anyone or anything would respond. The only voice I would hear was D’s voice. I couldn’t concentrate while they talked though. I needed complete darkness and silence aside from the music. I felt like I was flying or floating in this realm. I had no body, just a mind. I knew that if I wanted to stop being in that realm I could just open my eyes. But I didn’t want to open my eyes. I had complete control and I had the choice to open my eyes and end everything if it became too much. The thing is, as much free will that I had, I just found no reason to open my eyes so, essentially, I couldn’t. It’s a strange loop of thinking. I had free will but at the same time I didn’t. I figured that I would open my eyes when I stopped tripping. There was no point in leaving that world. It became the place where I wanted to be. Everything was peaceful there. The music was taking over. It was as intense.

With my face in the pillows, I tried to talk to D but he couldn’t hear me. I was confused because I could hear myself, the music, and him perfectly fine. I tried to speak more. I asked questions like “Is this what death is like?” and “Am I dead?” I started to think I was dead and that maybe I could talk to entities in this realm. Alas, I got no answers. I almost felt like I was answering my own questions though. I tried to fly around in this realm. The only problem is that I had nothing to fly around in. I tried to recreate the dorm room in my mind so that I could try and astral project myself around the room. I soon realized that I couldn’t recreate the room because dimensions did not exist in this realm. I tried to establish some sort of ground and some sort of scale. There was some depth to the realm. I felt like I could reach forward and touch the shapes I see. Essentially, I was in a trip wormhole. I was able to fly forward but not much else. Like I said dimensions didn’t exist, but in a way dimensions did exist. It appeared that dimensions were shifting. The best way to visualize this is to think of Sandro Del Prete’s drawing, “Impossible Chess Set”. Perspective and dimension would shift like that. So it was impossible for me to recreate anything. I never wanted to leave this place though. I felt peaceful. I felt like how death has been described to me in other reports from users that have used DMT or mushrooms. I accepted death. Unlike salvia which was terrifying and I felt like I was being taken away from reality in the death work, shrooms made me feel peaceful and happy about it. On salvia I began thinking of everything I was leaving behind like my friends and family and it made me feel horrible. On shrooms I didn’t think of anything except where was I and I hope I never have to leave. I always had an impending feeling that someday this trip might end, but it seemed like an eternity.

At times I would want a break from this trip but it was so amazing I didn’t want to open my eyes. I heard people come into the room. They must have come back from the cig run. As people were walking in I had my hands waving around in the air. I was trying to grab the objects in the realm. Any sober person that walked in would immediately have questioned the guy lying on the bed trying to grab invisible faeries.

What came next blew my mind. I was floating in an out of consciousness it felt. People were standing around me. It was dark. I opened my eyes and informed everyone of what I was just going through. I pretty much told them I was tripping the FUCK out while they were gone. Everyone got into the bed. We all lay attached. I lay with my head on Mi’s arm with my right arm behind her back. I didn’t see people. All I saw were the mountains of blankets in front of me. Mi’s body was added to that. Everything just blended like wavy mountains. I had my left hand on her breast but to me I had no idea what I was holding on to. I told them that “Nothing was there, just empty space.” They joked about that, but I was serious about there being no space. I felt like I was grabbing on to empty space. I could see the outline of the breast and it looked like a mountain along with the rest of my surroundings. Other than that, I felt like there was nothing behind this outline, this wall of skin. So as this was happening I noticed another guy had entered the room. I asked if he was friendly and someone said “yes” so I just lay back down and closed my eyes. Someone said he was going to put on a light show and that I should open my eyes. So I opened my eyes. He was preparing glow sticks in his hands. Someone else was preparing the music. The music began. It was a song that I knew but I couldn’t quite remember the name of it. I was asking what the song was but someone just said “Don’t worry about it just watch.” I later remember that the song was “Shakawkaw” by Infected Mushroom. As the song was playing, this guy performed for us. Brilliant neon trails were flying everywhere. He was twirling and twisting the glow sticks to the music. One of the most awe inspiring moments of my life.

The music was so loud. I couldn’t believe it. I was beginning to wonder how it was possible for the music to be that insanely loud and still sound good. Crash cymbals sounded like waves of sound crashing upon me. With eyes open or closed I was able to see the lights. It was as if even with my eyes closed, the trails and colors of the glow sticks still moved around. I could see it with my eyes closed. I didn’t know whether to keep my eyes open or closed because either way I was seeing intense colors. I did a mix of both. I kept it natural. I went with the flow. It felt like he was putting on a show just for me even though that wasn’t true. I just couldn’t notice anyone else. I was fixed on the glow sticks. I giggled here and there. I was having the time of my life. It was sheer brilliance. My auditory perception was drastically enhanced and my visual perception was drastically enhanced. The song felt like it went on for like 15 minutes. In reality the song is only about 4 minutes long. I was amazed when I listened to the song when I sobered up. After the first song he played another song. I don’t know the name but it sounded like extremely epic 80’s synth music. It took me over. The light show, the music, the emotions. It was like a sensory overload. It was a beautiful sensory overload that I could handle. I loved every eternal moment of it. After the performance, he threw the glow sticks on us. I felt like it was raining glow sticks. Brilliant colors flew in all directions. Mi, took a glow stick and began rubbing it on my closed eyelids. The glow penetrated through my eyelids giving me intense, glowing, colorful visuals. I moved very little.

I was extremely content with everything. I was feeling the utmost inner peace. Soon enough I felt myself wanting to get up and move after peaking in the eternal void. I decided I wanted to draw. I took a blanket and covered myself in it and started drawing on a piece of paper with a colored crayon. It was pitch black under the blanket. I couldn’t really see what I was writing. I wrote as I was speaking. I wrote down the word “Hello”. I was still trying to communicate with any entities that might be in the void. I was trying to communicate with the universe. As I wrote on the paper, the things I wrote began to visualize behind my closed eyes. To me I was writing colorful letters and they would disappear into darkness. In reality, I was writing aimlessly, sometimes going off the paper and onto the floor. But behind my eyes, I would visualize colors bursting from my pencil tip. I wanted to write down as much as I knew so that I could remember it later in case I forgot. I managed to write the word “Hello”, “trippin’ balls”, and “8th of mushrooms”. I was trying to reassure myself that I had just taken an 8th of mushrooms and that eventually the trip would end. I tried using one of the glow sticks to write. I wanted to “write with color”.

With the glow sticks from before, someone started cutting them open and splattering the bright neon colored fluid all over the walls. There was yellow, red, green, blue, orange, and purple neon fluid everywhere. There were little dots and splatter marks everywhere. The room was completely dark except these little dots. It felt like I was floating around the universe or looking down at a city filled with lights at night. But instead of the universe having white stars, they were multicolored. The dots appeared to have much depth to them when I tried to touch them. My perspective was clearly off. Neon dots were moving around everywhere. Eventually, some people went out for a cig break. They came back with more people. I couldn’t tell if they were tripping or not but it seemed like they were having a great time in the dark room with neon splatters everywhere. I recognized them as two guys from before who said they were tripping on acid later. During this period I looked around and observed everyone. My peak had ended and I was slowly coming down. I was feeling very relaxed and tired but not ready to sleep. I wanted to enjoy the trip to the very end. I felt a bit uneasy and edgy but all I wanted to do was lay there and find a comfortable position. I observed the room in its darkened state. Neon color was everywhere. I was the only one tripping on shrooms so I figured I was the only one coming down at that point. I was happy. It was time to leave the room.

From that point on I wasn’t really tripping anymore. I like shrooms because after it’s over, I feel completely fine.
I like shrooms because after it’s over, I feel completely fine.
We went outside back to the smoking spot. Smoked some more weed and talked some more. I wasn’t completely sober. I still felt the goofyness of the shrooms but everything looked pretty normal. I felt like talking and thinking were easier. Thoughts came to me faster and I was able to keep quite a conversation going. The group was full of laughs. Half of them were still on acid. We continued to be goofy as we walked to buy more cigs. We walked to a nearby gas station. There were a few cops inside getting doughnuts from the Dunkin Donuts inside. As I waited for my friends to get cigs, I was making jokes about the orange antifreeze being the same color as my pants. I think we were being a bit loud but it was Boston, nobody cares in Boston.

Apparently one of the cops DID care though. He gave D a dirty look. We talked about how just because we were colorful and having fun, everyone must think we were on drugs. Even though we WERE on drugs, we still know how to have a good time and be happy without them. I get a little ticked off when people assume we’re on drugs because we’re having fun. From there we went to go smoke one more bowl at the same place. Ate some food in the dining hall then it was off to D’s apartment to chill out, smoke more, and watch some cartoons. Got back and gathered money to go pick up another 8th of bud. When we got back we rolled a blunt and packed some bowls. We watched some Robot Chicken and other Adult Swim shows. At that point I was pretty tired. All the walking and smoking had fatigued me quite a bit. During this time, some people fell asleep and some people watched the cartoons. Eventually it was time for everyone to leave. I was exhausted so I passed right out.

In retrospect, I think that was the best trip I’ve had to this day. I was finally able to get some really potent mushrooms that made me trip on a level 5 out of 6 scale. Mushrooms are still my favorite trip, different from acid in that it’s a lot more silly and goofy and emotional. I was able to control it and have a great time. I think I’m going to try DMT next. I expect it to be similar to mushrooms but much more intense. Happy tripping!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84015
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: May 4, 2022Views: 427
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Cannabis (1), Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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