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A Powder Whose Effects Last and Last
Mephedrone & Methylone
Citation:   WEIRWOLF. "A Powder Whose Effects Last and Last: An Experience with Mephedrone & Methylone (exp83881)". Apr 5, 2010.

  oral 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
    oral Methylone (powder / crystals)



I heard about this powder from a friend who normally supplies me with small quantities of marijuana or Lebanese Pollen. Apart from the highly psycho-active mushroom, Psilocybe semilanceata, which grow in their millions in west and wet parts of Europe, my reason for taking substances is to enjoy the aphrodisiac experiences I inevitably get. Indeed, with Psilocybe, after I have cleared out the sludge of memory and childhood, and lain out naked in the rain and felt myself rooting to the ground, I move into an erotic phase which can last for hours, especially if I recycle the mushrooms by drinking champagne at the same time, and then my champagney-mushroomy piss, which has a very comforting taste, unlike the mushrooms themselves, which sometimes make me nauseous.

Being a very happy solitary (hermit) I carefully set the ambiance to take any psychoactive substance. Lighting, time of day (usually evening), flowy music, candles are all part of the setting. While mushrooms are taken with or before breakfast, other drugs (cannabis and powders) I take at or before dinner time.

So it was with Mephedrone, described as 4-methylmethcathinone. There seems to be some confusion of the naming of these substances, so you now know what I took in my simple way of licking two fingers and sticking them into the packet (as if it were hormone powder!), then licking the adhering powder off my fingers. About half an hour before taking the powder, I had drunk a Pastis (45%), the universal apéritif or pick-me-up of France. The last sip removed the rather bitter taste of the Mephedrone from my mouth.

I then had a simple two-course dinner, no wine, another finger of Mephedrone (taste removed this time by Calvados) and had about 3 puffs of Artemisia absinthum (wormwood) leaves in a pipe. I use wormwood a lot for flavouring, and I find that, when smoked, it acts as a catalyst or vehicle for psychoactive drugs, just as marijuana does.

Very soon I entered a very powerful erotic state, with lines of erotic force running up and down my body and through the chakras. The soles of my feet became as highly erogenous as the rest of my body. I also felt extremely happy. Not manic, nor speedy, but quietly happy, utterly content, and without desire. It was as if all desire had been scooped up by the beautiful, undemanding, erotic feelings.

I experienced none of the confusions and lapses of motor capability that I get with cannabis and Psilocybe. I had no spatial problems. My head was clear. I had good logical thoughts - something which is very hard with cannabis which woozes my head too much, so that inspirational fragments come and are immediately forgotten unless I write them down.

I will pass over the auto-erotic delights which I enthusiastically enjoyed for about an hour and a half. Then I decided I would drift up to bed. There in the dark I had a few pleasant, abstract hallucinations: furry blue tunnel, green pulsar, stars falling gently from the sky like snow. Nothing alarming. The erotic feelings continued to circulate through my body, and I had erotic dreams after I easily fell asleep.

I woke up next morning, still feeling like one big undemanding, erogenous zone and very happy and 'centred'. This lasted for a further 3 days, before the erotic state started to decline slowly. The 'feeling good and groovy' continued. Ejaculation (for me merely a punctuation mark in the celebration of my and others' masculinity) did not occur. I am neither a penetrator nor an ejaculator - something that at least 90% of men will simply not begin to understand. For me the brain is the most powerful sexual organ, and the external genital apparatus just one of many sources of erotic input, through the body and into the brain, where I have successions of 'spiritual orgasms'.

For me, this powder is the perfect 'recreational drug'. I have never been a party animal, and I would think it is too subtle for such people or indeed the young. It is a mature or old person's Chemical Friend, and could well allow me to pass the twilight of my years in gorgeous, friendly and creative happiness. (I forgot to say that I did a painting - I used to be a painter, but paint rarely now - the morning after, so good and happy and sensitive and inspired did I feel.)

Some days after taking this glorious substance, I decided to try Methylone...just to see. (You can read my report on it *here*.) I will then try Butylone (aka BK-MBDB), but I seriously doubt whether it will have the beautiful, body-tingling, long-term life-enhancing and ego-shrinking effects of Mephedrone.


I ingested a white powder described as Methylone, sold in Britain by Research Chemicals UK in a very professionally-printed foil packet with Plant Food marked on it, and the warning Not for human consumption, but with the description 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, which is not how you describe it, so I'm wondering how many designer drugs are called Methylone.

Being a happy solitary, I take all drugs in a quiet ambiance and setting. My way of taking all manufactured drugs (as opposed to Psilocybe semilanceata mushrooms) just before a nice dinner alone or with one other person that I know well. All these drugs, including adulterated ecstasy (which I have taken only 4 times), have a rapid and profound aphrodisiac effect on me.

On this occasion I had a friend to dinner, who for 25 years has wanted to have very cuddly kissy sex with me. I, however, have never found him attractive, so it has never happened.

Since I do not have sensitive scales, my method of ingestion is to lick 2 or 3 fingers and stick them in the sachet, and then lick off the powder that adheres. Before dinner, I took two fingers. It tastes OK to me - but then I love bitter things like gentian root and absinthe leaves. Dinner was served with a bottle of wine. Just a main course and a dessert. After dessert I took another fingerful, then had about 3 pipe-puffs of Artemisia absinthum leaves (legal, easily available, often free from bushes in gardens) which is just as good a catalyst as overpriced and brain-rotting skunk.

I had nice flowy, spacy music playing in another room.

My friend had brought a bottle of Irish whiskey, so we each drank a small glass.

Within about 2 minutes, the aphrodisiac effect arrived pure and simple: an erotic feeling from top to toe, from head chakra to perineum chakra and prostate and back up again: the Kundalini snake. I had no visions, but spent the next two hours in erotic non-penetrative explorations, gentle and passionate cuddles. Totally delicious. My friend eventually ejaculated. He had not taken any of the Methylone. I, who had, had absolutely no wish to ejaculate, since I was having a continuous succession of head-orgasms, alternating with gorgeous warm rushes in and around the anal-genital area.

My friend had to drive home (to his aged mother), which was fine by me since I felt so good. But as I was washing the dishes (4 hours after taking the first 'two fingers') I realised I was getting very speedy, and I also had a moderate headache.

I stayed up another 4 hours, not getting to bed until 4.30 a.m. and not getting to sleep until nearly 6. At nine I woke up bright and bushy-tailed.

The previous week I had taken Methedrone in similar finger-dipping sherbet fashion, but on my own, and without wine, just some Armagnac. I found the Methedrone as intensely aphrodisiac as the Methylone, but softer - with nice visions of blue furry tunnels, and lovely stars falling out of the sky. Methedrone did not make me speedy, but its taste was bitterer and had to be washed away. With it I also smoked about 3 inhalations of wormwood leaves.

So I will not take any more Methylone. It feels 'too chemical', and the aphrodisiac effects did not last longer than 4 or 5 hours, whereas Methedrone's wonderful erotic feelings lasted for days.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 83881
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 78 
Published: Apr 5, 2010Views: 12,716
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4-Methylmethcathinone (458), Methylone (255) : General (1), Various (28)

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