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Chose Drinking Charcoal
by ggpr
Citation:   ggpr. "Chose Drinking Charcoal: An Experience with dimenhydrinate (exp8331)". Mar 23, 2005.

30 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate

I decided to try tripping on gravol. I had heard that dimenhydrinate was half as potent as it should be (50mg = 25mg). Me and two friends popped the pills at a friends house. I had 30, another friend I will call K had 24 and my other friend H had 20. We had felt no real effects and had decided to all go home.

When I got home I was alone and I went to the bathroom. While sitting in the bathroom I looked up and noticed the bathroom was full of smoke. I was like dude its working. I ran out and tried to call my friends... no answer. Oh well. I looked at the walls and there were red and looked as if they were bleeding and in the corner I saw smoke coming up. I walked to the wall and it flew out at me.

This startled me and I went and sat down and just watched some cool things like bugs crawling around. My dad came home about 30 min after the pills started working and when he got in the house I heard him talking to me but apparently he wasn’t. I would answer questions he wasn’t asking. He asked if I had been drinking or taken any drugs.

At first I denied it. I couldn’t keep topic. While talking to him I would be talking about 3 things at a time. Finally I confessed and said I took some gravol. About 30 min after my dad got home my mom came home and we had some pizza. I couldn’t eat though when I picked up the pizza I just shook and dropped it and anyways I was too busy looking at things and answering questions that my parents asked and questions I thought they asked.

They decided to take me to the hospital not knowing if my dosage of gravol was too much. The drive to the hospital was very strange. When I arrived at the hospital I immediately was put into a room. They kept asking me questions like “do u know where u are?” and “do u know what the date is”. They hooked me up to this heart rate monitor and every time I saw something my heart rate would jump. For almost all the time at the hospital I thought my dad was my friend K and I kept saying “hey K do u see those things coming out of the wall”. They took my blood and I had to take a piss test. For my piss test they had a guy watch me piss in the cup. I said to the guy “hey man will u piss in the cup for me I don’t think I will pass this drug test” he then said “yea man pass me the cup” I went to hand him the cup and he was like what are u doing its empty and I was like shit I was just hallucinating. I then pissed in it and they went to test it.

Meanwhile they gave me the choice to either drink charcoal or get my stomache pumped. I chose drinking the char coal. They gave me this big bottle of it and I had to drink it all. Very horrible tasting shit. About a minute after I finished the charcoal I threw up all over my clothes. They moved me to a new bed and I took off my shirt and pants. Through all this I was seeing weird shit and bugs all over. I was lying in my new bed when a doctor came in and told me my test came back clean. I was relieved cause I had been doing weed and xanax earlier that week. They then decided that I could go so I put on my bunny hug and got out of the bed. Then I seen these huge moths and I was scared so I started to run.

I was running up and down the halls in the hospital screaming and being chased by huge moths. Finally I touched them and they just disappeared. After they caught up with me they took me outside and I got in to the car and we drove home. When I got home I went to bed but I couldn’t get to sleep with my eyes open cause I kept seeing things that would keep me awake. So I covered my eyes and I finally fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and my parents weren’t that happy with me. Gravol was I weird trip and I know that I will probably never try it again. I went temporarily insane that night

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8331
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 23, 2005Views: 13,190
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Hospital (36), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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