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Definately Not Placebo
Salvia officinalis
by EuropeEndless
Citation:   EuropeEndless. "Definately Not Placebo: An Experience with Salvia officinalis (exp83346)". Apr 19, 2010.

5 g oral Salvia officinalis (dried)


Sitting around bored, I checked online to study into anything new to look into as far as drugs go. With herbal smoke products now banned, it was time to look at what wasn't banned (and I've no links for weed anymore). After browsing for a bit and deciding that I'd make a go of what I had that night, I went downstairs to look for Nutmeg. While I was soon pissed off to find that mum had thrown out the nutmeg I'd bought, another 5 minutes browsing led me to an interesting notion - Common Sage.

We had plenty dried, and while the few reports online I found weren't too positive as potency goes, I was willing to have a go. I chose not to smoke it, opting instead to just chew the dried leaves, hearing that Sage smokes a lot, and not wanting to arouse suspicion. It tasted of - well, Sage. Didn't mind it, although as I chewed quite a lot to release whatever might be inside, it ended up being rather bitter. I couldn't stomach the last 2g due to a dry throat and chose to down it with water.

I wasn't expecting anything, so it was to my great surprise that, climbing the stairs, I suddenly felt a rush of energy which subsided after 5 or so seconds. Interesting. I entered the bathroom, stared at myself in the mirror and smiled. It was working. Entering my room, I felt a mild sedation, similar to the pre-wave on smoking incense before the JWH-018 kicks in. It was not particularly clear, but I certainly felt at peace, while remaining alert at the same time.

Lying on my bed, I sat as I often do when using smoking blends - reducing movement to a minimum in anticipation of any effects. Certainly, without movement the sedation increased, myself entering an almost medatative mindset. I thought of my friendships, goals in life and potential song lyrics. I was at peace.

After 20 or so minutes, I thought of going to bed, and closed my eyes. And wow. While there were no visuals, I could FEEL myself. I felt as if I was going to hit a deep, deep sleep - but after a minute or so, the wave of energy from the stairs returned. It was awesome, like riding the crest of an energy wave. However, it wasn't handy for the sake of getting to sleep. It returned many times, with increasing intensity, and I began to fear ego death - which I had experienced once before when I had O.D'd on Bombay Blue unexpectedly. On a planned trip, I hope to one day explore it, but for now it was unwelcome and unintended.

I paced my room for 5 minutes, feeling the effects gradually subside to the mild sedation previously experienced. It came as a relief, and a drink of water finally reduced the effects to a point of normality. I retired to bed, rather tired from the trip, and slept a good 9 hours.

In Conclusion:
Sage is real. Being in the Salvia genus, I'm not surprised, but what does surprise me is that a basic herb can cause similar effects to a low-end herbal blend. I have in the past fooled myself into believing placebo effects, especially during my ineffective attempts with Morning Glory, and I can assure you all that it was real. I will be exploring this herb a lot, as it is readily available and doses seem simple - 5g dried makes for a decent ride in my case. In particular I intend to see if the reverse-tolerance of Salvia is present here.

It was a relaxing floaty evening, but not a good sleep aid.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83346
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Apr 19, 2010Views: 28,297
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Salvia officinalis (475) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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