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The Day I Lost My Morning Glory Virginity
Morning Glory & Tobacco (Shisha)
by Jeezusdeej
Citation:   Jeezusdeej. "The Day I Lost My Morning Glory Virginity: An Experience with Morning Glory & Tobacco (Shisha) (exp83357)". Dec 21, 2015.

270 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
    smoked Tobacco (plant material)


I have been a goody two shoes all my life... That is until I started getting interested in drugs... I recently discovered that you could get high off of morning glory seeds, and decided to get some information about it, see what all the talk was about. I have never taken any kind of psychoactive drug in my life, or any kind of drug for that matter, except for the one-time drunk happening that I really don't wish to go into detail, and that is it. I was curious, so I decided, hey, it seemed safe enough with all the information I had gathered, and me and my friend embarked on the wildest journey of our lives. Here is my story on the time table account of which it happened:

-At about 10 pm. Me and my friend washed off the seeds in dish soap and water (I got the seeds from the home depot down the street) and we dried them and ground them in the coffee grinder to a fine powder and mixed them in yogurt. It tasted rather grainy, but not at putrid as I thought they would be (I heard they were gross). We decided to chat on the sofa.

-About 10:30 pm we pulled out the Hookah and smoked a couple coals. It was rather relaxing.

-11 pm I feel completely relaxed, not drowsy, but very calm and like I might catch a fever. ( I never experienced any nausea, so I doubt the seeds were treated they were Ferry Morse btw)

-12pm. Things feel extremely pleasant. Like all I want to do is chill out and think about things. Things were incredibly nice

-1 am. Things get weird. Me and my friend take the Hookah to her room and smoke it some more. We had set up Christmas lights in her room, and the whole room had a pinkish glow. We were eating Goldfish and Doritos and I wasnít eating them for the taste, but the way they felt crunching in my mouth. My friend was smoking the Hookah, and I remembered being fascinated by it. We were in front of a mirror and it looked really cool to see our reflection. I could make myself turn old looking. It was cool. Then we would make stupid jokes that were HILARIOUS for some reason. I also remember seeing faces in everything I looked at. They werenít scary, just very interesting and EVERYWHERE.

-2:30 am. Things get weirder. I start to have sensations. All of my senses were either extremely heightened or really numb. It was like someone turned the saturation dial up a ton of notches. And I had the pleasure in feeling things with my tongue. I felt like gumby. Like my body was wrong. I go outside and it is like a fairytale land. Then my friendís dad seeís us outside (he doesnít know we weíre high) but I kept thinking I was going to get in trouble (my being a goody two shoes) and thatís when the tables started to turn.

-3 am. Things are getting more intense. I have vivid closed eye visuals of colorful fractals and repeating patterns. The images and emotions start to get out of hand and I get a headache. It was like someone turned the happy dial (the complete bliss I was feeling) to the terrified one The things I experienced at this point couldnít really be described in words.

-3:30 am My friend is freaking out, I am freaking out, she wants to go outside, I say we just need to go asleep. I am getting really scared at what she was saying and I wanted to be left alone. She goes to throw up while I lay in the bed, terrified.

-4 am I am hearing screaming noises and random guitar notes playing in my head. I have very rapid flashing CEVs. I canít go to sleep. I keep hearing my friend throw up and I hear closing and opening of doors. (I asked my friend later and she says she only threw up once and that no one opened any doors.) My body canít take all of the sensory images and sounds so I throw up (luckily into this bagÖ I was thinking clearly enough to do that.)

-5 am. Things are still intense, but the worse is definitely over. I am calming down.

-6 am. I am in a state of half sleep half weird visual awake-ness.

-7 am. I get up and talk to my friend and we recall last nights craziness.

- The rest of the day my mind is really active in a bad way. I am sensitive to light and am jittery and tired. I was pretty shaken up about the whole thing.

Anyway basically I think that the whole thing would have gone fine if my friendís dad didnít see us. I think I am going to try it again, but next time do way less because I was stupid and took A LOT for never using drugs before.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83357
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Dec 21, 2015Views: 3,062
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