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Slippery Roads
DOB & Cannabis
by lasagna
Citation:   lasagna. "Slippery Roads: An Experience with DOB & Cannabis (exp83227)". Aug 29, 2016.

T+ 0:00
  oral Cannabis (cookie / food)
  T+ 5:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 7:00 1.75 mg oral DOB  


To preface this report I'm going to add a few important details. I am a college student (physics) and have only been experimenting with substances for the past year and a half, even pot. I have tried LSD, MDMA and salvia as well. I'm not a horrible lightweight, but it doesn’t take me very much for a high, 2 hits from a bowl can get me there. I have been smoking marijuana in bursts of a joint a day for a week, then off for maybe 2 weeks with maybe some pot tea in the 2 weeks off.

I am VERY emotionally stable, rarely cry, hold myself together well, logical. I don't believe in spirits. I am fairly laid back and not a worrier, not panicky. Friday night my friend showed up at a party with some DOB. It was a VERY emotionally intense trip and this is why I am submitting this report - I think it is important that on this relatively unknown substance people know what they are getting themselves into, even if they are in a great mood and surrounded by friends.

Around 8:00 PM I made a weed smore (the chocolate and nutella was what I added the good stuff too, I’ve done similar things before) with about 1/2g of some kush. This was remnants of kush I used a week or so ago in experimental hot chocolate and had slight visual distortions with. Shadow and stationary object movement, halo effects, increased afterimages... Very much like the first 30 min after LSD kicks in. I find that when ingested the kush from my dealer gives a small body high and a very slight headache (I don’t get a headache when smoking it).

A friend of mine calls and says he might bring some DOB for later, so I look it up to make sure it doesn't have any horrible negative effects associated with it. I have over 48 hours free and have no stressful situations to deal with, so I tell him I'd be up for it.

9:30 PM: drove to the party. Lights were a tad blurry. Slight feeling of euphoria. Maybe from driving on icy roads with two new drunken friends? Doubt the pot was kicking in yet.
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

10:30 PM: Weed definitely starting to kick in a bit. Nice body high. No distortions yet, but those took a while last time.

11:50 PM: (well it was right before midnight) My friends have arrived, on DOB. They had managed to make it there alright. It's about 30 min since they took it (2 males, around 130 + 160 lbs). The one looks a bit spacey, but I was told that his IQ is that of a rock, not to worry. We drive to another party. The lights are more blurry for me than before. but my reaction time was very quick when we started sliding on ice and had to avoid my friend's car (it was very icy). Got a little panicky when my friend said the car behind us was cops.

1:30 AM (or there abouts, wasn't keeping track of time) Smoked a hit from a gravity bong and another hit from a bowl. Felt a tad bit of a tendency to stay stationary but definitely capable of dancing to dubstep, as I did... my friends (on DOB) were spinning poi.

2:50 AM we drive back to my place.

3 AM I am given my dose of DOB. My friends say they are starting to get more visuals and feel definite waves of euphoria.

3:30 AM increased after images with slight waves of euphoria coming on.

4 AM slight headache in my temples. It is definitely counter-acted by the euphoric feeling, which is just a general “this is good” combined with being stoned while watching pointless cartoons. My friends spin POI (LED balls) and the colors are entrancing, each separates and blends into a fuzed whole. My brain begins to feel “tingly” and a “fire freeze”.

4:30 AM waves of euphoria more intense than those at MDMA peak (for small doses of MDMA). Intense desire to touch and be touched, hug. I feel sorry and happy for the characters on the TV. Cuddled up to my friend (on DOB) to ride the waves of joy, which came in bursts. Still had my wits about me and could respond well to questions. Tracers from my fingers definitely noticeable, dark, shadowy, 3D. Rainbows form in between my fingers.

5 AM I see dark shadows in shapes, like a mushroom, floating about. Euphoria is very intense and it feels very good to be held. Ate a brownie (not a pot brownie) and it had an entirely different texture to it. Everything seems to have a feeling or desire to it. The chair in front of me wants to move back, and I am disturbed by my friend moving it forwards.

5:30 AM my friend unknowingly mentions something I had been reflecting a lot on recently. Intense memories of the past overwhelm me, and the light, happy, INTENSE euphoric feeling waves turn into waves of sadness of equal intensity. I am not very emotional and seldom cry. I found myself bursting into tears randomly. The scene shifts from white to dark grey it seems.

6 AM still very sad and bursting into sobs. My friend is holding me. I mention something about having a desire to die or hurt myself. I am not suicidal and have no psychological issues. I have relatives practicing psychology and often act as a shrink to my friends... It was very intense and out of character. I was reliving past unpleasant memories and the emotions connected with them as vividly as when they had actually occurred. I wanted the trip to end at this point.

6:30 AM I finally get my wits about me after an hour of unpleasantness, and the mood lightens slightly. I see a shadow on the turned off TV screen that looks like a wizard raising a crescent moon scythe. Our dumb stoner friend is still sitting there, looking glazed. At this point it was very similar to LSD in the visuals. After images, 2D things taking on 3D effects...spinning of stationary patterns and images. Some things seemed to have an extra dimension.

7 AM My friend spins more POI and my mood starts to lighten with the colors. It doesn’t reach as strong of an intensity of before, but I am still feeling waves of pleasure and happiness, no longer sadness.
I am still feeling waves of pleasure and happiness, no longer sadness.
My friend is very careful to mention only good things. Nothing I talk about anymore makes sense even to myself and my use of large words is impaired.

7:30 AM I Run outside into the snow and then realize that was a bad idea barefoot. I spin some POI (don’t usually) and am completely entranced with the colors and planes to align the spin in. Tracers are more noticeable (more dark and shadowy) and add an AMAZING effect to the poi and any hand movements. If I stare at stationary objects, faint red tendrils form from the edge connecting to my fingers, and twist as I twist my hand.

8AM my friend and I head up to my room to cuddle away from the other guy (who was being watched by another friend). The waves of euphoria continue for both of us. I am incapable of sleeping. I can close my eyes and drift off, but it isn’t into sleep. I see closed eye visuals very similar to dream images and start describing the scenarios…

9AM Still very sensitive to touch and empathetic to stories and images. Want to hug everyone. Past memories carry a lot of emotional weight. Similar to the MDMA feeling – it is a clean feeling. Not as much in unison with the world, but a definite happiness and need to share that. I feel dumbed down but able to think clearly. Time passes without me noticing.

10 AM the brightness of the light is much more noticeable than usual, and everything has a glowy effect to it. I still don’t feel hungry and I have a slight stomach ache.

11AM still have a stomach ache and a slight head ache, glowy light around me. Closed eye visuals prominent and afterimages

12 Mind and body feel tired, but still incapable of sleep. Light is very bright. Lie in bed with eyes closed watching visuals. My friends leave.

1PM I decide to get up. Slightly uncoordinated and weak. Light is noticeably brighter, with halos around lights. My holiday lights appear to flash. I feel exactly as I did the day after taking LSD.

2PM Decide it’s not the best idea to drive. Mainly because I am feeling very lazy and starting to feel panicked. My heart was racing and I felt very lightheaded. Sitting down didn’t make much of a difference and snapping out of it was very hard. I drank some water and called my friend. I sat down in a dark, quiet area and started dozing off.

3PM Eat a PB&J sandwich. Sitting on a beanbag I close my eyes and manage to fall asleep.

7PM Wake up. Mainly just feel hungry and a bit weak. Slight visuals still noticeable, but barely. I am usually very stuffy, but my nose is much drier than usual and I have a very slight headache. I feel like I have just taken a few too many decongestants. I notice my right eye is quite dilated (as it was when I did LSD).

With another 4 hours of sleep I was nearly 100% again other than being drained.

My conclusion is that DOB is a very intense drug. The friend who was with me has experience with DOC, and the 2C family wasn’t as affected by it but agreed with me on it seeming like a combination of MDMA + pot. Like candyflipping (which he has done). He also experienced intense waves of euphoria, a body high, but not as many visuals – which weren’t very intense. I would do it again but with the knowledge that nothing I could at all interpret as negative would be said, and only in the presence of people who would look out for me.

It took me 36 hours to feel “alive” again (and for my one pupil to return to normal size). I would describe it as more intense than the standard dose of MDMA, and although it would work for parties/raves as the visuals are not intense (quite similar to those on LSD), once again I emphasize caution: as with any substance, only take it around people you truly KNOW and can trust, who have your best interests at heart. The euphoria produced by this drug was VERY intense. I experienced visuals for ~17 hours (very similar to LSD). The crash is a full on crash at some point after this. The euphoric feeling was very pleasant, but it has a flipside in that in the wrong conditions/mood the same intensity can be applied to negative feelings and reliving of past bad memories. Take only under supervision and with close companions, preferably ones who love hugs.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83227
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Aug 29, 2016Views: 2,935
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