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A Party I'll Never Forget
DXM, alcohol
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "A Party I'll Never Forget: An Experience with DXM, alcohol (exp8317)". May 6, 2004.

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


I have done DXM so many times i can barely even guess how many times i have done it. A 'normal' dose was anywhere between 750-900. Pretty stong doses. I would do it anywhere between 1-5 times a week. A few times, i went on DXM binges lasting about a week. These were real mind benders.

It was the end of a week long binge and i was invited to a family party by one of my good friends. In fact, the whole gang was going, four of us in total. I picked up one of my friends on the way to the party. We stopped by a local stop and shop and i got a box of corcedin cough and cold, as well as an 8 oz. bottle of tussin maximum strength. My friend got two boxes of corcedin.

We arrived at the party around six'ish and my friend's dad offered us beer and took our car keys. We looked around at each other and decided we might as well try mixing DXM and alcohol, even though it's strictly not recomended. So we each drank some beer, and one of my friends and i went upstairs to 1) take some DXM and 2) get this wireless microphone FM transmitter to work (you know, the little microphones you talk into and it comes through your FM radio). Anyway, we each took 16 pills (480 milligrams) just to start things off.

The other two came upstairs and brought us down stairs. by this time i was just feeling a very mild buzz from the beers. We went down stairs and ate (i think?) and we were just waiting for things to get started. The friend that i had taken DXM with already, we were starting to feel spacy, that sort of opium feeling, of tingling, warmth, and whatnot. As we were all drinking a little more, the alcohol seemed to put all the DXM into our bloodstreams a little faster. In fact, it seemed to put it in all at one. I remember starting to feel retarded and losing my co-ordination.

Then it hit me, and i decided to go drink the robo. 8 oz. later (720 mg) and i had a total of 1200 mg in me. There was only about an hour in between taking the pills and the robo. i knew i was in for it. Somehow i ended up with another 8 corcedin pills (240 mg) in my pocket and i took those, but i have no recollection of when. So there i was, with 1440 mg of DXM in me. An amount i had only taken once before, and a few beers speeding up the absorbtion of DXM.

From here on in, i lost communication skills, well.. i didnt really lose them, it was just damn hard to say a sentence. And when i did, i would end up using this ridiculus accent (like a young british girl's)??? I was crazy. There were adults all around that had no idea that i was on DXM until one of my friends told them. They just thought i was really drunk.

I remember walking past a few adults one time. I had to go from outside to the inside through the garage, and the adults were sitting inside the garage. So i had to put aside the hallucinations for a while and walk past them. So i began... Oh crap, i cant fell my feet, or even ANY part of my body. I had no equilibrium, and no body. I dont know how i did it but i managed to want all the way to the door and open it but i did a sort of drunken walk like that in Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas ( the ether scene). They tried to speak to me but thier voices were like a fan, just a rumbling that i could make no clear words out of. I managed to find my friends and then that's when the shit hit the fan.

We went outside only to see an inflatable house. You know the kind they have at fairs and whatnot. The kind where you can bounce off the walls, floor, ceiling, and not get hurt. I think its called the moonwalk. This was hell. We bucked the door and were now in a space of little to no gravity. It was dark out so by this point, i had almost no external stimulus coming in. I would close my eyes and jump and let my body go. While in mid air, i felt as if i was floating in space, nothing touching me and then WHAM!!! I got nailed by the floor only to bounce again and return to the space and WHAM!!! back to the floor. back to space. back to the floor...and with each bounce, the time got quicker and quicker. It was like a countdown to the end.

After about four hours in there, i finally got control of my thoughts back so i began the sobering up process. I just drank lots of fluids and let my self relax because i knew there was going to be no sleep for the next 14 hours. It was 4 in the morning and we moved back inside. Everyone got to sleeping and i was just sitting there in a sofa chair. I was reading the guiness book of world records. Then the most bizarre halucination i have ever expierenced (wheather on DXM, PCP, LSD ...) I look over to the bathroom because i heard a noise. I looked over to see my friend with his blanket wrapped around him and he pointed up. I thought he meant that he wanted to move upstairs and sleep in a bed, so i gave him a thumbs up to signify that that would be cool. So as i was turning around to get up to go upstairs, i briefly look over to the sofa and there was my friend who was just pointing upstairs, lying on the couch,
SLEEPING. I quickly looked back to see if the other one was still there but there was nothing. I looked back to the couch and he was still there. I was terrified and i had know idea what just happened. I went to the bathroom and put water on my face. I then went back to the sofa chair and relaxed, not at all sleepy jus watching the fan blades grow and shrink, watching the fireplace bend and grow. Eventually these events stopped and i finally came back to normalcy around 6 am.

I was back to normal me, felling good about the long, strange, powerful trip i just had and i fell it was all positive. Alcohol seems to rush the DXM into your system and then the trip lasts a shorter time. It concentrates the trip. I have done DXM with alcohol about 3 times, with similar results.

I have expierenced no ill side effects, except the occasional sugar imbalence ( robo is a mix that contains high amounts of sucrose and fructose which dramatically increase your blood sugar. Tis can lead to a diebetic type high, or lead to a diebetic type low, characterized by shakiness, upset stomach, sweating, paleness...)
That only happens when you take a lot of robo in a short amount of time on an empty stomach. There have been no permanent mental side effects. No permanent emotional side effects, and as a side note, it doesn't even affect sport performance. I have gone to play a basketball game on robo. That was an interesting game! I feel DXM is benificial as long as you know where, when, and how to properly do this dissasociative drug.

Happy Trippin' --

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8317
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 6, 2004Views: 23,876
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DXM (22), Alcohol (61) : Combinations (3), Large Group (10+) (19)

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