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Scariest night of my life...
by Sean
Citation:   Sean. "Scariest night of my life...: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp83081)". Erowid.org. Mar 16, 2010. erowid.org/exp/83081

50 mg smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


I got 500mg of jwh sometime last week and have been vaping it through a vaporgenie with some success but not amazing. Apparently, I had been doing it all wrong. I had been sprinkling what I would guess to be 5-10mg per bowl on top of some already-vaped bud and vaping it til I thought it was all gone. Unfortunately, all I had been doing is melting the JWH and imbuing the bud with it. I had probably melted upwards of 50mg into the same layer of bud up until yesterday.

Yesterday I was looking to catch a quick buzz before going to see UFC 106 with some friends. I decided there probably wasn't much JWH left on that layer of vaped bud in my pipe so I put it all into one bowl in my bubbler. This shit was soo sticky and nasty that I should have realized it was completely covered in JWH, but I didn't. I took two hits and cached the bowl from my bubbler. The second hit I held in for a long ass time and felt dizzy by the end of it. I was instantly fucked up, saying, 'holy shit...' to myself a few times before setting down my bubbler. I knew I was in for a ride.

The first few minutes were just pure intense anticipation as I came up to a huge trip. I have no recollection of the timeframe, but I know for a while I was completely separate from reality. I remember sitting in my chair coming up on this shit, then a bit later 'waking up' standing lookin in the mirror in my bathroom. Between these two points in time, all I remember is my mind shifting between 3 different bodies (two of which I have to assume were in my head). I felt like each body was pulling me back to its reality.. One was my real life, one was me chilling with some friends who seemed to be screaming at me to come back to their reality, and I don't remember the third.

Anyway, after what I feel was probably half an hour or so of uncontrollable thoughts and getting pulled every which way, I finally recognized that I was in a bathroom with a mirror in front of me. I thought maybe I was in heaven or something, simply because there was such a strong urge to go back to the scene with my screaming friends. I decided it would be best to stick to the bathroom scene, even if it was heaven, because at least I would be in one place.

I drank some water and went back to my room freaking out. I was so fucked up that I decided I had overdosed and was dying. My body seemed to go into survival mode and everything I looked at was dull like a horror movie. My TV was causing the walls to flash red and blue and this just added to my feelings that everything was falling apart. Sometime later I decided to go get something to eat because this always killed my high from bud. The trip downstairs was scary as hell.

As I walked I could not recognize anything in my house. I have lived here for more than half my life but I could not recognize a single thing. I felt like the structure I was walking through was a really really weird place for a monkey (human) to live. Humans, to me, were just slightly evolved monkeys. I looked around and thought about how weird it is that animals decorate their homes and have contraptions all over their houses to do tasks for them. Everything seemed so unnatural, like I was living in a dollhouse for monkeys.

Anyway, as I walked through my house I somehow knew the path to the kitchen, probably just through muscle memory. I put some pizza on a plate and stuck it in the microwave for a bit, all the while extremely confused about why monkeys have such odd things in their homes. I took my pizza and started going back upstairs, but stumbled many times on my way up. I fell flat on my side on the stairs and this scared me. I stumbled my way back to my room..

I sat down and ate a couple bites of pizza, just hoping this would all go away soon. I ate what felt like a lot (woke up later to find only 2 bites missing from the pizza) and felt full. Then felt like puking... So I stumbled my way to the bathroom and puked in the toilet.. Once my stomach was empty I decided I should probably drink some more water because I was probably dehydrated. Keep in mind this whole time I thought I was dying so I was doing everything I could think of to give my body what it needed. I drank a glass of water or so and made my way backt o my room.

At this point my friends started texting me about coming out for the fights but I knew there was no way I was going out. I told my friend I was 'way too fucked up' to go out and ofc he thought I was just really high, so he started messing with me calling me a chem head. At this point I just felt abandoned and simply wanted to live through the night. I laid on my bed but couldn't decide if going to sleep was a good idea or if I might just die if I let myself fall asleep. Everything felt so distant, dark, and gloomy, adding to the death thoughts. I eventually fell asleep though, fortunately. I woke up a few hours later completely sober but in a bit of a haze. I was happy to be alive, though..

Moral of the story is... think about what you're smoking before you do it.. This was honestly the scariest event in my life.

I think I should add that the whole time I thought my parents were home and in their bedroom, even though they had told me they were going out. I really wanted to just walk in and tell them to call 911 but apparently I have a huge phobia of disappointing my parents. This only added to my fears.

Careful with research chemicals, guys. As interesting as this sounds, it was NOT a fun experience and I really think there is no possible way I could have enjoyed it.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83081
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Mar 16, 2010Views: 18,911
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JWH-018 (483) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5)

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