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An Expensive High...
by Frenchman
Citation:   Frenchman. "An Expensive High...: An Experience with Pregabalin (exp83959)". May 8, 2018.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis (daily)
      Pharms - Pregabalin  


9 months ago I broke my spine as a result of a fall. Since then I've had prescriptions for all sorts of neurolytics. Being a regular cannabis user (1 joint/day) I tried every combination of neurolytics+cannabis and found that I prefer not to mix these substances; I would describe the resulting state as confusing and lethargic.

Nevertheless, as I read some reports about pregabalin (Lyrica), I decided to go for a pregabalin-only trip. I started with small doses (300mg) but without significant results. Gradually I augmented the dose up to 900mg; five 150 mg capsules orally (better on an empty stomach) and two hours later, once the pregabalin kicked in, I snorted another capsule. The high lasts for hours and is truly great. Eye focus and balance are somehow affected (as when I am drunk) but things appear sharp and neat. Touch is enhanced and mood is euphoric and cheerful.

I would describe this high as extremely pleasurable. The only downside is that it's easy to get physiologically attached to this substance, which is not precisely cheap... And of course my liver and kidneys won't thank me for it.

I think I'll stick to good old cannabis.
Peace to you.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 83959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42 
Published: May 8, 2018Views: 2,482
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